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hey im just a anime fan, videogame freak, and oh yeah did i mention that im a half-wolf/half-human vampire? uhhh guess not. i have silver fur, ears and a very sharp spikey tail! hehe I'm part of the Akutenshi clan along with my sisters Kuro Tsuki Tenshi, Oni Neko Tsumes, and Mizu Rei (look up tsuki's stories sometime) Seto is my fave and yes i steal car and platinum card and take my sisters shopping. I love having a rich guy around! (especially since i can control him. just threaten his computer _ Hope you enjoy my fics and review(it makes my eyeballs float _~) Hey guys, please don't get mad at me but soemtimes i take a while to update cuz my comp is slow and stupid and can't always get on the net. sorrie. oh and check out my other sisters stories CCD and Oni Neko Tsumes (i promised them i would do that) keep reading and thanks for all the reviews

-_- Well, I wrote my original profile (all the stuff in italics)three years ago and I have to say I'm sorely apalled at myself for some of the things I wrote.But now I thinkit's past timeIchange it. So here goes. I've grown up quite a bit in the last three years since I joined fanfiction.net and I did leave the site for a time but now I have decided to come back. My stories called out to me and begged me to finish them. Just kidding. Actuallymy sisters told me I betterfinish them orelse, but my reviewers helped quite a bit. Iused to love Yu-Gi-Oh! before it got all annoying on me. But I still love thecharacters and Seto is still my favorite so they are remaining just the way they are in my story.Updates are coming!

And now for a bit about me. I'm 18 now and yes I have graduated from high school and am currently enrolling in college. I moved last year so that kind of threw my plans off a bit. I love to readand I love to write and I've been told that I have a very unique writing style. I will warn you now, I write mostly romance so if you don't like themushy stuff, don't readmy stories. Oh andI'm famous for long, involved chapters and cliffhangers!Yes I do so love to torture you people withthe wondering what happens next and beating your fists againstthe wall when I take so long to update. Anyway, happy writing and reading and reviewing! Yoru

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The Lost Heir by Demonic Kitten Warrior reviews
Yami and Bakura are in Egypt and Bakura has a mysterious past. Can Yami get along with Bakura long enough to figure it out? Or is it too late for Bakura?
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Yugi is having dreams of violence and Yami is trying to help him figure them out. The dreams feel familiar and are at times disturbing, but Yugi can't seem to remember anything like them ever happeneing before. Rated for mild violence.
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Zidane and Dagger are settling down after the defeat of Necron. But what happens when Zidane gets bored and someone tries to interrupt their new life with their son. Rated for mild cussing.
Final Fantasy IX - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 969 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 2 - Published: 6/7/2003
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Full Circle reviews
Set in ancient Egypt. The daughter of the pharaoh and high priest fall in love. Pharoah forbids it and daughter flees. Pharoah erases them from Egyptian history but he couldn’t erase the child who now brings everything full circle.YamiOC BakuraOC SetoOC
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Lets see Dagger and Zidane are married with a daughter who is just like her dad and is always getting in troubel. Suddenly disaster strikes and Zidane is left with a choice. Which wil he choose.....?
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Meet the Akutenshi Clan reviews
Come meet the Akutenshi Clan. I'll give you some info about me and my sisters and that's pretty much it.
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Where have all the Yamis Gone? reviews
This is a fic where we are all at Seto's house one day and all of the Yamis disappear on us. We have to get them back. Hmm could be interesting.
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Seto's past....Oh God! When this story starts he is ten years old and has just gone through two deaths. Then he meets his stepfather.....
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