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Hey! I'm mermaidgirl45, or Ariel. =) I'm very friendly, and I promise I don't hex people for fun! Feel free to shoot me a message.
My main interest is in Harry Potter, but I also have a few Percy Jackson and Avatar: The Last Airbender fics favorited. =)

Stories I've Written

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall was my first piece of work and apart of a personal challenge I decided to do. It details what I believe to be the history of the Mirror of Erised and the thoughts of those who look through it.

2. The Bathroom is the second part of the Inanimate Perspective Challenge and is a story from the perspective of Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. It's a combination of canon events and events from my own mind, and the worst thing I've written, but for some reason, refuse to take down.

3. Just a Boggart was my inner author posessing me. Re-reading the book, one line got stuck in my head until I finally wrote this fic about Sirius seeing Molly Weasley's boggart, and therefore seeing Harry lying dead on the floor.

4. A Pink Teacup is my first response for a challenge and focuses on Aberforth and Ariana before the attack.

5. Shopping is a humorous one-shot where Fabian Prewett takes his younger brother, Gideon, shopping at Diagon Alley and all the mishaps that happen along the way. It's my favorite story, as I've had the most fun writing it, and I like the plot and writing the most. =)

6. To Dwell on Dreams is a dreaded "The Characters Read the Books" story, but very different from most. I'm making a very conscious effort to have the book have much more plot and emotional response and a lot less running commentary. It's updated rather slowly but surely.

7. It All Ends Here is my very emotional response to the "End of an Era" of Harry Potter. It's a countdown where each day, I "write" to JK Rowling detailing something we'll all miss from the books.

Random Facts About Me:

~Despite my name, I am indeed terrfied of lakes and am a reluctant swimmer.
~I love Harry Potter and have favorited a few Avatar: The Last Airbender (Zutara!) fics and Percy Jackson fics as well.
~I'm a total cat person.
~I absolutely love fantasy.
~I do obsess over grammar and spelling.
~I love the city.
~I love languages. I know a decent-ish amount of Spanish, but I hope to learn pretty much every other language in the world as well.
~I adore symbolism and metaphors and things like that, especially in poetry.
~Dare I say it? I love school. *gasp*
~I think about planning and the future and college way more than anyone else I know.
~I will not read, and certainly never will write, slash or incest.
~I love drama and tragedy and hurt/comfort fics. Not sure why, but I just love it.

Concerning Harry Potter (of which my life almost revolves around):

~I am a proud, certainly not brave, kinda hard-working, ambitious Ravenclaw.
~Snape was a conflicted jerk, but an overall good guy.
~I honestly think History of Magic would be fascinating.
~I would fall off a broom faster than you could blink.
~I would memorize as many spells as Hermione.
~My favorite character is probably Neville, Snape, Draco, or Dumbledore, simply because of the internal conflict.
~My favorite book and movie is the 5th and 7th.
~I've always wanted to know what my boggart would be. . .
~And what my patronus would be (I'm hoping it's an eagle =)
~I didn't blink at Dobby's death, but sobbed for 20 consecutive minutes at Dumbledore's. I almost refused to read the books afterwards. It's probably the largest impact death has made on me, in fiction and otherwise.
~I read all the books in less than 3 days.
~I really wish I hadn't.
~I just started reading the books summer of 2010 (little late to the party, I know).
~I do listen to wrock and I love it.
~Sometimes, I'll tear up listening to wrock, especially anything by Let's Lumos or "Forever Together" by Ministry of Magic. . . Oh, here I go. . .

Favorites (Because I'm bored =):

~Color: Green
~Bird: Puffin
~Flower: Tulip
~Bands (As of Now): Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Switchfoot
~Authors: J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Francine Rivers
~Sport: Colorguard!

Not-so-regretfully, I am an extreme Neville Longbottom fan girl. Therefore I have copied from Geekiness-Is-LOVE:


1. Neville Longbottom's tears cure basilisk venom. Too bad he has never cried.

2. Neville Longbottom's dot on the Marauder's Map is labeled "B.A.M.F."

3. Chuck Norris's boggart is Neville Longbottom.

4. They were going to release a Hogwarts edition of Clue but the answer always turned out to be "Neville Longbottom, in the courtyard, with the sword of Godric Gryffindor."

5. Professor Quirrel didn’t have to fake his stammer in Neville’s presence.

6. The seventh book initially followed Neville's last year at Hogwarts, but J.K. Rowling changed it to Harry's endless camping adventures to bring the rating down to PG-13.

7. Merlin was awarded an Order Of Neville (Third Class).

8. When Neville Longbottom uses the Knight Bus, he calls himself Harry Potter to avoid all the attention.

9. Dragon's blood has twelve uses. There are forty-three uses for Neville Longbottom's blood with more being discovered every day.

10. They were going to rename Diagon Alley in Neville's honor, but they decided not to because no one crosses Neville Longbottom and lives.

11. The wizard prison was originally named after Neville - it used to be Bad-Asskaban.

12. If Grindewald and Voldemort were to get in a fight, Neville would win.

13. Muggles don't know about Lord Voldemort, but they do know about Neville Longbottom.

If you read Deathly Hallows in under a week, copy and paste this,then add your name and how long it took you to read the book, (Cannotstopwriting - 1 day, Rhr4eva - 4 days, FrancisLilyFlower - 4 days, phoebe.cole.forever - 4 days, Livelier - 2 days, mermaidgirl45 - 1 Day)

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I, mermaidgirl45, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution.

^Note: To this day, I have kept this promise, even though it's been super hard. I've found it actually helps your writing somehow.

Taken from Chapter Nine of "The Wall" by brenners:

Disclaimer: JKR wrote 7 elaborately plotted books in about 15 years. I can't get 650 words done in 4 months. It seems unlikely that we are one and the same.

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+For anyone who sat up late into the night because they had to figure out what happened next.
+For anyone who is pretty sure their lives have just ended a little because there are no more books.
+For anyone who was mad when Sirius died, deeply upset at Fred's death, misty-eyed about Hedwig, frightfully saddened when Cedric was killed, shocked to hear of Lupin and Tonk's death and think Dobby was quite a brave and extraordinary house elf.
+For anyone who was like FINALLY when Hermione and Ron snogged. In the middle of a war. And you knew Harry felt a little awkward waiting for them.
+For anyone who keeps seeing groups on Facebook relating to the seventh book, and realizing the majority of them mean something to you and that you should join because Mrs. Weasly IS that cool, and Neville IS a BAMF and you might really not have anything to live for now.
+For anyone who really does feel bad for Albus Severus. Seriously Harry, please don't name your children.
+For those who think Quidditch sounds like a blast and a half.
+For those who are trying to cope with the fact Harry Potter is over, and realizing it is a might strange to be sad over a book. But you can't help it.
+For those who seem like a vaguely average person until someone says something about Harry Potter.

+For those who hoped to be as funny as Fred and George.
+For those who have been hopelessly distracted from your summer reading after reading the latest installment and then deciding you have to re-read the others.
+For those who thinks Albus Dumbledore was pretty much brilliant.
+For those who think about some reference to Harry Potter practically once a day.
+For those who feel your life wither away in study hall and try to numb the pain of boredom with Harry Potter thoughts.

+For those who find themselves smiling when they realize a real life situation relates so perfectly to a Harry Potter situation.
+For those of us who've been wasting our lives online reading JKR interviews and other various potter fan mania.
+For those of us who think people who intentionally spoil the book should be tarred and feathered.
+For those who listen to Wizard Rock.
+For anyone who isn't sure what they'll do now that they don't have another Harry Potter book to get hyped for.
+For everyone who has already planned or is planning on what to do the day the last movie comes out--and it's gonna be great.
+For anyone who is in English class discussing magical realism and someone tries to say Harry Potter isn't real...and basically you can't believe anyone could say anything so heartless and heartbreaking.
+For anyone who knows the characters just as well as you know your friends--because they are. You know their hobbies, their favourite things, their dislikes, their stories, their feelings. You know them. And you mostly love them.

Question 1: What is your favorite Harry Potter book and why? Least favorite?
My favorite book has to be Order of the Phoenix because so much happened and there was such an awesome mix of drama, action, romance, and tragedy. Also the sheer rebellion of it - "We're going to fight against you and call ourselves the thing you fear most." Oh, what now, Fudge?

My least favorite would have to be Half-Blood Prince. I finished reading it, and thought . . . nothing . . . happened, really, except until the very end.

Question 2: What is your favorite Harry Potter movie and why? Least favorite?
My favorite is Deathly Hallows Part I because it was really good, and I've seen all the others thousands of times. My least favorite was Prisoner of Azkaban. Werewolves DO NOT look like that. Also, I don't think the Marauder's were explained well.

Question 3: Who is your favorite character?
Why such a cruel question? I love them all! Neville's so tragic, Snape so controversial, Harry so awesome, Dumbledore so funny, Hermione so witty, and just everyone! How can you ask such a question?

Question 4: Who's Your Favorite Teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor Snape, because I truly want to learn Potions and Professor McGonagall because she’s so sarcastic and Hagrid. I just want to give Hagrid a hug.

Question 6: Who is your favorite Death Eater (You-Know-Who included)?
You know, I’m not really a Death Eater fan, so I’ll say Draco, because he was the most innocent of al of them. And his mom, for trying to help Harry.

Question 7: Who is your favorite Hogwarts Student?
Neville? He’s such a beast. Luna’s so quirky. Hermione is brilliant. Ron’s hysterical. The Weasley’s are brilliant and hysterical.

Question 8: What house would you want to be in? Which house do you think you would be sorted into?
A proud Ravenclaw! Perhaps, Slytherclaw.

Question 9: Would you join the Order or the Death Eaters?
The Order! Hello? We have ALL the good characters.

Question 10: If you could choose any character to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, who would it be?
Hmm. . . Neville or James Potter or Harry. But not all three.

Question 11: Who would be your best friend?
Hopefully all of them! Probably Harry, though.

Question 12: Warner Brothers postponed the release date of the Half-Blood Prince movie to July of 2009. What are your thoughts on this?

I wasn’t even aware. I didn’t read the books until summer of 2010.

Question 13: What is your favorite magical creature?
Kneazels of course! I’m a total cat person.

Question 15: Would you throw Dolores Umbridge into a boiling vat of acid?
Now, now, let’s think about this. I vote no, because I don’t think anyone deserves that, but I might vote for Azkaban.

Question 16: What character would you dress up as for Halloween?

Tonks! She can change her hair color! =D

Question 17: How did you get your copy of The Deathly Hallows?
My sister bought it for me for Christmas.

Question 18: How did you get into Harry Potter?
My brother. I always follow him in whatever books he reads. And I read Harry Potter once and never stopped.

Question 19: What is one memorable experience you have had involving the series?
Being holed up in my room for three days straight, barely without food, to read the books. The online Rebellion concert where I chatted with friends from all over. Watching my first Harry Potter movie in theaters and crying.

Question 20: Have you ever seen a movie you were not particularly interested in, simply because it had a Harry Potter actor in it?
Nope! I did watch Sense and Sensibility a million times before Harry Potter, so I was like “Colonel Brandon!” when I saw Snape. Now I’m like “Professor Snape” when I watch the movie.

21: Would you go to Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beaubatons?
I demand to know who would answer Durmstrang or Beaubatons.

Question 22: What was your favorite Triwizard task?
I think the second task. The Black Lake was mysterious and I thought it would be interesting to see what is underneath.

Question 23: Before you read The Deathly Hallows, what was your opinion of Snape?
I . . . wanted to personally kill him.

Question 24: Do you read or write fanfiction?
No, I'm on this site because I enjoying the verification codes.

Question 25: Which spell do you wish you could use in real life?
Expecto Patronum. I NEED to know my patronus. Plus? It’d be amazing! I could send messages!

Question 26: What position would you play in Quidditch?
Seeker. I’m out of the way, and I have quick reflexes. I have horrific judgment for Keeper, a lack of strength for Beater, and I'd just rather not be a chaser.

Question 27: What was your favorite moment in any of the books?
Godric’s Hallow. I wish JKR had spent hours more on that. Anything with Lily and James, or any of the deceased.

Question 28: What event in the series did you wish had happened differently?
I wish the books never ended. That’s what I wish. I wish Harry never graduated, but just kept having amazing adventures with Ron and Hermione. I wish Snape hadn't gone into the Dark Arts. I wish that Harry never lost those he loved. I wish so many did not have to die in the war. I wish many, many things had happened differently, but it is because they happened we are here.

Question 29: Would you join the DA?
So quickly it would make my head hurt.

Question 30: Do you think You-Know-Who has EVER had a girlfriend?
He wasn’t capable of love.

Question 31: What name from the series would you be willing to change your own name to?
Hermione Granger, just for people’s reaction.

Question 33: What would your pet be?
Hmm . . . Either an owl or a Kneazle.

Question 34: If you could belong to any family in the series, which would it be?
The Longbottom's. Neville has no one to comfort him until the fifth book.

Question 35: Which Hallow would you most like to have?
The Cloak. I have no use for the stone, and the wand attracts way too much trouble.

Question 36: What is your favorite Horcrux?
Harry. Harry and the Diary and Nagini.

Question 37: Ever seen Potter Puppet Pals?
I can't hear you . . . What is that mysterious ticking noise . . . Not over here, not over there . . . I'll have to get back to you on that.

Question 38: What would your patronus be?
I think it’d be an eagle.

Question 39: What would be your animagus form?
Would it not be the same as your patronus?

Question 40: Who is your favorite Marauder?
James, because he was just such a jerk, but he was so sweet in the end. Maybe Remus.

Question 41: If you went to Diagon Alley, where would you go first?
*gasp* Ollivander’s and Flourish and Botts and Madame Malkin’s and Magical Menagerie and Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor and Quality Quidditch Supplies and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Twilfitt and Tatting's and Eeylops Owl Emporium and the Leaky Cauldron and Gringotts and--

Question 42: Favorite member of the Black family?
Sirius and Tonks and Draco. Also the three Black sisters.

Question 43: Favorite member of the Weasley family?
Fred, Molly, and Percy. Also Ron, Bill, and Arthur

Question 44: Who should have won the Tri Wizard Cup?
I think it’s Cedric. Harry couldn’t have done it, and Cedric was there first and Hufflepuff’s deserve some fame.

Question 45: Who is your favorite actor in the films?
Michael Gambon played Dumbledore SO well.

Question 46: (insert actor here) should totally play (insert character here).
Uhh . . .

Question 47: What would you wear to the Yule Ball?
A white and black and dark purple ball gown.

Question 48: How many times have you read the series?
Almost every book 3 times.

Question 49: Who is your favorite couple?
Right now, I’m really liking Draco/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks, and Neville/Luna.

Question 50: Did you like this survey?
Yeah, actually I did.


Severus Snape
A Slytherin who died like a Gryffindor
without all the red and gold crap

Fred Weasley
Who fought bravely to the very end
And whose jokes will forever brighten his other half
And will loyally await his soul mate and brother
with many jokes,
he's got forever to think of them, right

Who was more free and full of love
than any elf, and most humans

Remus J. Lupin
the last real Marauderer
who was not just a wonderful father
but a incredible husband and brave hero
as well as a freakin' awesome werewolf

Nymphadora Tonks
who died for ‘the greater good’
and would probably hex me for calling her Nymphadora

Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody
who’s motto ‘constant vigilance’ kept him alive
and scared the crap out of some kids too

Tom Marvelo Riddle a.k.a. Voldemort
who was pretty cool, and cute when he was younger
but who got his butt thoroughly kicked in the end

Albus Dumbledore
whose past and wisdom confused us
whose seeming betrayal shocked us
but actually who turned out to be an okay guy in the end
despite the whole 'almost killing Harry' thing

Bellatrix Lestrange
because it’s was awesome how Molly slapped her with that Avada Kedavra
She deserved everything she got and more

Colin Creevey
who we really didn’t know too well
but took a lot of pictures and died fighting in a war
so he must’ve done something good
besides stalking Harry

Harry actual first friend
who lived and died

Couples? What Do You Think?

Harry/Ginny? I didn't overly love Ginny in the books, and I felt she didn't enough "screen time." Re-reading the books however, I guess she's pretty funny. =)

Ron/Hermione?Oooh. Controversy. You either like it or you hate it. Again, for a while I didn't like it, because I thought Hermione deserved better, but really I do like it a lot. =)

Harry/Hermione? No, not really.

Harry/Luna?Yep. =) Luna's so sweet and open and simple, Harry could easily confide in her. However, it just wasn't meant to be.

Harry/Pansy?Wash your mouth out with soap.

Ron/Lavander?EWW. That was so nasty. I hate that girl. I really do.

Ron/Luna?Ron's too insensitive and impatient.

Ron/Pansy?Go wash your mouth out with soap again.

Ron/Fleur?Haha, it was kinda funny, but they would fight way too much.

Hermione/Krum?Aww! Yes! I like Krum. I really do, and I think that would have been very sweet. However, it wouldn't've been as exciting as Ron.

Hermione/Draco?Oooh. So hard. I think if Draco matured a lot more, and cirumstances threw them together, it might be possible. However, just because I love the "tragic backstory" thing doesn't mean Hermione does.

Hermione/Fred OR George?That's just like . . . impossible. Although they may have done it to tick Ron off. That would be HYSTERICAL.

James/Lily?Um, yes. I hated James when he was younger, but he loves Lily. No one can deny that. He's changed a lot.

Lily/Snape?I would've loved this. Snape needed a friend so bad, but I think he would've dragged Lily down with him.

Lily/Sirius?Are. You. Kidding?

Lily/Lupin?I've never even thought of this. Honestly. Um . . . I kinda can see it, but James would kill him before any relationship could develop.

Tonks/Lupin?AWWW!!! YES, YES, YES! =D

Draco/Pansy?I hate Pansy. Even Draco the Death Eater deserves better.

Fred/Angelina?Yeah, actually. Angelina would balance him out. Can you imagine him married to a fellow prankster? The world would fall apart.

Bill/Fleur?Yeah. I wish he had seen more of that relationship, though.

Harry/Cho?We didn't really get to see much of Cho because she was grieving. She was nice, but she wasn't perfect for Harry.

Neville/Luna? Absolutely! We both knew them so well, and they both go paired off to someone we really don't know.

Neville/Hermione? Ehh . . . Maybe when Neville matures at the end, but honestly, I doubt it.

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