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Bonjour! (No, I’m not French, just a second year French student. More’s the pity.) You, dear reader, have just stumbled across, or have been directed to the “Homepage” for The New Marauders!
Yeah, yeah, you’re sittin’ there scratching your head thinking “What in tarnation* is The New Marauders?” Well, that’s what I’m here for!

My Life Story
I’m the sad, pathetic, forgettable little person inside Honorary-Weasley-Lover’s brain. I’m that thing you might call ‘conscience’ – hence the reason I’m forgettable. Aside from my duties as a ‘conscience’ I’m also that little voice that whispers: “Writ a story… write a story…” Then I get smacked for being a nuisance.

About The New Marauders
The New Marauders is a series of stories co-written by Honorary-Weasley-Lover and Helena Voldemort. It revolves around Fred, George and Lee’s years at Hogwarts up to and including the final battle.

Now to elaborate! The story features Fred, George, Lee and three female OC’s who you will be introduced to shortly. Together, the six of them form ‘The New Marauders’ who, as the name suggests, take over the original Marauder’s job as Mischief Makers in Chief.
Aided by the Original Marauders, their own Marauder’s Map (because the twins were dumb enough to give the original one to Harry) spellwork and their newly acquired Animagi forms, they follow in their fore father’s footsteps, overcoming house differences, twisted teachers and their own feelings to wreak havoc at Hogwarts.

Okay, you may not actually be thinking that, BUT YOU WILL! Woahahahahaha!

The New Marauders - Canon
-This is my interpretation of the three canon characters.-

George Weasley
General Description:
George is the calmer of the twins: Fred is act on impulse, centre of attention, in your face guy. George is plan before acting, not the centre but fairly close, insult from a few paces away guy. He secretly loves long novels and poetry, and, though he’d never admit it, his favourite lessons are Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration. He’s fairly laid-back, but you’d be ill-advised to anger him, George can be tricky, sly and wicked. And he punches really hard - ask Malfoy!
George is very protective of his family and friends, especially Ron and Ginny. He sees Lee as his other brother and the three girls as his sisters, even though two of them are Slytherins.
Shaggy red hair (i.e. Goblet of Fire) very dark brown eyes.
12 inches, oak, Manticore Quill
Arctic Fox
Marauder Name:

Fred Weasley
General Description:
The, for lack of better terms, crueller of the Weasley twins, Fred is impulsive, rash and upfront. He prefers to let George stay behind saying “Maybe we shouldn’t…” while he rushes headlong into whatever trouble is awaiting them. While his demeanour simply reeks of mischief and mayhem, Fred can be uncannily charming. He would, in short, flirt with a tree-stump, provided it wouldn’t get up and walk away. While just as knowledgeable as his twin, he prefers to let his actions speak louder than his words.
Fred is, however, even more protective of friends and relatives alike than George and is fully prepared to put his life on the line to save them.
Shaggy red hair (i.e. Goblet of Fire) very dark brown eyes.
10 ¼ inches, olive, Manticore Quill
Marauder Name:

Lee Jordan
General Description:
Unfortunately for Lee, he always seems to be tagged as ‘The Weasley Twin’s friend, Lee Jordan’. He is, in the eyes of the rest of the world, kind of the third wheel – Fred and George are the popular Quidditch players, infamous Ladies Men, pranksters elite – Lee’s the tag along, just another boring Gryffindor. But really, away from the crowds and beliefs of the school, Lee’s Slytherin side bubbles to the surface.
Manipulative and slightly vindictive, he is not above blackmailing friends and enemies, and he’s not afraid to be brutally honest, but is perfectly capable of lying through his teeth. He would never, however, sink so low as to sell out his friends to save his own sorry skin thanks very much.
Shoulder length dread-locks, dark skin, coffee coloured eyes.
8 ½ inches, ash, Unicorn Tail hair
Marauder Name:

I took a tip from Experienced Author and re-worded these three bios...

The New Marauders – Original
- These are the three OC’s Helena Voldemort and myself came up with. –

Lemony Wilson (Me)
General Description:
The only daughter of Dominick and Sicily Wilson, Lemony is the first Ravenclaw in a long line of Hufflepuffs, much to her surprise. Exceptionally smart and fun-loving she falls back on the title she shares with Lee as ‘The Brains Behind the Mayhem’. Short and thickly built, she is a Beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team. Famous at Hogwarts for never knowing which International Quidditch Team she goes for, she often says “I go for them all, yet I go for none of them – don’t make me decide, my head will explode!” She is fond of wearing over-sized tops and brightly coloured shoes and her biggest accessory is her white and silver cat, Merlin.
Short, curlyish black hair, almond shaped blue eyes.
11 inches, silver birch, Australian Opal Eye heartstring.
Polar Bear
Marauder Name:

Helena Potter (Helena Voldemort)
General Description:
The first Potter ever to be sorted into Slytherin, Helena is proud and haughty. She hates her Goody-Goody cousin (Harry) and aspires to be the first person to work up the courage to kick Mrs Norris. Possessing a sharp wit, Helena can often be found conversing with Madame Pince about this book or that book and is more than willing to give some poor third year a tongue lashing for holding a book incorrectly. Helena is, there’s no point denying it, blatantly evil – she’s shallow and malicious and is not against harming people to please herself. According to her (and she says her eagle-owl, Thanatos, agrees) she should be in history books for yelling to Filch: “Oi, Gitface! Is that your cat, or has your mother sent you a mouldy tea-cosy?” she also says that “The four months of detention were thoroughly worth it!”
Long, strait black hair, green/grey eyes.
8 inches, cypress, Chinese Fire-ball heartstring.
Grey Wolf
Marauder Name:

Amelia Dolohov (Me and Helena Voldemort)
General Description:
Yes, you read her name right, she is the daughter of the world renowned (and feared) Antonin Dolohov. However, raised by her mother, she struggles to pull herself out from the dark shadow that is her father’s name and legacy, going so far as to almost land herself in Gryffindor just to spite him. After the death of her mother, Amelia moved in with her mother’s childhood friends, Brian and Eloise Potter (aunt and uncle to the famed Harry Potter) and their daughter Helena. Ever since, the two girls have become inseparable, even though Amelia’s pet bat fights constantly with Helena’s owl.
Amelia is probably the shadiest of the six friends, her father’s role in her past staying well hidden and her small bouts of insanity never quite explained, but she is the most loyal (or rather, stubborn) of them, defending them tooth and nail until the very end.
Appearance: Wavy, honey-blonde hair, slanted green eyes
11 inches, willow, Phoenix Feather.
Marauder Name:

A Small Note:
Look, I know some of them seem a little Mary-Sueish, but they’ve been run through two Mary-Sue tests and have turned up negative for Sueness. However, as the plot develops, they will be run through them at the start and end of each story just to be safe.

Story Archive:

Book 1, First Steps to Hell (Currently Posting): This is it! They're finally going to Hogwarts. Fred and George are bouncing off the walls, Lee wonders how he'll survive when his best friends are idiots, Helena is bored by the whole thing, Amelia wishes she was anyone other than her father's daughter and Lemony just wishes she new what International Quidditch team she went for.
In the first volume of 'The New Marauders', the New Marauders are formed, enemies are made, detentions are in their hundreds and, really, who cares about House Rivalry?

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