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Fandom lessons:

I know it sounds silly, but, I often find that certain fandoms, (And the media they are based off of) sometimes have little touching lessons that they often foster as a whole. These are those lessons. Forgive me if they're stupid, these are my own words.

How To Train Your Dragon: Love can originate from anyone, and from anything. True Love doesn't need to be sexual to be pure and true. Sometimes, it just is. And, it can truly surpass everything that stands before it.

Pokemon: It's not the destination that makes the road great, but the path itself. Never forget to live, and view the wonders around you as they pass by.

Rio: If you're afraid to fall, how do you expect to fly?

My Little Pony: Don't be afraid to lean on others, because others will often need to lean upon you.

More lessons as I learn them.

Useful tags and terms for fanfiction:

Lemon: A explicit sex scene inside the story.

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Citrus: Slang for lemon/lime.

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Male!(Insert name): Same as above, but switched from female to male, unless specified.

Genderswap!: Usually indicates that many/all characters are a different gender than canon.

AU: Alternate universe. A story that differs from the original material in terms of determined laws/rules, yet it shares the same characters, and sometimes, lore.

Slash!: A homosexual pairing. Often listed for male/male shipping. Sometimes lacking specification on female/female, and, on occasion, male/male stories, so be wary.

Mpreg: Male pregnancy, through scientific, Magical, or nonsensical means.

Hiatus: A break in writing.

Crack Ship (Or any variation): A shipping that makes absolutely no sense, be it impossible, or just insane. (Ex. Gary's left and right hand)

Deathfic: A story based solely around the death of a character.

OC: Original character.

Mary Sue: An overly perfect, overly competent character. Can often be OCs, but can also be pre-made characters. Comes in many flavors. See TV Tropes for more details.

Angst: A unfocused mood of dread, anxiety, stress, or sadness, that is present throughout the story.

(Insert Name)/(Insert Name): A common way to specify the story's ship. (Ex: Ash/May)

(Insert species)!: A character written as a different species as they are in the original work. (Ex: Human!Toothless, Dragon!Hiccup.)

My current projects


Chapter 43: 30% complete (12,637 words out of 30,000 minimum planned)

Story Plans


A Tough Act to follow (Name in progress)

Summary: Due to her severely ill sister, Yang Xiao Long is forced to do odd jobs and serve tables to keep food on the table, All while her father and Uncle Qrow work nonstop to try and ensure they can get Ruby's extremely expensive, life saving medicine. But, after the house gets in danger of being repossessed, Yang gets desperate, and tracks down the infamous Junior, in a bid to make enough money to pay off the mortgage.

That's where things get complicated.



Ruby has a rare autoaural disorder, a form that makes her aura overreact to injury drastically, causing it to destroy and then heal any and all tissue that it deems as "Damaged". Thus, Ruby is often bedridden, as her aura destroys and reheals irritated lung or digestive-tract linings. Due to this, she requires a extremely expensive medication, and is often bedridden. Yang, instead of partying and hanging out with friends or doing her school work, is instead forced to take care of the household, often working odd jobs or the occasional waitressing job to assist with the bills, and make sure that there's food on the table, while her Uncle and Father work nearly nonstop at the combat school, trying to pay for Ruby's expensive medicine. But, after their Mortgage defaults, and the house becomes in danger to be repossessed, Yang goes to Junior, a crime lord she had overheard from her uncle, in an attempt to earn enough money to pay off the house's mortgage. After losing her temper and causing a fight, she ends up getting assigned a task. Hunt down and arrest Roman Torchwick. She does so, and, in a bid of desperation, actually manages to bring down the Hover-jet that Roman escapes on. Roman gets arrested, and Yang gets the money. But, her attempts do not go unnoticed, and she ends up attracting the attention of Ozpin, who gives her an opportunity.

The main First Year director/Tactician is due for retirement soon, and needs an apprentice. Should she prove herself capable within the next few years, she will be given the apprenticeship, and later, the job, and the governmental pay that comes with either position. She is not guaranteed the job, and, the better she shows herself to be, the faster she'll get the apprenticeship.


The story will be pretty close to canon in the premise, with a few changes:


How Yang presents herself, (She's gonna be somewhat serious and single-minded in this story.)

How dangerous the Grimm are, (A standard grimm in canon can be dealt with by even untrained humans, while, in this story, Grimm are going to be extremely dangerous, but found in considerably fewer numbers.)

The Team, (Yang, Blake, and Weiss will still be a team, but there will be no fourth member, due to raisins. (He's out intel guy.))

The ship. (This story's ship is A MASSIVE Spoiler, so no peeking.)

The difficulty. (Just about everyone besides the students of Beacon are gonna be far better than they are originally. No "Blake casually beats Roman" in this story.)

Personal Notes: This story was actually a requested ship fic that I agreed to, before ever watching RWBY. As such, the ship is set in stone, but, I get to choose how I go about it. I decided to go with plot rather than shipping.

Confirmed ships:

Lie ren/Nora



Lots o' onesided ships,

Raven/Tai Yang

Summer/Tai Yang

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