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Name: DarknessRising24 (formally NYCDMan0

Age: 24

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Current Residence: Osaka,Japan

Interests: Drawing,games.

Favorite band or musician: Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Crush 40, Guns and Roses.

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Naruto (Shippuden)

One Piece

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Queen's Blade (Rebellion)


Digimon (02, Tamers, Frontier, Data Squad, & Fusion)

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Daily Life With A Monster Girl

Rappi Rangai


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Mouretsu Pirate

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Date A Live

Sword Art Online

Highschool of the Dead

Deadman Wonderland

Senran Kagura

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (Bride)

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Ben 10 (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse)

Teen Titans

Danny Phantom

Jackie Chan Adventures

Xiaolin Showdown

Fairly Oddparents

Jimmy Neutron

Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles 2003 (Fast Forward, Back to the Sewers, 2012)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Legend of Korra)

Kim Possible

Young Justice

Totally Spies

Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Codename: Kids Next Door

Batman Beyond

Static Shock

Max Steel 2013

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Yes I'm a Brony, DEAL WITH IT!)

Fanfic's in-progress:

Digimon United Series:

Digimon United:

My first crossover between all the Digimon season's, take's place during the events of Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Tamers (more specifically the episode "It Came From the Other Side"). When Digimon start appearing in Shinjuku, the 02 gang takes a break from fighting the D.Emperor to investigate, however they end up meeting a new generation of DigiDestend: The Tamers. But there are dark forces at work not only in the Digi-World...but real world as well.

Digimon United: A New Frontier:

It's been a month since the Juggernaut indecent, summer is coming and the 02 gang and Tamer's can't wait to finally relax! But things take a turn for the worst when a strange Digimon make's Tai and all the original DigiDestined disappear, including T.K. and Kari! A mysterious voice from a phone message they received, leads Davis, Yolei, and Cody to a new Digital World with 5 new DigiDestined! Together they must find thing's called Spirits in order to save their friends and get home, but who's this blond boy with a Terriermon, and why is Ken here?

Digimon United: Battle of Adventurers:

(Takes place at the same time as "A new Frontier")

Takato goes on summer trip to Okinawa with Guilmon, Calumon, Henry, Terriermon and...Rika and Renamon?! However once they get there they find out that Digimon are attacking here too! After rescueing a littled girl from and attack, they must find out the secret behind these attack's with the help of a new Digimon named Seasarmon, but what is causing all these event's? Could it be and old enemy...?

Digimon United: Darkness Rising:

The rising number of DigiDestend is getting on Yamaki's last nerves, and with less and less option's he is forced to enlist the help of a man named Kurata, along with a very different group of DigiDestend, The Data Squad, however during a fight between them and the Tamer's, a S.O. Bomb malfunctions and they along with the other DigiDestend are sucked into another Digi-World, witch is under attack by a new invading force. Will all the DigiDestend groups be able to concur this new threat? Especially when their memory's are damaged?

Digimon United: Project X:

Almost a year since the "United DigiDestend" saved the earth, a strange new Digimon appears in the real world being chased by Leopardmon, one of the Royal Knights', while he is driven off by the effort's of Marcus and Tai, thing's soon take a turn for the worst as more member's of the group start attacking the real world searching the Digmoon, claiming they must destroy the "Catalyst" for their God: Yggdrasill. When even the group's strongest Digimon are useless against them, the new Digimon invokes something strange called "X-evolution"...

Naruto Series Challenges:

For those of you who don't know, I LOVE Naruto and everything about it, and there are many ideas I'd love to try out but don't have the time to write due to my busy life, that and I spend a lot of time writing my "Digimon United" series. As a result I am putting up my ideas here for any Naruto fan that happens to come across them, should you find one that is to your liking, please PM me!

"Normal" Naruto Challenge's:

Menma, Prince of Akatsukigakure

The Kyuubi's Keeper

The Gold & Silver Sisters Challenge taken by Lord Farsight, called Rise of the Skulk.

Uzumaki Kushina: The Mizukage of Uzushiogakure Challenge taken by Robin.exe.

Uzumaki Kushina: The 5th Hokage Challenge taken by LunarSkies2383, called Youko no Kage.

Team Failure Challenge taken by XxKageTenshixX.

Naruto the Chimera Challenge:

AN: I originally got this idea from "dracohalo17", where naruto gain's power from all the Akatsuki member's, there are at least 3 version's of this, so feel free to choose ether one:

Konoha Version: Chimera of the Leaf

Oto Version: Chimera of the Sound

Shippūden Version: Chimera of the Nations

Note: These are NOT simple "Godlike!Naruto" Fanfics, Naruto must slowly learn how to use his new power's and sometimes have a hard time controlling his new power's.

The War of Fire Country

V.A.T. (Village. Alliance. Team.)

The Bijuu Alliance

Storm of the Kitsune

Naruto: Lock-Down. Challenge:

(Takes place during "Blood Prison")

Naruto; framed for a murder he didn't commit, is Hōzuki-jō A.K.A "Blood Prison" by Tsunade and the Konohagakure Council. There he is subjected to Warden Mui's special brand of "aggressive rehabilitation." and forced to endure regular abuse from the guards and prisoners alike to the point where he is reduced to a mere shadow of his former self. Broken and scared with his only acquaintance being another prisoner known as Ryūzetsu who helped him keep his sanity...

Three years later, the blonde Jinchuuriki get's a surprise visitor; Hinata Hyuuga! Imprisoned for the murder of half the Elder Hyuuga Council, She reveals her intent to break him out, but Naruto want's nothing to do with her...nor does he want to leave the prison, can Hinata prove herself to him before it's too late? And what are Naruto's plans for the prison?

Paring: (Dark, slightly evil) NarutoXHinataxRyūzetsu

The Kitsune Twins Challenge:

An idea for Menma from "Road to Ninja" being in the Cannon Universe, I have at least 2 ideas for it.

Uchiha Version:

Before meeting Kushina, Minato fell in love with an Uchiha named Kamari (Fugaku's cousin), eventually they married and had a child, naming him Menma, but 15 year's later Kamari was untimely killed during a the mission during the conflict involving Konoha and Kumo, leaving Menma with a deep hatred of Kumogakure, pushing his limit's and becoming an ANBU captain. But 2 years later Minato remarried an Uzu Kunoichi named Kushina, who Menma slowly came to love as her as his own mother, soon she became pregnant with their new son Naruto.

After the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha, Menma took it upon himself to look after his brother, with support from Sarutobi and a few members the Council, however due to treatment from the Villagers, he moved to a remote location outside Konoha, with assistance from his old ANBU Team, he set up a small base where Naruto was born, rebuilding it as their home (Similar to his base in "Road to Ninja"). There he slowly raises Naruto to be a powerful shinobi...


NaruHarem: Hinata, Yakumo, and Shizuka.

MenmaHarem: Anko, Kagura, Yugao, and Komachi.

Things to happen in the challenge:

Mennma is half Uchiha and bears the Sharingan, however he is not considered a member of the clan.

Mennma's ANBU Team is based off of the original's "Nine Masked Beasts":

Anko as "Tennyo" (Celestial Maiden)

Kagura as "Shinigami" (Grim Reaper)

Yugao as "Hokuto Sennin" (Northern Sage)

Komachi as "Nanto Sennin" (Southern Sage)

Sealed Version:

Naruto and Menma were born as twins, during the Kurama's attack on Konoha, the Yin Chakra is sealed within Naruto while the Yang Chakra is sealed within Menma. Kurama's conscience is split between them, giving them a mental link to each other. However one of Danzo's ROOT ninja kidnaps Menma before the Third Hokage arrives, leading him to assume that he died. He manages to convince Jiraiya to take care of him at Myoboku.

For 15 year's, Menma is trained in the way's of ROOT while Naruto is trained in the way's of the sage, while keeping their link a secret, they will become the most powerful shinobi duo of Konoha!

Pairing: NarutoXHinata, MenmaXKagura

Things to happen in the challenge:

Menma's hair is dark red instead of black, he get's said color from his mother.

Menma does not have all the ability's of his "Road to Ninja" counterpart, he can not create the "Nine Masked Beasts" but he can use other Jutsu like the "Great Spiraling Ring".

Bando and Kagura from the "Naruto: Clash of Ninja" game are member's of ROOT, Kagura is also much younger.

Menma's Team is somewhat of a parallel version of Naruto's:

Sensei: Bando

Member's: Menma, Kagura, & Sai

Clone Version:

During an encounter with Orochimaru on a mission with Team 8, he uses his specially-developed snakes to siphon a portion of Kurama's Yang Chakra. While the snakes were expelled from his body, they formed an almost complete clone of Naruto, albeit with longer black hair, his body was that of the four-tailed Version 2 state. The clone grabbed Naruto to siphon out more of Kurama's Chakra while Team 7 & 8 were kept at bay by Orochimaru's Snake summons.

The clone came close to breaking Naruto's seal, causing not only Minato, but also Kushina to appear in their mindscape and restore Naruto's seal, at the same time they try to get through to the clone's conscience, however the clone is more similer to "Dark Naruto" due to it having most of Naruto's darkest aspect's, despite this they eventually calm him down and stop his rampage, transforming him into a more normal man and naming him "Menma"...

Pairing: NarutoXHinata, MenmaX?(you decide)

Things to happen in the challenge:

The "Chikara Arc" take's place a lot earlier in the timeline, right after the "Search for Tsunade Arc".

Team 8 being on the mission with Team 7 when the clone is created.

Menma is a clone of Naruto Uzumaki that was created by Orochimaru instead of Kabuto.

The imprint's of Minato & Kushina remain inside the seal to make sure Kurama dose not try to take over Menma's mind through the seal, as well as help him and Naruto better control their chakra.

Dimensional Naruto Challenge:

During a mission with Team 7, they are attacked by Orochimaru's Sound 4, Kakashi uses his Kamui on one of the enemy's, however Naruto goes in his tailed-beast mode is thrown towards Kakashi and is sucked spacial distortion, the overload of Demonic Chakra creates a distorted dimensional rift that reach's out to other dimension's, more specifically to version's of himself:

1: Pilot Naruto: From the "Chapter 0" dimension where he is the son of the original 9-taild Fox and can fully transform into a smaller version of one.

2: Samurai Naruto: From a dimension where there are more Samurai then ninja, he is dressed in Naruto's hidden Samurai costume from "Naruto Storm 3", he wear's a helmet and wields 9 sword's like the version on the color page of "Chapter 616".

3: Menma "Naruto": From the Road to Ninja dimension, he is able to create and control living entities composed of its chakra, which are known as the Nine Masked Beasts.

His Demonic Chakra connects to his dimensional counterpart's and "rip's" a part of their spirit's and pull's them into his seal, Naruto narrowly escape's the rift and fight's off the Sound 4, but how will he mange with 3 more spirit's inside his seal?

"Crossover" Naruto Challenge's:

Jinchuuriki of Rebellion Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto Shippuden & Queen's Blade: Rebellion

During his 'training trip', while Jiraiya is meeting with one of his client's, Naruto run's into Hinata who is on a mission to capture a criminal and retrieve an artifact from her. Deciding to help her on the mission, the two trial the criminal to the ruins of a city in the middle of the mountains.

They pursue and corner the criminal who is revealed to be a shape-shifter named Melona, (from the Queen's Blade Universe) who's goal is revealed to travel to create a connection her master's realm and this world so she may concur it. Using the artifact she open's what she call's the "Demon's Gate" in order to summon demonic minion's into their world, however during their fight Naruto manege's to hit it with a Rasengan, causing it to backfire, Melona, Naruto, & Hinata are sucked into the gate as it implodes on itself...

When Naruto and Hinata awaken, they find themselves in a forest. But upon arriving in a town and getting information, they realize that not only is this world is not their own, but is also under the tyrannical of the Thundercloud Queen (Claudette)! They soon encounter a brave young knight named Annelotte who leads the "Rebel Army" to overthrow Claudette and restore peace and order to the Continent, with her help they must stop both the Swamp Queen, and Thundercloud Queen if they ever want to find the Queen's Gate, witch may be their only way home...

Pairing: NaruHinaHarem

White-Eyed Succubus Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto Shippuden & Darkstalkers

After the chuunin exams, Hinata is returning from her first solo mission when she comes across an old castle hidden in the mountains, upon exploring it she discovers Morrigan Aensland trapped inside a crystal, who's spirit ends up merging with her, gaining all her ability's in both combat and suduction, upon returning to Konoha, she decides to create her own harem of girls with herself and Naruto at the top.

Pairing is NarutoXHinataXHarem

Soul Ninja Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Soul Caliber

When "Madara" attempt's to interrupt the sealing of the Kyuubi with his Kamui jutsu, the combination of this with the Kyuubi's chakura warp's Minato and Kushina into another world! After several month's of searching, the 2 of them hear of 2 powerful swords, "Soul Caliber" and "Soul Edge", and begin to search for them to use their power to return to their son, unawaer of the corruption thei rpower can bring...

Thirteen year's later...

On a mission, Team's 7 & 8 are fighting a small group of rouge-nin in their hideout; some ancient ruin's. The fight take's Naruto and Hinata deeper into the ruin's where the an ancient artifact rests, Naruto end's up using the Kyuubi's chakura, activating the artifact and warping them to part's unknown...

Upon awakening, Naruto and Hinata find themselves in the City of water, where they soon find about the violent and ruthless duo "Elysium" & "Nightmare" who spread terror and destruction across the land...Naruto take's it upon himself to stop them with Hinata by his side, but their power seems familiar somehow...

Paring: MinatoXKushina, NarutoXHinata

Things to happen in the challenge:

Naruto and Hinata somewhat play the role's of Patroklos and Pyrrha, respectivly.

During their journey, Naruto and Hinata gain several allies, including:






Naruto: The Hollow Fox Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Bleach

Nel Tu, Tier Harribel, and her Fracción died in battle. The Shinigami King intervenes by placing them in Naruto's world to make up for the burden he helped create for Naruto, how will Naruto turn out raised by the 5 former Espada member's? And what will happen when Rangiku arrives to hunt them down?


Shinobi of the Dead Challenge:

Naruto with Highschool of the Dead plot.

A strange disease start's spreading across the Elemental Nation's, infecting civilians and Shinobi alike. Naruto, along with a group of survivors must fend off against flesh eating undead. With many of "Them" seeking to feast upon their flesh, they must escape the village and find the source of the disease. All the while gaining new ally's and enemy's from different village's...


The Half-Saiyan Hyuuga Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Dragon Ball

Before Planet Vegeta is destroyed, a space pod containing a female Saiyan was sent into space, but was swallowed into a dimensional rift, sending her to an alternate Earth, her pod hit several meteor's during the descent, badly damaging it. The pod landed somewhere in Fire country while Hiashi was on a mission, he quickly rescued the baby Saiyan before the pod exploded from the damage.

However, she was badly injured from the crash, after she was taken to the hospital she was given a blood transfusion to save her, Hiashi gave his own blood, witch mixed with her Saiyan blood, mutating her eye's into the Byakugan, giving her a unique chakura system, and somewhat dieing down her aggressive Saiyan nature.

For year's she grew up as a hyuuga, her true heritage kept a secret...

Pairing: NaruHina

Things to happen in the challenge:

Hinata is the daughter of Fasha; Bardock's female teammate.

Hinata's attitude is similar to her "Road to Ninja" counterpart.

Hinata wear's battle armor similar to "Forte" the Female Berserker Saiyan from "Dragon Ball Heroes":

Due to being a Half-Saiyan, Hinata can NOT:

Fly with the use of ki. she can jump higher

Transform into a Great Ape at the sight of a full moon, however she dose become slightly stronger during the night.

Her "Energy Wave" attacks are a lot weaker then normal one's, but she can strenthen them by combining them with her Jutsu.

Ninja Girls Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Rappi Rangai (Ninja Girls)

In a world where the five Shinobi nation's were never formed, Naruto lives in a village where he is despised for being a half-demon. However when he meets a group of kunoichi, he discovers that he is the heir to the fallen Uzumaki Clan and must revive his household to its original state!

However, a group known as the Uchiha Clan also attempt to control other households in the country, but fail when Naruto intervenes, causes them to target the blond half-demon...

Pairing: NaruHarem

Things to happen in the challenge:

Unlike in the original:

Naruto's deceased mother communicates with her son through her Katana instead of a mortuary tablet.

Naruto was born, his body mixed with the Kyuubi's chakura, resulting in him becoming a half-demon and giving him a fox tail.

The girls that fall for Naruto end up joining him on his journey and their forces push Naruto closer to his goal.

The the Uchiha Clan replaces the Kabuki Seigan as the Antagonists.

Several character's in the series are replaced by character's from other series, with their persona's somewhat different:

Raizo (Clan Heir)= Naruto Uzumaki

Kagari (Bodygaurd)= Hinata Hyuuga

Kisarabi (Bodygaurd)= Jubei Yagyū (Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls )

Himemaru (Bodygaurd)= Asuka (Senran Kagura)

Ezumi (Priestess)= Orihime (Bleach)

Tsunami (Pirate)= Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Itsuna (Bandit Leader)= Annelotte (Queen's Blade: Rebellion)

Hibarri (Princess)= Moka Akashia (RosarioVampire)

Uzumaki Mansion Challenge:

Naruto with Luigi's mansion plot.

During a mission on a Island near Wave Country Naruto goes missing, Team's 7 & 8 track his scent to an abandoned castle among several ruin's. They enter the castle where they find Naruto badly injured and are attacked by strange entity's, they are unable to defeat them until a Kunoichi appears and fights them off with several seal's, however Kakashi and Kurenai are captured and spirited away by the entity's, upon escaping and leaving the castle, Honoka introduces herself as Honoka, one of the few Uzumaki Clan member's.

It turns out that the Castle is known as "Mugen Castle", witch was sealed away by the Uzumaki Clan long ago because the dark Chakura that powered it was to dangerous, and when Uzushiogakure was destroyed in the war, the seal slowly weakened until it finally broke, releasing the Castle into the world, she then reveal's that the entity's are in fact the spirit's of some of the Uzumaki's that were corrupted by the dark Chakura, and they have grown more powerful by absorbing Naruto's "special" chakura. Naruto take's it upon himself to stop the Castle from spreading it's darkness across the nation's and rescue their sensei's, but why dose the dark chakura feel so similar to his own?

Pairing: NaruHina

Things to happen in the challenge:

Instead of "Portrait Ghosts", there are "Uzumaki Spirit's" that were once powerful member's of the clan before being corrupted, instead of 23, there are 10.

Ninja Academy Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Senran Kagura

Takes place in the "Shippū! Konoha Gakuen Den!" universe.

In the semi-modern world, high school's secretly trains a select group of chosen girls in the art of ninjitsu, an art only women can learn. Naruto's high school life get's very interesting when find's out that he of all people has the ability to use this power! As such, he is enrolled in the (all-female) Hanzō Academy under the guise of "Naruko", training with five other trainee ninjas; Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu and Hibari, as they complete missions and battle against rival ninjas.

All the while, Naruto must keep his identity secret from the rest of the school, and especially from his girlfriend Hinata...

Pairing: NaruHinaHarem

Ninja/Samurai Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Senran Kagura & Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Takes place in the "Shippū! Konoha Gakuen Den!" universe.

Naruto is the descendent of the famed Master Samurai Kushina & the Shinobi Master Minato. In the semi-modern world, both shinobi and samurai have been at war for years, Naruto may be the key to stopping it, but he must not only master his skills in both family line's first, but also fend off the numerous rival Ninja & Samurai clan's that wish to wipe out his family line!

Pairing: NaruHinaHarem

Black Kitsune Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & Accel World.

Takes place in the "Shippū! Konoha Gakuen Den!" universe.

Naruto is practical whipping boy & the "dead last" of the "Konoha High School", he is forced under the constant harassing of bullies at his school. But his life changes when he encounter's Hinata Hyuuga who offers him the opportunity to learn how to “accelerate to a faster world” with the "Brain Burst" program, a very popular game that most student's play...

...few Month's later, a new Legion known as The "Kumenjū" appear's, becoming stronger and defeating several of the Stronger Legion's, under the command of the their leader, "Black Kitsune"...

Pairing: NaruHinaHarem

(Must have Sasuke/Sakura/ and Ino bashing)

Kitsune Shredder Challenge:

Crossover between: Naruto & TMNT (2003 version)

Takes place after "Turtles Forever".

After the final battle, Karai sneak's aboard the Technodrome in order to make sure it's power isn't misused. The Classic Shredder attempt's to take control of the Technodrome back, the Turtles and karai fight him and causes the trans-dimensional portal to malfunction. The Classic Turtle's Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady end up warped back to their own dimension. However the Technodrome end's up warped to another dimension with Karai and the remaining Foot Clan member's still inside...

...during a mission in the mountain's, Naruto is badly injure and separated from his team in a rock-slide witch trap's him in a cave-in, upon searching for another way out, he find's the remains of the badly damaged (but still somewhat functional) Technodrome. He is captured by the Foot and brought before Karai, who has retaken command of the Foot and become the new Shredder...

Pairing: NaruHina

(Must have Sasuke and Sakura bashing)

Things to happen in the challenge:

Naruto wields all the weapon's of the original TMNT cast, but some changes, while he wields Leonardo's twin katana & Raphael's twin Sai separately, however Michelangelo and Donatello's Nunchaku & Bō Staff are merged into a Staff can be separated into Nunchaku and be re-connected by using chakura (Similar to the one's Rock Lee used in "Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom").

While several of the Foot Ninja under Karai's command are the normal one's, there are a few Foot Tech Ninja under her command as well, however their technologically advanced suit's are slightly damaged, as a result their are only a small amount they can use.

The Technodrome was heavily damaged due to the trans-dimensional portal malfunctioning, the lower half of it has been completely obliterated and it is confined to a cave deep in some mountains on the boarder of Fire Country and Hot Water Country.

The trans-dimensional portal is badly damaged, but still somewhat functional, while it cannot open dimensional portal for others to travel through, it can still provide info on their current dimension, allowing them to learn and adapt to it much easier.

During the Technodrome getting warped into Naruto universe, it traveling into another universe result's in Karai and the Foot's anatomy being warped to hold chakura coil's just like normal resident's of the Naruto-verse.

The Foot is still possession of the Mutagen, however they have yet to use it. Opting to observed and study the new world they are in and studying the effect's of Mutagen mixing with chakura.

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Mike you filthy cheater.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,846 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 83 - Updated: 10/13/2014 - Published: 5/8/2013 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.] OC
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 89,189 - Reviews: 297 - Favs: 741 - Follows: 809 - Updated: 9/27/2014 - Published: 1/9/2013 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.]
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