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6- 22 - 2017

Chapter 26 has been posted! If my calculations are correct, we are almost at the halfway point in our little tragedy. The ultimate ending has been decided and very little is going to change my mind. In somewhat lighter news, my odd nomadic lifestyle will be coming to end this time next year. I have found my place and my work allows me to travel at my own will there. It is all the way across the country, but I am nonetheless excited for the move. This shouldn't delay any updates, but if it does ... well ... you understand.

Many thanks for the reviews! You know I read every single one. If there's a review that brings up a point or a valid question, I'll most likely respond to it here or in the review section ... where it should be.



1: Inspiration comes from the weirdest places. Do whatever it takes to keep the flame of inspiration burning. Have a beer. Do yoga. Get high. Read your favorite book. Watch your favorite movie.

2: For FanFiction, never insert yourself into the story. This is tempting for beginners, known as the "Mary Sue" anomaly (at least that's what they called it in 2009). Guaranteed, they will not improve the story you're trying to tell. It's also painfully obvious; your readers will see right through you and eventually grow bored. Don't bore your readers.

3: Writer's Block is a chronic disease we all suffer from time to time. Do not let it discourage you from writing. If you are unsure where your story is going or what to write next, create several different outcomes in the story. It doesn't have to be certain, but at least you're writing and coming up with ideas. Pick an outcome and sleep on it. You'll be surprised the next day.

4: Don't ever take reviews personally; positive or negative. Negative reviews can bring your morale down and discourage you from writing, but positive reviews can inflate your ego and make you overconfident in your writing. Never write to please a crowd. Write because you have a story to tell to the world.

5: Create a writing playlist. I personally write to piano, orchestra, and video game music. It does wonders to creativity.

6: If you truly feel lost with your writing, it is more than acceptable to take a break from it. Take as much time as you need until inspiration hits you again. Never force yourself into a deadline. This isn't a professional publishing site. No one's life relies on your work. You don't have hoards of fans pleading for the next chapter. You are fine.

7: Proofread and edit always. You can make countless justifications for your story, but never for terrible grammar and punctuation. Reread your work at least 3 times before publishing.

8: Your work reflects you, so try not to take it so seriously.


The Montosse is a narcissistic bitch. I believe my work to be solid gold, and I will proudly defend it if asked. Without disclosing too much, I am a travelling independent contractor in the real world; there is an incredibly high possibility I've been to your city at one point. Sometimes I share a cramped motel room with three other people, sometimes I have the whole suite to myself. This lifestyle is incredibly fast-paced and leaves very little room for extra activities.

My current works are below. At some point in 2018 or 2019, I will be focusing on my FictionPress page (link will be posted later) with my original novel, "The Deluded Depths." I've been working on that story for roughly four years now and I am rather proud of it. For those of you who have enjoyed my much loved "Words of Love," I think you will find my upcoming novel quite interesting.

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