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*Changingfavorite's Profile*

(Warning: Very long profile ahead!)


I'm changingfavorite. I love to draw, but I also love to make stories. I always have one or two favorite characters at a time, and then I get new ones eventually. 12 characters have been my favorite so far. Scooby-Doo is my favorite again now.

After a four-year break from Scooby-Doo stories, I've finally continued making the Aftermovies.

Thank you all who reviewed and/or favorited! Sorry for my being inactive here, I come on sometimes to update my profile and once in a while to post and read stories.

A few notes about my stories: First, most of my stories contain characters I made up. I have always liked making up characters and have always preferred to give my favorite character(s) a friend/pet. Next, most of my stories are rated K. I never put anything in my stories that is not appropriate for all ages. I occasionally rate a story K-plus because the battling in it would probably be counted as some violence, however. Also, most of my stories are about friendship and adventure, because those are what I enjoy writing about. Sometimes I also write mystery stories. Lastly, I am working on improving my writing, so the way my stories are written can change.

I drew my profile image! It's Chillers.

Latest Updates: May/June 2015-Added images to the following old stories: "Legend of Pharaon", "Scooby-Doo and the Shadow Guardian", "Tied with Life". All the added images were made before the Cover Image feature was available. So far I haven't made any images for the old stories without a cover image. Fixed a few things I forgot to fix in a few old Scooby-Doo stories and added a few more notes to "Scooby-Doo and the Shadow Guardian".

Favorite Characters

In case you wonder who my 12 favorite characters were, here's a list of who they were and when they were my favorites.

Before Tails and between Scooby-Doo and Paper Mario, I didn't have a favorite character.

1. Tails (2005-May 2008; June 2009-September 2009)

2. Bomberman (May 2008-June 2009; July 10, 2012-July 8, 2013; July 1, 2014-May 31, 2015)

3. Shadow (September 2009-February 12, 2010)

4. Silver (February 13, 2010-May 15, 2010)

5. Miku (May 16, 2010-August 25, 2010)

6 and 7. Ice Climbers (August 26, 2010-January 16, 2011)

8. Scooby-Doo (January 17, 2011-April 30, 2011, June 1, 2015-)

9. Paper Mario (August 19, 2011-November 28, 2011)

10. Toon Link (November 29, 2011-July 9, 2012)

11. Kirby (July 9, 2013-January 2, 2014)

12. Sonic (January 3, 2014-June 30, 2014)

Stories I Might Make in the Future:

"Never Forgotten"-my made-up Ice Climber movie, sequel of "Tied with Life". It will be made when the Ice Climbers are my favorite characters again. I already have a cover image made for it. Magiel returns to help Popo, Nana, and Shocky defeat Darlien again. Along the way, they meet new friends-and enemies-in this movie of friendship, adventure, and heartbreak.

Scooby-Doo and Chillers Aftermovies #3, 4, 5-#3 will be made when I have more ideas of everything that happens in it. Info about the Aftermovies can be found in the next section.

About "Scooby-Doo and Chillers":

"Scooby-Doo and Chillers" is a Scooby-Doo series I made up in January 2011. In the first episode, "A New Beginning", Scooby and the gang meet an abandoned creature and take her home. They name her Chillers for her white fur and special ice ability.

The episodes of the series are not typed in order. All the episodes I make are posted here.

The plot of the series is: In episode 3, "Oh, Deer", they first meet a villain called Diguro, who is a digital creature. He is very dangerous and was made by an unknown professor. The first two episodes are mostly about introducing Chillers to the series. Then most of the series is about everyone solving mysteries while trying to find and defeat Diguro (who is sometimes the villain pretending to be the monster). The last two episodes are about trying to find and defeat Diguro's creator. I will admit that I'm not very good at writing Scooby-Doo stories. I'm sorry if my Scooby-Doo stories don't really seem like real episodes, but I try my best.

I was inspired to make "Scooby-Doo and Chillers" after watching some episodes of "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" (which my series is somewhat based on) one time.

Chillers is a small creature who looks like a cat. She has long white fur and light blue eyes, and the tip of her tail is light blue. She loves to go on adventures and solve mysteries. She can shoot beams of ice from the tip of her tail. She loves her friends and would do anything to protect them. She has an especially close friendship with Velma (just like Scooby with Shaggy) and often stays closer to her than the rest of the group. She has two sisters, Kitkit (who is older) and Tsu-jii (who is younger). Her full cry is "Chee-uz", but she often says "Chee" and sometimes "Chee-ee." She was abandoned by her old owner, who was unkind and named her Winter. She doesn't tell this until later in the series, in the episode "Hidden".

Aftermovies: (Scooby-Doo and Chillers movies that take place after the series has ended. Chillers can talk in them. She also wears a blue bow on her ear and a pink and white collar around her neck in them.)

1. Scooby-Doo and the Shadow Guardian-*Complete!*

2. Scooby-Doo! Mystery of the Darwo-*Complete!*

3. Scooby-Doo! Water and Wind, Through Time they Spin-*In progress*

4. Scooby-Doo and the Mistaken Machine-*Not started*

5. Scooby-Doo and the Trail of Changes-*Not started*

Aftermovie Trivia:

-I've started adding images to the Aftermovies. All five Aftermovie images have been drawn and are uploaded when each movie is started. Sorry if any of the characters don't look right, I can't draw people. Also, the first four images are from 2011 while the fifth one is from 2015.

-The first four Aftermovies were created in February to April 2011. I did have a few ideas for Aftermovie #5 in 2011 but didn't think of the title or the monster in it until June 2015.

-The Aftermovies are based on the movies like "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" with a few differences. I was inspired to create them after watching some of those movies.

-All five Aftermovies have nine chapters and three songs play in each of them-first the Scooby-Doo theme song, then a song I made up, then a real song I like.

-Originally in "Scooby-Doo and the Shadow Guardian", it was going to take longer for the gang to meet the Shadow Guardian. There was also going to be more of a battle against Darkmyst.

-Originally in "Scooby-Doo! Mystery of the Darwo", Velma and Chillers were going to be more afraid of the Darwo.

About "A New Secret":

A Paper Mario series I made based on "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door". Paper Mario and Goombella meet a mysterious wolf-like creature named Lunastar in the first episode. In the series, the three of them travel to new places and discover secrets about the ancient town while trying to do three things: rescue Mario's captured friends, defeat the evil dragon spirit Dragolan, and solve the mysteries of Lunastar.

The series was started in August 2011. I originally planned to finish the series a year later, in August 2012, but got a new favorite character in November 2011 and decided to take a break after the Christmas episode. I hope to make the rest of the series someday.

The episodes (typed in order):

1. The Secret Begins (posted)

2. Searching for Help

3. Underwater Secret

4. The Mysterious Place

5. A Crystal-Clear Day

6. Shining Crystal of Hope

7. Know Way!

8. An Island and a Secret

9. The Island Cave

10. A Paper Halloween (posted)

11. Shadows and Trouble

12. Hi-tech Disaster?

13. Finding Comfort

14. True Amusement...

15. The Big Riddle

16. A Paper Christmas (posted)

("A New Secret" is discontinued until Paper Mario is my favorite character again.)

About "The Adventures of Link and Razel":

This series is about Link and Razel (Razel is my OC) and I made it up in November 2011. The series is really based on my made-up Legend of Zelda game, which is based on Wind Waker, so it's Wind Waker Link in the series and game.

Some info about the game:

The game is called "The Legend of Zelda: Double Trouble!". I thought that was a good name, because in the game you can switch between Link and Razel. Both characters have 3 things about them that the other can't do or is not as good at. All those things are helpful at least once in the game. The villain of the game is not Ganondorf because I can't draw him. Instead, the villain is a dragon named Banayu. He appears sometimes and is, of course, a boss at the end of the game. A good dragon named Virela is also in the game. She appears sometimes and helps Link and Razel out. A mini-plot of the game is to bring Razel back to Magic Island, his home. The main plot is to defeat Banayu.

So anyway, here is more about the series.

The plot of the series is that Banayu has returned and Link and Razel are trying to find and defeat him. Of course, they do many other things too. It takes place after all the events in the game.

The episodes are not typed in order. Here are all the ones made so far:

The Return Adventure (posted)

A Shocking Mystery

The Best Present of Christmas (posted)


Unforeseen (posted)

Gold is not Always Good

Friends no Matter What (posted)

The Adventures of Link and Razel Epilogue (the epilogue and a "movie", meaning it's longer than the normal episodes. Posted.)

Help of a Friend

The Cruise of a Life Time

A Special Easter (posted)

Kimaevu's Trouble

("The Adventures of Link and Razel" is discontinued until Link is my favorite character again.)

About "Kirby: Shimmer of Hope":

This series is about Kirby and his friend, Sparky and I made it up in July 2013. Sparky is a Creature I made up called a Sparkil. Sparkil has a Baby and Adult form, and Sparky is the Baby form. He is actually an adult, but in an older series I made up he stopped himself from changing into an Adult Sparkil. Kirby and Sparky's friend, Keleso, who is a Maly and lives in Maly Village, helps them out sometimes (I made Keleso, Maly, and Maly Village). In the series, Kirby and Sparky live near Maly Village. The series actually kind of continues from an old Kirby series I made up (that I never named) that also included Sparky. The old series was based on "Kirby: Right Back at Ya", but this new series is more original.

The plot of this series is explained in the first episode. Kirby and Sparky meet a mysterious creature named Shimmer who gives them a jewel called the Heroes' Topaz. They also learn of a villain named Dark Storm. The series is basically about Kirby and Sparky trying to find Shimmer again after she mysteriously disappears while strengthening the Heroes' Topaz's power so they can defeat Dark Storm. Of course, there are also episodes that are not related to the plot. Kirby uses many different Copy Abilities in the series, including ten I made up.

The episodes are not typed in order. Here are all the ones made so far:

Darkness and Light (posted)

A Strong Friendship

The Chase for Dark Commander

The Helping Center Trouble

The Lost Town

Kirby's Halloween Adventure

A Kirby Christmas (posted)

("Kirby: Shimmer of Hope" is discontinued until Kirby is my favorite character again.)

About "Sonic and the Hidden Secret":

This is a Sonic series I made up in January 2014. The first thing I need to say about this series is that it's kind of a crossover with Pokemon, because in it Tails has a Vulpix named Butterscotch and Sonic has an Eevee named Fluffy. There was a Pokemon I made up called Bluda in an older series but he died, so he will probably not appear but may be mentioned at some point. Two other Pokemon I made up, Leagon and Pegisan, may also appear at some point, but other than that, this is completely a Sonic series.

I made four other Sonic series before. This series doesn't directly continue from any of them but happens sometime after them. Things that happened in those series will be mentioned at some points. I thought of this series after watching some episodes of "Sonic X", but this isn't really based on it much.

This series is mostly about Sonic and Fluffy, but many other characters will appear too.

The plot of this series is told in the first episode, "The Visitor's Secrecy".

There is a magical world called Capia in this series. Capia was introduced in one of my older Sonic series. It could be called a crossover world because it also appeared in my Bomberman and Pokemon stories. Capia is a planet that has a large amount of magic. Its magic comes from its six Magic Jewels, which are similar to Chaos Emeralds. Capia seems to have many rulers. It has a king and queen. They look like purple lions; the king has a short temper but the queen is gentle and kind. There are also two leaders: the good leader, Lelenar, and the evil leader, Lenarok. Lelenar is white and has an angelic appearance. She is very kind and makes sure the Magic Jewels are kept safe. Lenarok is dark purple and has an evil appearance. He often tries to steal the power of the Magic Jewels. The true leader of Capia is Capen. She doesn't live in Capia but in a unique place in space called the Dimensional Transport. She has an unusual appearance but she is serious and calm. The protector of Capia and its Magic Jewels is a magical creature named Lightial. Like Chaos, he was once under Dr. Eggman's control and had different forms. Capia is home to many magical Creatures that can't be found anywhere else. There are only two ways ordinary creatures can get to and from Capia: through the Capian Portal, which appears in Capia and other worlds at certain times, or by talking to Capen, who has the ability to travel to different worlds, at the Dimensional Transport. Only a few magical creatures can travel to and from Capia at any time.

The episodes are not typed in order. Here are all the ones made so far:

The Visitor's Secrecy (posted)

Winter Adventure (posted)

Discovering the Plan

Stay Strong, Sonic!

Palopek Rescue

The Easter Search (posted)

("Sonic and the Hidden Secret" is discontinued until Sonic is my favorite character again.)

*Changingfavorite's Profile*

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Winter Adventure
A winter episode of my series, "Sonic and the Hidden Secret". Sonic's friend Fluffy wants to go ice skating but doesn't know how to ice skate. Some unexpected things happen when Sonic tries to teach her how. Just a cute story I thought of. (Sort of a crossover with Pokémon since Fluffy is an Eevee.)
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The first episode of my new series, "Sonic and the Hidden Secret". It's an ordinary day for Sonic and friends until a strange creature comes to them and tells them about the danger in another world. Meanwhile, an evil plan and a defense against the danger are being discussed. (There are 12 characters in this story.)
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Darkness and Light
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Kirby - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,590 - Published: 7/18/2013 - Kirby, OC - Complete
Pikachu's Christmas Time
The sequel to "Pikachu and the Smash Stadium". It's almost Christmas, and Pikachu and his friends Pichu and Raichu are ready for the holiday-well, almost.
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Legend of Zelda - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,423 - Published: 12/25/2011 - Link, OC - Complete
A Paper Christmas
Mario, Goombella, and Lunastar are ready for Christmas! What will they do for Christmas...and what will their best surprise of all be? Not too good of a summary, but I couldn't think of anything.
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The Return Adventure
When Link searches for my OC Razel who has become lost, he finds more than he thought he would...and an adventure awaits the two. Based on my made-up game, but with the style of Wind Waker.
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Picture of Lava
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Unexpected Friends
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While the rest of the gang is away, Velma and my OC Chillers have their own mystery to solve, involving someone Chillers recognizes and a secret she's been keeping hidden...
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Scooby and the gang and my OC Chillers face their toughest mystery yet when they find a mysterious house, and they are not alone. This is no ordinary house they have found, and the one who lives in it...he is no ordinary villain.
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Pikachu and the Smash Stadium
A story of Pikachu and his friends Pichu and Raichu. They go to a place called the Smash Stadium, and Pikachu battles there. When Pikachu enters the battle, something he never expected happens. What will Pikachu learn from this battle?
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 999 - Updated: 1/5/2011 - Published: 1/4/2011 - Pikachu, Pichu - Complete
Lost Climb reviews
This is the first episode of a series I made up "Ice Climbers' Adventures". When Professor Glacier, my OC, sends Popo and Nana on a mission, they have to go to a unique mountain. What will happen there?
Ice Climber - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,491 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/29/2010 - Popo, Nana, OC - Complete