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Author has written 21 stories for Princess and the Goblin, Monsters Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Osmosis Jones, Rise of the Guardians, Epic, A Bugs Life, and Beauty and the Beast.

Name: Classified

Age: (because of a bad review, which I deleted, I'm posting my age) 18

Gender: Classified (JK ) Female

Real Pets: Sparky (black domestic short hair cat), Daisy (Australian Shepherd-Labrador Retriever Mix), Lola and Shadow (Mini Lop sisters) Phineas (orange tabby kitten)

Favorite Characters: Thrax (Osmosis Jones) Mandrake (Epic (2013) Optimus Prime (Transformers) Jetfire (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) Scar (Lion King) Randall (Monsters Inc.) Prince Froglip (Princess and the Goblin)

Favorite Movies: Osmosis Jones; Epic (2013); The Lion King

Favorite TV Shows: Call of the Wildman; Ozzy and Drix

If you've noticed any of my stories were deleted, it is because:

A) I lost inspiration for them

B) I felt like it

C) Both

I am sorry if I deleted a story you liked.

DeviantART Account: http://darkraixcresselia.deviantart.com/

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OCs in Stories (may contain spoilers):

Monsters Inc.


Nicknames: Angelina (doesn’t like it), Angie (Felicity), Angel (Only by Randall) Ange (Swift and Speedy)

Family: Sophie Gibbs (Mother), Mike Gibbs (Father), Felicity (Younger Sister), Josh (Older Brother), Mary Gibbs, or Boo (Cousin), Jack Gibbs (Uncle), Amelia (Aunt)

Description: Long blonde hair often in a high ponytail; slightly tanned skin; large grass-green eyes; pink lips; purple T-Shirt; blue shorts; blue sneakers; blue sandals

Friends: Randall Boggs (pet; best friend); Lucy (dog) Mary/Boo; James P. Sullivan/Sulley; Mike Wazowski

Enemies: Mandy Shay; Henry J. Waternoose; Sylvia Schneider; Henkan Boggs

Favorite Colors: Purple; Blue; Green

Peeves: Being called “Angelina”; Mandy; Mike picking on Randall; Mandy picking on Randall; being kidnapped

Likes: Playing fetch with Randall and Lucy; playing pranks on Mike; dressing up with Boo as monsters; talking with Randall; going on walks with Randall and Lucy

Monster Suit: Purple scale suit; round grass-green eyes; six blue-tipped fronds; red arms, legs and tail; long stick-up lizard tail

Occupation: Randall and Lucy’s owner

Interesting facts: Angela is based on a teenage-Boo with blonde hair and green eyes; Angela loves dogs, reptiles, carnivorous animals, and dinosaurs, but dislikes domestic cats; she was given a white kitten as a 13th birthday present, but gave it to her brother; asked for a dog on her 14th birthday


Nicknames: Lucy (main nickname); Lu

Children: Duncan (male), Soren (male), Sophie (female), and Milo (male)

Description: Saluki; black silky fur; brown ears; brown eyes; three scars down across her right eye, which is shut, half-blinding her (after APM 2); red collar

Friends: Randall (best friend; crush; mate); Angela (owner) Swift; Speedy; Boo; Henkan (cousin-in-law)

Enemies: Sylvia; Waternoose; Mandy (former owner)

Peeves: Randall refusing her advances; the Meerkat Twins fighting; being kidnapped

Likes: Walks with Randall; joking with the Meerkat Twins; playing fetch with Angela; playing with the pups

Interesting facts: Lucy was originally a recurring character in both “The Pet Show” and APM 2, and became a main character after her popularity rose; the inspiration for her breed came from DxC’s sister’s favorite “Krypto the Superdog” character, Brainy Barker, who is a Saluki


Nicknames: Via (Randall; Miranda {her friend}; Henkan)

Children: Yoshi (son)

Description: Silver and white wolf; another pair of upper arms; black claws (declawed after APM 2); shoulder-length white hair; icy-blue eyes; bluish-purple eye shadow; red lipstick; four gold earrings, two on each ear

Friends: Henkan Boggs (ex-boyfriend) (former); Miranda (childhood friend; cameo in APM 2)

Enemies: Randall Boggs (ex-boyfriend); Lucy; Sulley; Mike; Boo/Mary; Angela; Henkan

Favorite Colors: Silver; Gold

Peeves: Not getting what she wants; Randall refusing her advances; getting her claws taken off

Likes: Painting her claws (declawed after APM 2); hanging out with Henkan; plotting to destroy Randall

Occupation: One of the three members of the organization against Randall

Interesting facts: Sylvia is considered the animal version of Angela’s rival, Mandy, as both girls enjoy wearing makeup, and having boys notice and follow them; although she is still obsessed with Randall, that has gone down once she started dating Henkan; she went crazy after her claws and camouflage gland were removed


Nicknames: NA

Family: Randall (cousin); Yoshi (son)

Description: Long lizard body; eight legs; green skin; blue spots on his back; six blue-tipped fronds; four-fingered hands and feet; retractable claws; a muscular form; odd yellow eyes; brown collar

Friends: Sylvia (ex-girlfriend); Waternoose (boss) (formerly);Randall; Swift; Speedy; Lucy; Angela; Boo/Mary; Sulley; Mike

Enemies: Randall; Swift; Speedy; Lucy; Angela; Boo/Mary; Sulley; Mike (formerly)Sylvia (ex-girlfriend); Waternoose (boss)

Peeves: Needing help; being reminded of the past

Likes: Hanging out with Sylvia; training; plotting the attack against Randall; playing with his son

Occupation: One of the three members of the organization against Randall (former)

Interesting facts: His muscular form was inspired by Princess and the Goblin’s (movie) Prince Froglip; his eye pupils, unlike Randall’s, are cat-like; he is the first villain of the APM series to turn good.

The Princess and the Goblin


Nicknames: Traitor; Murderer; Dog of Death; Beast of Hell; Wolf Assassin; Alpha Male; Your Majesty; Captain; Cap'n

Family: Calypso (deceased mate); unnamed son (deceased)

Description: Large black wolf; huge black bat-like wings on his back; blood-red eyes; long sharp dirt-colored claws; pink scars: one down across his left eye; one across the bridge of his nose; one across the toes on his front right paw; others across his body and wings; a gaping wound in his right side

Disguise: Brown overcoat; black boots; black gloves; a low-laying hat; skull pin on the hat; three long scratches across the front of the hat

Minions: StormCloud; RiverRush; Wolves; Pirates

Enemies: Prince Froglip; Goblin King; Goblin Queen; Goblin Kingdom; Irene; Curdie

Occupation: Froglip's best friend, pet, and right-hand-wolf (temporary); Wolf Assassin; Captain of the Bloody Fang (temporary)

Fate: Secretly attends Froglip and Irene's wedding and leaves (PatG 2) Killed by Froglip and tossed overboard into the ocean; reborn as a black wolf pup (PatP)

Interesting Notes: If he was a real character, he would be voiced by Jeremy Irons, who voiced Scar from the Lion King; his chuckle is similar to Kaa's from the Jungle Book; the scars over his eye was inspired by TLK's Scar, and the scar across his nose was inspired by Warriors' Tigerclaw(star); he is DxC's most dangerous OC so far, for his blood thirstiness, and murderous ways; he is, so far, the only OC villain of DxC's to be disguised as a human for nearly his whole time during a story; in PatP, he was the main villain, instead of the original idea of using Davy Jones; he is the first of DxC's OCs to die and be reincarnated.

Osmosis Jones

ALMIRA (Al-my-ra)

Nicknames: The Flaming Death (former fighting name) Baby Girl; Daddy's Baby Girl; Mira (all by Thrax) freaky hyena-shaped virus...cell...thingy (by Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones)

Owner: Thrax

Description: Hyena-shaped germ; orange fur; red ears, spots, eyelids, and flames on paws; light-orange ear linings; yellow flaming mane and tail; long, pink claws; pale yellow eyes; sharp white teeth; purple collar

Friends: Thrax; Osmosis Jones; Drix; Leah; Maria; Dander

Enemies: Former owner; Osmosis Jones (formerly) Drix (formerly) Leah (formerly) Riley Hyrdya

Weapons: Fire breath; flaming claws; sharp teeth

Peeves: When things don't go right; idiotic minions; anyone standing in her or Thrax's way; being called a dog

Likes: Being with Thrax; plotting; things going smoothly

Occupation: Hyena-shaped fever cell (helps to cause fevers) Thrax's pet hyena

Fate: Falls with Thrax into alcohol and is dissolved alongside him (Original Osmosis Jones) Survives alongside Thrax and works with Ozzy and Drix in Frank (Osmosis Jones 2: The Enemy is Alive and Well)

Quotes: *Evil high-pitched feminine chuckle* (After Thrax says, "Careful, I'm contagious.") Mm-mm-mmm. (To bacteria thug after he tries to punch Thrax from behind; in the sweat gland)

Interesting Notes: Almira was once an unnamed vicious male Doberman-like cell, but was changed to a female hyena instead; her colors, leg markings and fire-like hair are a reference to fire; her design (body-wise and bangs) was inspired by Shenzi from the Lion King; running gags are Thrax pointing out that Almira doesn't like anyone but her owner (Thrax) and her reacting negatively to being called a dog; she doesn't like to be called a dog, but ironically, she acts more like a dog than a hyena: she barks, whines, growls, and wags her tail; when standing on all fours, the tips of her ears line with the bottom of Thrax's ribcage (her legs and neck are long, and her ears are big) yet is light enough to be on Thrax's back, and to be carried by him

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