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Okay so I just read this story and it really touched my heart it's based on the true story of Jayden Lamb who dies of leukemia in November 2012. Here is the link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8819311/1/Paying-it-Forward

I'm a Twilight, Harry Potter and Trixie Belden fan :D Oh yeah and Justice League, Winx Club, Mew Mew Power (NOT Tokyo), Young Justice, JLU, Batman Beyond (although sometimes I have to wonder about that) and that's pretty much it. I like random novels that never make it on here so I'll let that go. One more thing I like Warriors but I get super picky about even those so I won't bore you to death :)

I'm a huge Leah fan. I think she got the short end of the stick and Sam is a jerk. I like Emily only because I think Leah still loves her like a sister even though she kinda ruined her life. I don't like imprinting really but it's giving me a chance to give Leah someone she really deserves.

I hate Nessie. End of story.

I don't write that much but when I do it tends to involve an OC. Mostly because I think what I want to add needs to be introduced by an outside character. And in case you didn't know SM brought in new charactars in every single one of her books. James, Laurent, Victoria, The Voltoiri, New Borns, The Denali Clan, Trackers, and other people. So in a way she gave us the idea that to add something new to the story we would have to add another person.


Right now I'm working on two JLU fan fics. One about Diana and Bruce and the other well it's in the works and kinda a secret.

Fanfiction Authors you should stalk and make sure they finish what they started!!!

Daisy54154 has a super huge profile but most of her stuff is epic and hilarious!

LoveLoveLoveix is really awesome with Winx Club and is taking OC's to new heights

Akela Victoire sigh...I really can't sing her praises enough...check out her profile and you will understand why. Also check out her story 'Oh My Dragon! There are Fanfictions of Us!' EPIC! And the end was hilarious! (Winx)

don'tcallmeLeeLee has an awesome story up and hopefully she is finishing it. It's called 'Two Sides of the Moon' it's epic and you should check it out (Twilight)

Summer Skye now as far as I know she is no longer writing but one of her completed JLU fics is awesome and you should still leave a review since we all hope she still gets these emails and will notice that she is sorely missed :( The story is called 'Starting Over' it's an OC centric but really well written and it had a great plot!

X5-425 ...if I hear anyone dissing this author then I will personally take all your cookies! :P She's great. Get over it. Your just jealous.

Ah and now we come to my favorite fanfiction author, The-Lady-Isis. She truly is a goddess of fanfiction and her work on "What Happens in Oklahoma' is amazing.

Of course there are many more that I've come to love but I sadly don't have the time to list them all so if you would like to know who I would reccomend for some late night reading head on over to my Favorites and you will see some great stories. Some are finished and some are not.

Just for reference I changed my pen name.

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