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Author has written 2 stories for Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

Hi, readers. I've always had my Pseudo-name as 'Johny' because I've spelled it that way since elementary school. I could correct it but then you wouldn't know how to spell me out so it's staying different from the correct spelling of that name. But anyway, I am the author of 'Negi Springfield' which has 31 chapters. Wow, I wrote that much? And I called it that to reference Harry Potter since that is what the anime reminds me of. Funny to think that I have no originality and yet I wrote that many chapters about a series that already has an anime. Well that was what would be considered a remake or a script-for-script copy of the anime itself. I did intend it like that but I also took elements from the manga AND the second series 'Negima!?' and put them into this remake. But at the same time, I changed the direction so the story and plot follows better through the manga while keeping elements from both anime shows. Some are made up and some are changed like the dodgeball chapter. Rather than have Negi shred the girl's clothes, he pushes them hard as they slammed against the wall and rendered them unconscious momentarily. After that, it uses the last parts of the anime. But the made up parts I'm talking about are just small yet nice moments of when Nodoka caught the ball accidentally, rather than being out, Negi encourages her to participate and she does twice. Its small but its about developing relationships between characters, especially those two since I'm more of a fan of that pairing. But anyway, That was the idea, rewrite it but direct it differently. I just want to apologize for how my writing is with sentences and describing things. That's what I suck at so I tried to be simple about it. In the first chapter, it confused a lot of readers what they're reading. But what I was trying to do was write it in POV of the readers so it is like you are watching the anime. This was published 3 or 4 years ago so I was inexperienced at the time and I still am but I wrote it so I can remember how I can hopefully turn the show back into the anime so that it'll be longer than 26 episodes. I'm sure that won't happen but you never know. I can still dream.

So I got some followers and likes and fans and I thank those who read them. I think my favorite was the last fighting between Setsuna against Chigusa and the horde of demons while Negi and Asuna fight Fate. I changed the fight a bit so Asuna can unleash her sword against Fate and make it longer and more interesting. Setsuna had a bigger fight on her hand with more demons being summoned in the sky. I wanted Setsuna to show off more of her powers being that she has wings and a pactio. She never used it in the manga and it was hard to research all kinds of things it could do. I feel the manga could've done more so I became creative with the fight scenes and hoped it satisfied everyone. It was VERY hard to figure out how to write the fighting done. There were so much to describe and it had to be done in my head and write it down in contents before putting it on this site. It was so much work, it was stressful. But if it paid off, I'm glad it did. There were some references too but not too many. My favorite was Chacha-Zero being Chuckie. Overall, I'm happy to have quite a bit of readers into my story but I'm more happy to get it out on this site.

I'm not sure if I'll continue it because I got other things on my mind. I'm doing a webshow where I review movies and video games. Well, I'm trying to get started. I DID do my first movie review. I defended the 1998 Godzilla movie by Matthew Broderick because I didn't know anything about Godzilla at the time and I just thought it didn't deserve so much hate and mistreatment. I know it isn't the Japanese Godzilla everybody knows but it still is a unique film in its own way, even if it bears the title. To me, it's A different 'godzilla.' I quoted it because godzilla is translated to giant terrifying lizard attacking a city. So the title of the movie kind of works that way if you want to look at it like that. But to me, it's the American Godzilla named 'Zilla.' After the movie, I love the cartoon 'Godzilla The Series.' See it and have fun cuz' it is awesome! But anyway, I did 2 parts of that review and hit every possible criticism I could find that brought down the movie's reputation. I countered it with lots of research I did and justified any reason the movie and monster's elements. It took me 5 years to plan and do this. I feel this web show is so much work, I fear if I can really handle it. I watch webshows here and there and feel like I'd like to be on youtube and do those kinds of passionate work. But oh my gosh, it is much of a struggle, especially since I've never done this and had no help at all. I have very little friends who know this and little who are willing to walk me or guide me how to do this. I just hate this situation the most if I have to do it myself. What is the harm in taking time off to help someone out? The other thing that really pisses me off is how I am given vague descriptions on how to do things. Youtube guides to me suck. There are times when I have a question that is not included in the video and you don't get an answer or at least right away. School is the best place to learn because your instructor is right there and can point things at you. Observations always help me understand better. Of course though, school is expensive and I have a learning disability. How's that for me, huh? Tch! Well I try anyway but I hate how long it takes. I'm hoping anyone who has ideas how I can do my webshow can lend me their knowledge because I do want to please my viewers.

Games I've played since I was born

I'm an old school gamer more than a modern gamer because people forget the past too much. They know Pac-Man, Centipede, Galaga and Space Invaders but there are just so much more out there to be played because you never know what game is good. I learned a lot from watching Angry Video Game Nerd and RetrowareTV.

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