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Yosh ! 8)

The most important thing is that I'm a big fan of shounen-ai and yaoi XD The other (unimportant) facts are that I'm 19 years old, from Finland, though does it matter because I live in the fantasy land ? and I'm hopefully finishing my college -studies soon. Gender doesn't matter.

My first and most passionate love is Junjou romantica ^--^ I have liked JR for over a year now and JR makes me so happy ! Shinobu is especially cool and he's cute too... Somehow it seems I'm into characters who have big, innocent eyes and usually they are or look quite young. Allen from D.Gray-man, Chiaki from Sekaiichi hatsukoi... But then again Nezumi from no.6 is sooo hot...

I have many fics in progress. I'm focused especially on the fic about Yuu / Yokozawa (sekaiichi hatsukoi) right now. I began to write it before I got to know about the perfect guy Kirishima 8( He and Yokozawa are a good match but I like Yuu too ; please take a look at it ! I would really appreciate it 8)
My other fics are about JR, kyou kara maoh, no.6 and eternal sonata.

I wrote Harry Potter-fics a lot before, pairing was Harry/Draco XD how cliché...
OH! I nearly forget! I also wrote RPF fics of jrock - men. For example... I was watching An café's and got their autographs and I gave a fanfic to Kanon who I admired very much at that time... It was Kanon/Miku -fic *heart* probably my first fic in English !

Thank you everyone for reading my Yuu/Yokozawa !

In addition to writing and reading, I really love playing games (like Final fantasy and Eternal sonata, sims3). And being a yaoi-fan I read of course lots of yaoi-mangas... Mostly the typical school-life yaois... Humour & romance (I can't get enough of romances so I'm a pretty romantic person ?) are my favourites, drama is sometimes too much for me... for example love triangles D: I hate to read them... but writing those is fun. I love torturing my characters, poor Yuu & Yokozawa.

So so I would really like to make some new friends here, because most of my friends aren't so fond of manga, fics etc... especially they aren't so into Junjou romantica! 8( feel free to PM me !

Favorite anime:
Junjou romantica
Sekaiichi hatsukoi

Favorite manga:
Junjou romantica
Bokura no oukoku Arabian nights
Aitsu no daihonmei
D. Gray-man

Fav characters:
Shinobu from Junjou romantica (he has been my no.1 for loooooong time... oh my heart thumps so fast...)
Nezumi from no.6
Raoul from Arabian nights
Satou from Aitsu
Shuuichi from Gravitation (... sometimes I feel like I remind him ...)

and some pairings ;:
misaki x usagi
shinobu x miyagi
isaka x asahina
nezumi x shion
akira x rei (bokura no oukoku)
raoul/ashif (bokura no oukoku arabian nights) that manga is so amazingh! I recommend u to read it 8)
crescendo x jazz (eternal sonata)
chiaki x hatori
yuuri x wolfram
kaito x gakupo (vocaloid)
luka x miku (vocaloid)
katou/iwaki (haru wo daite ita)

-- http:///profile/howboring

"When he's cold, I'll warm him up; when he gets too hot, I'll cool him down." *heart* @ Haru wo daite ita

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