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Hey everyone who cares enough to read this! Been reading on this site for about a year and finally thought i'd make an account. As far as my writing background goes, it's pretty strong. It's always been a passion of mine which i take a lot of pride in. I hope one day after i graduate high school and college, to maybe move out to LA and become an entertainment writer/correspondent and hopefully at some point be able to also publish novels. One thing you need to know about me is that i have a huge obsession with glee! i love that show and the cast more than words can even describe. Especially Kevin McHale, love me some Kevin...if you didn't figure that out by my user name. Yeah so pretty much i'm a major gleek. My favorite character is Artie and as much as i love some of the other characters, pretty much any story i upload on here will involve him in some shape or form.

Who I ship:

Artie/Tina-I know they are broken up right now but i will always have a soft spot in my heart for them, one of my favorite tv couples interesting and different

Artie/Brittany- This doesn't change my artina soft spot, but i'm surprised by how much i have come to love for right now i dig

Rachel/Finn- I am a huge finnchel fan! and like the rest of us i am very upset about their break up! But i'm not worried...their love will prevail in the end

Mercedes/Sam-Okay, how frickin cute are they? So cute!

Quinn/Puck-I shipped them all last season, now it's like they don't matter, boo. I hope they resurface in season 3! i mean they had a baby together for god's sake!

Kurt/Blaine-So Kurt left Dalton and they're still together!!!!! Love them! Love them! Love them!

Brittany/Santana- Okay they're adorable and hilarious! i don't know if i want them in a serious relationship's more fun watching them fool around

Will/Emma-Her and Carl are divorced...bring them back on!

Artie/Quinn- I never want them for the show! But I do like fanfics about them, they can be really good.

Who I don't ship:

Mike/Tina- Can i just say how much i hate this couple! i mean i like Mike i do, but really?! I don't find them cute at all...I just don't...i do like the asian camp jokes though

Quinn/Finn-They're relationship was based on status and then after that it was based on lies...i mean i love Quinn but I also love Finn and she told way too big a lie for them to ever work

Rachel/Puck- Don't hate me puckleberry fans! But they were only cute for that one episode in season one when they went out. I mean yeah is it hot to watch them make out...very much so...but they just don't work for me...too devoted to finchel sorry!

Sam/Kurt-He's straight people...get over it...

Finn/Santana-When Finn said it meant nothing, he was right...

Kurt/Mercedes-I find it offensive and disgusting that there are actually people out there who ship Kurt because of who he is!

Characters who I'd like to see have more interaction with each other:

Quinn and Artie- I always feel like they have a lot in common, they have both been through serious, unfortunate changes. I think they could have a really cute friendship.

Kurt and Rachel- How cute was there scene in Special Education?! So cute!

Sam and Puck- I really would like to see some more tension between them...intense goodness i would eat up

Puck and Artie- i love their new friendship! love it! i want to see it continue!

Kurt and Mercedes- I know they do already a lot but i can't get enough! It just makes me feel all fuzzy inside

Brittany and Finn-They're both stupid...i think they could have a very interesting but entertaining friendship

Artie and Rachel- I don't know why, but I feel like they could be cool to watch as a friendship

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Sequel to my story 'It was the Nerd not the Bad Boy'. One shots about the parenting adventures and special moments Artie and Quinn face with baby Aubrey and the challenges of being a young parent.
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