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I want to give a shout out and urge anyone that finds this page to run, not walk to Belgaris's page and read her stories. This is an author that I think has been sadly overlooked by those that love HP/LV as well as those that can appreciate an original and extremely well written story. I cannot sing this author's praises enough. Every few months I re-read all three of her stories because she is the gold standard for fanfiction in general and HP/LV specifically.

An Unwise Murder

Servants of the Malleus Maleficarum

Yesterday's News


I fully acknowledge that I am no writer. I just don't have the patience or soul to write compelling stories. The only one that I wrote was written in an hour (I'm Done) and that was in response to reading one too many betrayed!Harry stories just for Harry to do what they wanted...save them! And to make the horror even worse, he forgives them! Gah!! So I wrote out a rant with every cliche possible and posted it within the hour. It's not good reading by any stretch of the imagination :-)

Question from Bk 2 &4 (9/15/16):

I would greatly appreciate if someone could clear up a question I have. It's my opinion that the Hufflepuffs - all the Hufflepuffs in Harry's year - turned on him in 2nd year. They jumped to conclusions and labeled Harry a Dark Lord out to kill them. This includes Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot. The same thing and same students from Hufflepuff happens during 4th year when they decided Harry planned on taking their House's glory.

Which is confusing to me because I've been noticing many stories lately with Susan as a potential romantic partner and those two years are just glossed over when extolling her virtues.

Am I'm remembering this wrong?

Latest Pet Peeves and Musings: (08/14/16)

Whenever a character is afraid of Hermione's reaction to a House Elf bonding with someone, I want to point out to Hermione that it's: THEIR BODY, THEIR CHOICE. She treats them just like the mindless slaves she says they aren't when she decides her opinion of their choices is the correct one and their choice of service is wrong. As long as there is Choice, then Hermione has no say and no right to an opinion. As long as there is an avenue for the Elf to leave a bad situation, then it's all good IMHO. She's very ethnocentric.


When Voldemort uses Harry's blood during his resurrection, does that make Harry, Voldemort's Father? Sort of like an adoption? Or at least subordinate to Harry in some Blood or Magical way? Is Voldemort now a Potter?


If Severus made a Magical Vow to DD when Harry was a baby to protect Harry, or keep him safe, or some other variation on the theme...wouldn't that Vow be twinging every day while Harry was at the Dursley's? Wouldn't it force Severus to take action or suffer the consequences?


This is what I think when I see a Harem pairing. Along with the fact that the writer can't even make such an easy decision as to whom harry is paired with romantically. Rarely does a Harem have anything to do with the plot.

The source is “Potter ever After” by Kevin3 on FFN. Chapter 3.

“…unfortunately, polygamy has directly led to terrorism in the magical and muggle societies. When considering polygamy, the focus is often on the small percentage of males with multiple wives, or on females in polygamous marriages – but the larger and more important effect is upon the majority of males that are unable to secure a relationship.”

“In monogamous societies, the top 10% of the male population in terms of desirability still only marries 10% of the female population. This leave a roughly equal number of males and females remaining to be coupled together. But in polygamous societies, the top 10% of the male population marries a much larger percentage of the women – sometimes as much as 70%. This leaves the remaining 90% of males pursuing only 30% of the remaining females – and males in the lower half of desirability will often have no hope of securing a relationship.”

“This population of future-less males is often shunted to terrorism. Muggle terrorism almost exclusively originates from countries with significant levels of polygamy, such as Saudi Arabia and Norther Africa. Likewise, most magical terrorist organizations spring from polygamous countries: their membership is almost exclusively male. This leads many to believe harems are inherently evil (regardless if every participant is willing) and that their existence is the entire reason Dark Lords have numerous devoted followers – overwhelmingly male, of course.”

Latest pet peeves in HP Fanfiction 02/25/15

Women hitting men during arguments in order to get their way and "win" the argument or "correct" behavior.

Female characters hitting or otherwise committing violence against men when the man does not agree with, or does something against the wishes of the woman. Currently, this is most apparent with Hermione hitting Harry and Ron during disagreements, not even full fledged arguments.

I am a woman, a feminist, but also an equalist. For all the outcry of violence against women, there is nary a word said about violence against men. Men are supposed to just take it but never, ever dish it out. If it's not good for the goose, it's not good for the gander. Violence is violence, no matter the gender. Plus, it makes women look bad collectively.

Just once I'd like to see the women called to account for their hitting, slapping, hexing, etc against men when they disagree or don't get their way. I'm not talking about self defense here, I'm talking about normal, everyday disagreements.

Why is it OK to slap a man if they say something below the belt, but not OK for a man to slap a women if she does the same? It just feeds the resentment.

Use your Big Girl words female characters *shaking an admonishing finger*

Now, If a woman (or anyone for that matter) is being physically threatened or restrained by another person, then I expect her to unleash Holy Hell on them, be they male or female and that most definitely includes violence.

In HP fanfiction, this is used by Hermione to a great extent. I just don't see why a person would remain friends with someone that for all her intelligence, can only resort to violence when Harry or Ron disagree with her, or even just be the teenage males they are.

Yes, they are going to make fart jokes, they are going to use curse words, they are going to not care about the same things she cares about, and they will most definitely not have the same opinion as her about a variety of topics and situations. Ron is always going to have bad table manners. Harry is always going to be distrusting of Authority figures that Hermione literally worships. And what does she do? Hit's them in order to get them to conform.

Can you say "Abuser"? She's grooming them to accept this behavior with the support of the Staff and other authority figures. No wonder Harry just accepts the Blood Quill Detentions in 5th year...sheesh!

Writers being sloppy when making Magical Vows or Oaths

In just about every fanfic that includes a Magical Vow of some sort, the writer is very sloppy with the wording.

Seriously, people are vowing on their Life and Magic here! A sloppy oath I recently read went something like this:

"I (insert name) swear on my Life and Magic that I will keep secret anything (insert character name) reveals to me, so mote it be"

Can anyone see the flaw in this? Character A tells character B that dinner is ready and asks him/her to gather everyone at the table to eat. Since they took a vow, if Character B goes to the living room and says "Dinner is ready", that character will Die.

Just take 5 min to create an oath with some limits. Such as, "for the next hour" or "having to do with the secret only" or "until the end of the war".

Geesh, I even read an oath that said "I swear I will never harm (Character X)". Which is stupid. People hurt others everyday, even if they love them, even if it's unintentional. The word "harm" needs to be defined in the oath as anything can be classified as "harm".

I've read so many stories with broken Vows and Oaths, yet nothing happens. What's the point of a Vow if there is no repercussion when it's broken?

The easiest way around this would be just like computer language. Insert a phrase "start secret" and "end secret" in the Vow and stick to the secret only when telling. Don't say anything else, even "yes, I'd like a cup of tea, thanks". Better yet, write down the secret and have the person sign it so only the secret is included.


Stories I'd like to read: any rec's would be appreciated if they have already been written.

Harry doesn't loose his survival instinct and takes actual steps to protect himself:

Harry refusing Snarry bonding for the Greater Good:

I would love to see a fic when Harry is presented with the idea of bonding to Snape in order to increase power, or joining souls to prevent one or the other from dying before the war is over, perhaps DD machinations for control, whatever it may be that Harry - rightly - points out that he has no trust in Snape not to abuse this power since he has been abusing his power since Harry started Hogwarts, most likely even before then. That Dumbledore - who is the one suggesting this - isn't trustworthy either since he has stood back and allowed this behavior to flourish. In short, Harry refuses to bond.

A story that demands that Snape be worthy of this trust and lifelong commitment and that he isn't now. He is in fact a child abuser. The story could explore building up trust between the two, the development of their relationship, any change Severus must go through in order to bond to Harry. It could also be a one-shot that basically showing Harry laughing and saying "never" or "find someone else". I don't really have any idea where I would like it to lead, but just that the first main point is that Dumbledore might trust Snape but Harry does not, especially with his emotions since Snape has abused him emotionally for years at this point.

Neutral Harry and Parlay with Voldemort:

I had an idea of a story that is told in letters between Harry and Voldemort. Harry has decided he can't honestly fight for either side or even the status quo. He realizes that not one person that he considers friends or family see him as anything other than the person that will save them and keep pushing their agenda on him. Some don't even realize they are doing it but it's still there.

They could discuss wide ranging topics such as Voldemorts goals, his tactics, the blood purity movement, recent political history from all over the world, both muggle and magical, their individual histories and how they feel about them, the possibilities are endless. I would suspect that they would both come to the conclusion that dictatorships don't last and destroy a nation in the eyes of the world.

I see them discussing what exactly is Voldemort fighting for since the purebloods already had a lock on society even before Voldemort rose to power and realizing that most of it is in revenge against those that hurt him during his childhood. I suspect either a very close friendship would develop as they both change due to this correspondence or perhaps a romantic relationship. I could even imagine that Voldemort comes to treasure these letters and his relationship with Harry since he literally has no one he considers an equal that he can just be himself with, that he can't dominate due to fear or awe. I see Harry as being almost like a therapist and friend while also treasuring Voldemorts letters in that they force him to consider things he never would have before. Harry is Voldemorts only safe place and Voldemort is Harry's link to his past.

These letters would cover years: years in which harry is free to pursue his life away from Britain's expectations, from war, he is able to learn what he wants to learn about and then do it. He's able to travel and make friends with people that don't know him or expect anything from him except friendship. He can make a life for himself and never return if he doesn't want to.

I can see a creative writer including Parlay traditions, Nobel and Ancient House traditions, historical alliances, Wizarding History, etc.

The outcome of the war, which side wins, isn't important. It's the relationship between these two that would be the focus.

Snape betrays Harry using info gained from Occlumency lessons:

Snape is forced by DD to teach Harry Occlumency and is furious. He decides to teach DD a lesson and uses these lessons as a means to utterly humiliate a "Potter". He actually starts to teach Harry the Art, he establishes himself as someone Harry can trust, a safe place. An adult in Harry's life for the first time he can talk to without judgement and Harry places his wholehearted trust in Snape and does whatever he can to protect his Snape. Obviously in order to teach Harry this Art, they have to become vulnerable to each other. Harry more so than Snape since Snape can already hide the memories he's not willing to share with Harry. He does end up eventually showing more that he thought he would in order to forge the relationship between them.

Snape finally uses this info by divulging it to his Slytherins...the very people that bully him now. A double betrayal if you will. When this hits the school, Harry sees satisfaction, malice and laughter in Snapes face at Harry's humiliation. It was all a game to Snape. Predictably Harry is not just crushed, but destroyed. All his secrets, all the humiliation and abuse he's gone through at the hands of the Dursley's is bared for the school.

Of course, the school turns into a hellhole for Harry and the level of taunting is enough to break his ties to the British WW since this info was quickly sent to Rita Skeeter and it's all over the Prophet. Not to forget Umbridge and her blood quill or the refusal for anyone to believe that Voldemort is back. Lastly, Harry's name and reputation is again dragged through the mud in the press with no one protesting this. Most students get on the bandwagon b/c they don't want to believe Voldy is back and always enjoy bullying TBWL. It makes them feel good.

Harry concedes the fight and says "You win" and decides to leave.

Harry contacts Sirius and begs him to leave the UK as a favor to James. Harry gets smart, gets a lawyer and upon the advice of Fleur and Victor, arranges to emigrate to a country outside of Europe (S.America is my favorite), far away from his betrayers. He only needs 3 OWL's (one wand based) to legally decide for himself to transfer magical schools. The rest of the year Harry is like a ghost and isn't seen except for the three classes he attends. During this time, makes his arrangements to leave.

DD tries to force Harry back to classes and back to Snape's Occlumency lessons but Harry refuses in no uncertain terms. He can't see himself every trusting anyone to that level again since this is the first time he's ever opened himself like that. Harry points out to DD that these lessons are actually illegal since Snape never took a vow to keep what he learns secret. Harry also suspects that Snape was reporting to DD and Voldemort of what he learned but has no proof.

Snape realizes in his zeal to get back at DD for forcing this upon him, he drove out the only person that has ever trusted him without expecting something in return, the only person that has ever protected him and has the power to back it up. He doomed himself to slavery in service of two masters when Harry was the only one that could have removed him from it. He realizes that he actually enjoyed his time with Harry and liked the fact someone trusted and respected him, that he enjoyed helping Harry for no other reason that because it felt good.

I have about 10 pages of notes on this potential story if anyone wants to pick it up. The bulk of the story happens after Harry leaves with Sirius.

Newest pet peeves in HP fanfiction:

D/s stories that don't include the concept of boundaries or the possibility of the sub refusing the Dom:

Just because someone might like to take a submissive role, or prefer their partner to take a dominate role while they are fucking doesn't mean that continues when the clothes are on and they are outside the bedroom.

Just because two people have decided they want a D/s relationship, doesn't mean the Dom is in control. The sub is the one that is in control, the sub is the one that allows the Dom their control and can stop it at anytime. A good Dom would not only accept this, but encourage this self respect and strength.

I've read too many stories where the writer seems to believe that Dom's can force their subs to do anything they want against their will or comfort level, that there are no boundaries, that the sub has no rights in every aspect of their relationship, even outside the bedroom.

There is never talk of safe words, hard limits, the notion that the D/s relationship can cease to exist if one of them no longer derives happiness from it.

This is mostly found in creature fics where somehow two people are fated as mates and the Dom just runs roughshod over the sub, doesn't take the subs feelings or desires or personal life goals into account. The Dom doesn't even consider that the sub will reject them for many and various reasons, some of which I mentioned above.

If they are really creatures, then according the animal kingdom, sub's get to choose from a variety of Dom's. There isn't just one Dom parrot for one sub parrot. The Dom's have to woo and impress the sub with their care, concern and capability. If the Dom fails at a later date, the sub dumps his ass.

The writer is essentially writing a slave fic in the guise of D/s mate-ship.

Stockholm Syndrome disguised as falling in love:

This one really takes the cake in my book. The writer creates a scenario in which one character is kidnapped and held against their will, all their rights are taken away, usually a spot of torture is thrown in or negotiating for their survival, and somehow try and convince us readers that these two are in love.

Gah!!! Look up what Stockholm Syndrome really is. It's the mind's ability to protect itself by forcing the prisoner to fall in love with their captors in order to stay alive and unhurt as much as possible while also being psychologically broken by the captor. It also induces tender feeling on the part of the captor which also help the prisoner to survive if they get better treatment. It's a horrible thing because the prisoner actually feels love, even while they are fully conscious of the fact they are a prisoner, that they can never leave, will never see their friends and family, will never get to have a career, and continue their own life away from the person holding them captive.

It just sickens me and breaks my heart that so many people out there love these stories and think this is an honest representation of love. Go ahead and write the story, but please don't try and say it's love...it's not, it's brainwashing.


Current pet peeve: Hermione's penchant to demand information.(6/28/14)

It has been so long since I have actually read canon that my impression of Hermione's character is probably way off base. That being said, I am getting increasingly irritated with her in fanfiction. Just once I would like to see Hermione act the supportive and loyal friend she should be instead of her just telling Harry that she's supportive without actually being supportive.

When Harry finds himself in trouble or with a problem, instead of demanding a dissertation on the events leading up to the current situation, I would like to see her simply say "do we need to hide a body" or "what can i do to help". Instead, all the recent stories that aren't labeled as Hr bashing still show her as a nagging, demanding harpy that I would be only too happy to tell "Fuck off" and drop her like a bad habit. She brings nothing positive to his life in most fanfics. Which is sad because her character has so much potential and is sufficiently complex to go in many different directions.

In short: She's a bully.

I wish I was a wordsmith and could write my own story to explore this but I know my limits and a credible fiction writer I am not. I keep hoping that someone, somewhere would teach the facts of life to Hermione.

One being that she has no right to demand information from Harry (or anyone for that matter) at any time. Her parents really should have taught her this.

Another is that people are entitled to their own secrets and counsel and a good friend would respect that and not pull the "But I'm your friend harry, a friend would tell me whats going on" while adding a guilt trip to Harry's problems.

Yet another fact is that information disclosed should never be betrayed to someone else, even if that someone else is a headmaster, teacher or some sort of authority figure. Hr really doesn't know Harry that well if she can't figure out that Harry does not trust adults or those that hold power over him.

Especially considering the adults in their life in most fanfics are not acting in Harry's best interest and are usually actively against him.

Lastly, she is not his mother and every time I read a Hr character yelling "HARRY JAMES POTTER" followed by some admonishment really makes me want to (figuratively) smack her...hard. A good friend can tell someone they are being an idiot and made a mistake, a good friend does not treat someone like a naughty three year old while scolding them as if they're his parent...humiliating him in public no less.

They are equals, Harry is not subordinate to her and I really wish someone would point this out. Plus, it weakens Harry position and authority in the eyes of other potential allies. Who would take Harry seriously and follow him into war if he can't even push back against a student treating him like trash? Talk about no tact and arrogance...sheesh.

It's not cute, it's not supportive and it's turns me off a story faster than anything I can think of.

Ok, my rant is over for now.

If anyone can rec a story that explores these issues with Harry and Hermione, I would be very grateful.

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 27 - Words: 169,087 - Reviews: 1585 - Favs: 4,728 - Follows: 5,328 - Updated: 7/25/2018 - Published: 7/2/2014 - Harry P., Antioch P., Cadmus P., Ignotus P.
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