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Poll: What sounds more interesting as a story idea? They would all take place in the crossover's world, but whether it would be a mix of both or just one is undecided. Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy IX, X-overs, Naruto, and Tales of the Abyss.

If you are reading this, you've come across the Writer of Fantasy's profile...Let's see what I have written down now shall we? Not sure why we are though, I know whoever is reading this doesn't honestly care! XD.

Age? Not really anyone's business ^^.

Sex? I'm a Male.

My likes...Hm, I guess it would be reading and writing, watching various anime, and living my life I guess. No regrets for when I go six feet under ya know? Anyway! Got a lot of favorite authors and stories...but of course that was before making this account xD.

Dislikes...Well, huge super harems, like with 26+ Women. Uh...Hospitals! XD, and school...School sucks, no matter the grade! (Well, unless your like a 1st grader or something.)

So Who am I? I've been reading fanfiction for a while now, a year or two...Not long enough to be an expert, but not a fool about some of the stuff on here. It wasn't until Christmas day that I decided to join and make an account, and I already got one story idea I will work on, I have a second idea that I may or may not pursue...due to the fact of what it is.

Ideas! The Idea that I will primarily work on for a while, is called Mystic Knight of Gaia. or should it be Magical Knight of Gaia...Don't know, but it is a Naruto-Final Fantasy IX crossover. Normally I would explain a little of it, but since I plan to release when I can (Didn't know about the wait period for new people before releasing a story.) You'll just have to wait for it! ^^.

Iffy Ideas! Okay, I got two ideas I may or may not do, but I will first get my real idea to a certain point. The two ideas are The Shadow, and New Overlords and Ancient Ones. The first one is a Naruto-Romeo x Juliet crossover, and the second one? A Naruto-Disgaea crossover!

The Romeo x Juliet idea is iffy at best, not even sure if I could follow with how they talk honestly, but Naruto would be a long living person, whether it be a demon or a human, but cursed by one of the Gods, or the Shinigami for the sin of releasing the Kyuubi on the Akatsuki. So for that, he was employed as a hidden protector of House Capulet after many years alive...Would there be a pairing? Not honestly sure ^^. (Not gonna be a Naruto-Juliet pairing thats for sure...I think...IDK!)

Okay for the Disgaea idea. THAT Would be a heck of a lot easier...(But where's the challenge in that?! XD) Anyway, the story would be The Kyuubi, (Naruto) would have been an overlord at one time of the Netherworld, but vanished during his rule...After that, and in the reign of King Krichevskoy he would have been a vassal of him, despite more than likely being able to defeat him...Then leaving not long after that, when Laharl was born.

What would he play? Good or Evil? Would he help Laharl or get in his way? Well, you'll just have to wait and see for whenever I figure that out XDDD.

Not sure why I'm typing all of this, no one's gonna read it...ANYWAY This is my profile, and well if you read it, GREAT! If you didn't eh, no harm done. Stories and favorites are below here...and as you can plainly see...I'm a fan of crossovers ^^.

-/-Mystic Knight Naruto Images (Thank you RoyalTwinFangs)-/

Naruto's armor! (The guy on the right, just picture it white with red linings)

The closest thing that looks like Fang!

May as well put this as well, Naruto's Trance Form!!

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