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-points to the left- Don't own that. xD


New 3/22/2012- Due to like 28307528357 emails about people talking to me on here, I decided I should inform you... I don't live here anymore. I got a new place at Youtube and Facebook. xD Unfortunately this is just a summer house, so anyone who sees this, I am on hiatus. If you want to talk to me, find my youtube account. Same username~ :) In the meantime, thank you SO, SO much for continuing to read my stories, review them, like them, and everything. Even though I don't always remember my password or have time to respond, I do read every review I get and appreciate it so, so much. Thank you!

5/10/11- do not understand vincent and ada enough. D: cannot attempt this fanfiction. so. annoying. must have next chapter NOW.

4/19/11- I've been gone for so long, sorry! I'd like to say I've been gone writing things to post... but I haven't... I've been gone writing the weirdest, effed up stuff ever... and I'm never gonna post it... EVER. God god god, devils took over my body, and decided to write ... a lot... of... -shudders- Oh man, I'm not even gonna say. Anyway, I *have* been working on an AMV, so... you guys can watch that if you want. Here's the link... /watch?v=so637wE0YMA :) Thank you for being awesome, guys! I haven't been reviewing lately, but I have been reading... and keep writing! :D

3/16/11- Oops, I forgot to end the poll. Oh well, I haven't written anything anyway. LottixZwei is next, and I'm super excited to do that. xD This fandom needs more yuri. Um, by the way, does anyone know if the Pandora Hearts chapter will be delayed this month because of everything that happened? Poor Japan... but I hope it still comes out on time. My favorite mangas are in that magazine! Yikes. Thank you for reviews, etc. You guys rock!

2/27/11- Hey guys, I finally posted BreakxLotti, which has been sitting collecting dust on my computer. I really hope you enjoy.. It kinda sucks.. but enjoy anyway. Thank you everyone for voting on my poll. You can vote until probably Friday this week, as I won't get around to writing anything until then. Holy crap, I think I'm going to die again and it's not even March.. Thank God, February is a shorter month... Three less days! I'm not allowed to start counting down until a couple days after March though... Otherwise, I'd go crazy. I guess since it's February though, I could start counting down now... but no! no no. If Break is not in the next chapter, I will KILL SOMEONE (just in case he isn't, I'm talking about maybe killing a spider xD). I finally started playing Assassin's Creed... It is awesome! Does anyone play Assassin's Creed? It reminds me KIND OF about Prince of Persia... and... Omg, I start figure skating on March 2nd again :D I'm trying to get back into that. I was really good back in the day.. Well, anyway this was random.. Enjoy my stories and thank you for favorites and alerts! You guys are awesome!

Edit: Oh one last thing... My poll is now displaying poll results, because peer bias will not be an issue anymore. ^^ Please go vote if you haven't already!

2/16/11- I have come to the conclusion that adding things to my "favorites" list has become less meaningful... so I'm going to be removing things from it. That will increase the value of me favoriting something. See, I do like having a collection of the stories I've read, and being able to let an author know that I liked something... so if I add something to my alert list, it means that I liked it, but didn't think it deserved a spot on my favorites list. I will be doing this for oneshots as well, so don't panic thinking I'm expecting an update. Basically alert list to me is like my favorite list. My favorite list is just "leet" if that makes sense. Like... the difference between Twilight, say, and Catcher in the Rye... :) That being said, God, tomorrow, raw scans. I can do this. I can wait. I can refrain from killing myself for one more day.

Edit: Oh, and I'm not trying to be like all high and noble. Most of my stories, in my opinion, would make it on my alert list or less... Except maybe Like Glass. Just so you know. :D

2/11/11- OMG! EIGHT MORE DAYS! (Yes, I count weird.) Anyway, vote on my poll please, and I just might post something old for Valentine's. Unless today or tomorrow, I get off my butt and right something new. [spoilers] What does Break want to tell Gilbert?? WHAT DID ELIOT JUST DO TO HIMSELF? Why is Vincent freaking out over Jack? What the f*ck is Leo's real name?? I think last chapter, the author wanted me to die, because she knew so many UNANSWERED questions would make my brain cells suicidal? Well, Jun Mochizuki, I EXPECT ANSWERS IN EIGHT DAYS, AND I WILL LIVE UNTIL THEN. How could I kill myself when I'd find out in just eight days? :D Thanks for reviews and messages and OMG, thank you (you know who you are) for that one story that I totally loved and want you to write more and died during and ran around the room screaming "VALENTINE'S DAY!" from just reading the SUMMARY. You're amazing. :D Ok, toodles, vote on mah poll.

2/3/11--I guess I rated The Gift He Wanted as T, when I wanted to rate it as M? Um.. I guess I was not in the right frame of mind.. I am really sorry for anyone who read it without wanting to read an M story. Then again, I know I put a warning in the story, so I'm really relieved about that. Anyway, I'm working on an unofficial NaNo story right now, so I won't be writing fanfiction for a while. BUT, I just might post things I wrote a while ago.. No promises though. Anyway, thanks for reviews and favorites and everything! Makes my day. ^^

1/23/11 -- Um, I'm sorry, I have been busy writing, and doing schoolwork, and stuff. So if I haven't answered your messages, or reviewed your new stories, or whatever, I will soon! Also I hope you enjoy Colors, the product of my procrastination. xD And thanks for reviews and favorites and stuff, everyone. ^^


Pleased to meet you! :)

If you recognize my stories, I did not steal them. They're mine. I didn't feel as if I could be open on my old account, so I made a new one that no one but me and the general population of strangers knows about. :) I write angst... Like... I really don't think I write in any other genre for fanfiction... Angst and romance, haha. :) Of course, this is not a limitation. I enjoy writing anything..

The only thing I wouldn't normally write... is yaoi or yuri. Please don't misunderstand... I am bisexual. I don't know any character in PH so far that is also bisexual or gay (except maybe Isla Yura, haha!). Don't offend me by asking me to read or write it. Of course, I sometimes read/write it and enjoy reading/writing it... just 'cuz. I don't know. But please do not try to put it in my face, thank you. :)

This account will be used for Pandora Hearts stories only (as far as I know so far), so.. OH! I would love getting requests.. I really like all the PH characters, so it wouldn't matter to me. Requests and reviews are greatly appreciated!

Anyway.. yay! I hope you enjoy my stories, and thank you for stopping by!


P.S. In case you wanted... here is a list of characters I am naturally inclined to write: Echo, Lotti, Vincent, Break, Jack, Alice (but I like pretty much everyone really; those are just my favorites and not in any specific order either...)

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I can admit that this is quite a childish ideal and can never be exactly as it was but, I still wish to see the days that have but now been long forgotten.
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A poem for Glen Baskerville, inspired by the image from Retrace 57 where he's shown with a bird on his head, and a whole lot of other ideas and images from the manga.
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Run, run, always running. And she watched, always watched.
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Blissful reviews
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Sorry reviews
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