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Name: You may call me No-no or Crimson

Gender: Female

Identifiable by the Color: Crimson

Most hated genre: Romance

Most hated type of person: Narrow-minded

Why do you hate the Romance genre? I very much dislike the romance genre because it is done so badly. Romance plots have turned me off more fics/books/movies more than anything else. If you want to see my idea of an excellent fluffy romance I recommend the moive 'You've Got Mail', it has all the good stuff and none of the smut. Smut is good in moderation, but I like to see the actual character development. The understanding that each half of a romantic couple gets by looking at the other without having to ask a question. My preference in fics lands me right smack dab in between Shonen Ai and Yaoi for what exactly I am looking for most of the time.

What's your favorite thing to read? Mystery, Tragedy, Angst, Yaoi, Shonen Ai, Humor, Crack, ext. Just not a lot of het romance, or bland general.

Update 10/19/14: So the reason there is a whole lot of lag on a lot of my updates is because my mother passed away suddenly and without warning back at the beginning of March of this year (2014), and it is rather hard to write and keep all your mental... 'stuff' together when you are trying to deal with it. My hours for my new job that I got directly afterwards are mostly when I used to write, my best friend moved to Texas and got married. AKA its been a long arse of a year. Keep in mind I usually write about whatever I am watching at the time so if there are major intervals between updates that's why. If I intend on abandoning anything I will post a note in it's summary. Right now I am just trying to sort through my type vomit into readable chapters for everyone while I am coping with losing my mother... who I lost far too early if I am at all honest. Thanks for reading my stories, and taking the time to read through this as well. CrimsonChoucho

For the record, the Professor Layton fiction below was spurned by the morbid and curious. Based off a Christmas Day Dream.

Works in Progress: updated 6/11/13

Professor Layton and the Mystical Bond

Lord of the Tattoos, Rurouni Kenshin & InuYasha crossover. After first three chapters (which are posted as of 3/16/11) the plot is going to take place in the Rurouni Kenshin universe. Starting obviously before Kenshin's parents die from cholera. It's going to be an interesting ride... No slash involved however... somehow. Bonus points to anyone reading this who catches who the Kurosawa twins are modeled after.

This is Why Secrets are Secret : NCIS fic, probably some OoC in it. Blame Mark Harmon for his voice acting for a certain superhero for this. Mostly a Blunnies ate my brain fic. (I'm tempted to say this is turning into crack in my mind... I'm still not sure)

The World is Not Enough: Doctor Who fic, Where in the 10th does not regenerate at the End of Time, but the Master does... The Doctor is also hiding a secret that will change everything, because its either him or the Master. Which without the Drums the Master knows it's only a matter before everyone learns the real reason they call the Doctor 'the oncoming storm'. Planned to be a slash fic.

TRAITORS TO BLACK: Detective Conan/Case Closed fic, What the inner tags say, it's a Shonen Ai fic. Seven years before the fic a certain formerly shrunken scientist convinces a certain detective to take charge in his own life. Things do not work out for the better, and now there's trouble afoot that only the Fox can fix. Meanwhile implied character death (lots of implied past character deaths), not to mention lots of OoC to make this work. This is a quick post fic, so I suspect there will be a lot of unintentional errors on my part. The first few chapters (besides the first sentence or two) are a flashback of what's been going on. Currently he's sitting in his office with the materials to make a new black Fadora. Sorry that point is exceptionally unclear at present. I will try to rectify that by the end of the fifth chapter.

Requiem for the Gods Among Us: This fic started because of my Superman/Batman pairing obsession and because I purchased Injustice. Joker happens to be one of my favorite characters so he's going to be a mixture of his personas from Dark Knight/Batman that animated series (90's version)/Justice League. Plot wise, its presenting itself so far as a mashup of the Justice Lords and Injustice, only Superman himself will not be at the helm. That's really all I can say, well besides the fact Superman killed Bats instead of Lois like Injustice. I also happen to really like Martian Manhunter from the Justice League, but I am not sure how much of a part any one character is going to be in this besides the involvement of Batman and Superman.

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