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Hi. I'm just your run of the mill, lethargic, fandom obsessed graduate with no path in life with too much time and a camera on her hands. I'm pretty much a budding, tragic everything: an actress, artist, a designer, a writer. You name it, I'm trying to be it. If I do become famous however, you can say you read my shitty fanfiction way back when. At the moment, I can tell you that I'm in my twenties, I'm an air hostess (I shit you not) and that I do enjoy an awful lot of gay erotica.

2011 Dec. Update. Hi everybody. Oh, my goodness. It has been forever since I last came onto and it's been years since I last wrote for fandom. I am staggered by the amount of hits some of my stories have and I get still get reviews, put on alert lists and requests for more chapters almost daily. I am so flattered, thanks you guys! I took a quick look at some of my old fics and I was cringing so, so hard at them. I've come a long way in terms of writing and grammar in the last six years. Who knows? I've recently started to fall back into Final Fantasy VII fandom in a pretty hard way thanks to Bethgael's Reno's Story on blogspot. You might see something from me again soon. But if you don't, thank you for your support through all these years, I had such a beautiful time being a part of fandom. I'll be sure to let you know if I start putting my original fiction out there for you to laugh at. :P

Current Work

Embarrassed as I am by how awful my old writing and grammar is, I know that my older fics still rock some people's boats and that is the only reason I won't delete them. I will probably never write for Tsubasa again, much as I adore it. I'm sure other sixteen year olds just blossoming into their weeaboo lifestyle will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Planet's Revenge - I love writing this one, I really get to explore the characters I love so much. I've got a Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee version lined up too. Too bad no-one loves to read it. Pfft. WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! ;_; Dec 2011 - probably going to revamp this.

Projects - This one is my baby at the moment. Well, here I am again writing fic for a fandom I thought I fell out of years ago. Truth is, I started this fic about three years ago and I foolishly told myself 'after you've written ten chapters you can start posting it'. Well, turns out I'm a dirty, nasty review whore and without any feedback on it, I sort of lost my motivation to keep at it and gradually forgot about it. I took up a bad habit of playing WoW and when I finally quit that, I read this amazing Reno-centric FFVII fic and it totally reinspired me. So, here I am going over it all again with a supremely amazing beta, Athena. I have to be honest here and say that I don't know exactly where I'm going with this, it'll probably be one of those horrific WIPs that keep you waiting forever for anything remotely interesting to happen. It's going to be a pretty big mish-mash of Final Fantasies and Kingdom Hearts. It's strange actually, I'm writing this with Roxas as the main character, but I've only fallen into FF fandom again, haha. I need to rekindle my love for KH! ;P However, there will be multiple POVs throughout the fic. This is why I'm so confused about what community to put it into as characters such as Cloud and Squall will feature as often as Roxas, but it's unlikely I'll use Sora. :S I'm so confused. Ignore my babble! :P Personally, I think that because this is the first winter without exams to worry about, my penchant for developing new hobbies to procrastinate from studying is still pretty active. Haha.

You can also find me at Livejournal - updates will all be there first, most likely. As well as a lot of other fic that can't really be posted here. New fic - starting from Dec. 2011. There will be general ranting, updates and there may well be an announcement about my ongoing original fiction, but I don't know about that yet. I haven't decided if I want my original fiction being linked to my craptastic fanfiction. XD!/SookSouli My twitter too!

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