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A Little About Me:

I'm MyrtleFalls. Why MyrtleFalls? Actually, I have no idea. It just came to me...

I have never changed my penname. Although I have thought up some pretty cool alternatives, I'm sentimental and always keep the name MyrtleFalls. Even changing my picture is hard, although I have done that a handful of times.

I, along with my very good friend Silverquill711 (AKA Quill) have a Doctor Who website where we post a story that we made (Cooking With the Doctor). It also has Doctor Who fan theories, debates, and other stuff of the like. Check it out! The web address is .

I am completely obsessed with Doctor Who, if you didn't notice. WHOVIAN AND PROUD!! *brandishes 10's sonic screwdriver*

I can be very energetic and hyper (just ask my friends who've seen me after they left me alone with a four pound carton of Redvines) or I can be serious and down to earth, or I can be very sarcastic. In any case, I'm very matter-of-fact. I have no sense of diplomacy.

I may or may not have an army of jelly-filled doughnut minions equipped with chainsaws, who may or may not be taking over the world.

If you can't tell, my avie is supposed to be a cat made out of fire. Previously, it was a cat with a bowtie, stating that bowties are cool. Which they are. Before that, it was green reeds, and before THAT, it was lily pads. Yep, I remember all my avies.

I think that daleks are supremely cute. There's just something about them that seems exceedingly huggable. :D

I also LOVE Homestuck. My favorite characters are Dave, John, and Karkat. :D I am an Heir of Time, Knight of Mind, or Seer of Breath, depending on who you ask.

My Stories:

77th Hunger Games: The First--My first HG story, so don't expect too much. I'm trying my best though, and have NOT given up on it. In fact, I just recently updated it twice in two days. I may have put it on hiatus for awhile, but trust me: I'm going to get this one out until the end.

Trials and Forest of Shadows--These were my two Warriors stories, when I still was into Warriors. Now, I'm not really into Warriors, so I stopped updating them years ago, because I didn't really like them anymore. They have now been deleted. If you want to resume the story (although even the people who followed it probably don't remember it anymore, so...) I can DocX you the chapters and you can repost and resume the story.

The Incident--This is not a serious fic, it's just a random one-shot that I did for a forum I'm on, The Brave, the Brains, the Badgers, and the 'Blivous. It's a HP forum, run by the amazing Quicquidlibet.

And The World Listened 11--Again, a random fic for a Warriors one-shot challenge. It has been deleted as well, but I'm keeping note of it here, because I have posted it on, so it's one of my stories.

Amazing Quotes:

Quill: No questions, just cuddle that dolphin!



Me: NEVER!!!!!!

Quill: Ew, spider is kilded now…

Shawn: Hey man, not cool. I thought we were okay, you know? Because I gave you my pineapple. We exchanged pineapple. I thought I could trust you. Not cool.

--Quill, pretending to be Shawn Spencer from Psych in a random RPing-ish thing we did one day when we were bored.

Spider-Man, where’s my swimsuit bottoms?/Doctor, where are my pants?



--ChocolatePandas and I

My sister: Are you dense?

My brother: Never call me a doofus again!

My sister: I didn’t call you a doofus, I called you dense. Obviously, I was right.

Hi, I’m Chris Hardwicke and I’m here to tell you about a serious issue affecting people you may already know and love. These people do not live in fear of the Daleks. They know nothing of the Pandorica. They couldn’t tell you whether Ood was singular or plural. (It’s both.)

But it’s not too late! By tweeting #NewToWho, we can bring our compainions to the Doctor. Because in this life, there are no regenerations.

--Chris Hardwicke in a BBC commercial for Doctor Who

Grandma: I got the toilets replaced! Go into the bathroom and flush the toilets!
Me: Okay...*flushes toilet*
Grandma: Isn't it AMAZING!?

--My grandma and I

No one ever told me how much of life would involve folding laundry.

--My father

You take my cookie, I take your life.

--My friend Perspicacious Kittens (she has a FFN account, check it out!)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperChicken!

--My friend Vi

Mwa-ha-haha-ha-ha, in your face. STARFISH!


"Ian? I just had an abstract dream. Pickles would save my life. Us two were skiing. Jamie was on a cooking competition and had the ability to turn into a wolf made of ice and-"
"Shh, shh. That's all cleaned up, Jamie came in second place."
"Wait, it was real? I must be dreaming," I clenched my fists in confusion.
"You are, that was too."
"Then what is real?"
"Nothing, you are a dream."
"Oh, ok, adios."

--Perspicacious Kittens

"There’s a mad man looking at you and he wants to take your soul

There’s a mad man with a mad plan and he’s dancing at your door

What to do, what to do, oh

When the walls are built to crumble

There’s a mad man with a mad plan and he waits for us to stumble"

--from "Jump on My Shoulders" by AWOLNATION (I just like it because 1) it's an awesome song and 2) because it reminds me of Doctor Who)

during story time at the library*

Story teller person: So, how do you think the story is going to end?

My little sister: Maybe a Dalek will come and exterminate them all!

(Yes, I'm aware that I have the best little sister ever. It's okay if you feel jealous, it's totally understandable.)

I just saw a book that had a picture of the Statue of Liberty on the cover and it says, "The French Betrayal of America," which is confusing since the Statue of Liberty was a present from the French. So then I thought, "Maybe it was actually a secret weapon or something!" before I remembered that I was on the nonfiction floor. So I guess it's like, "Gosh, French peeps, why'd you give us a statue that rusted green? We wanted a statue that rusted red, like 'Merica! Don't you have any sense? We shall now shun you" and then the Americans shun the French because the French betrayed their color scheme.

--Me, writing in my journal at the library after I drank a bunch of coffee

No one better steal my cookie, or I'll be very mad. Like a cheetah! Rawr!

--Me, during the same incident described above

"A dalek walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "We don't serve daleks here."

"So the dalek murders him with a death ray."

--Some meme I found online



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