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Hello everyone, I am Scarecrow'sMainFan, but you may call me Scarecrow for short. Let's get some of the basics out of the way:

My Name: Scarecrow

My Real Name: None of your business

My Age: Somewhere between 1 and 1000

My Likes: Anime, Cartoons, Books, Movies, Sleeping in, etc, etc

My Dislikes: Boring Anime, doing work, and getting up early

My Hobbies: Writing Fanfiction, video games, the usual.

My Dreams for the future: You ask a lot of questions don't you? What's it to YOU!

I decided I didn't want to be someone who had a profile page here, but never actually posted anything. That to me seemed like a waste. So, taking a chance, I posted my first major story "Naruto in Hell" here. It was part of such an out of the way section of Naruto crossovers, I didn't expect much of a response. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that people seemed to love my work! A few months later I posted another crossover "I Don't Know How To Deal With Youkai Academy!". Again, I was pleased to find the reaction quite positive. Let's hope that any future stories of mine can live up to that kind of expectation!

Naruto In Hell:

My first narrative, this story is a tale of Naruto's quest through the Inferno on a quest to save his friends from eternal damnation. But more is going on then meets they eye. Will Naruto succeed, or will he be undone by forces darker then one can imagine?

Chapter 1: Mortal Plane) 100% Complete

Chapter 2: Limbo) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Hinata Hyuga: Absolved

Rock Lee: Absolved

Homura: Absolved

Kaiza: Absolved

Hanabi: Absolved

Konan: Fate Uncertain

Chapter 3: Lust) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Ino Yamanaka: Absolved

Jiraiya: Absolved

Ebisu: Absolved

Anko Mitarashi: Absolved

Mei Terumi: Absolved

Orochimaru: Fate Uncertain

Chapter 4: Gluttony) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Choji Akimichi: Absolved

Jirobou: Punished

Koharu: Punished

Zetsu: Fate Uncertain

Chapter 5: Greed) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Shino Aburame: Absolved

Taki: Absolved

Shizune: Absolved

Kakuzu: Punished

Tsunade: Fate Uncertain

Gato: Fate Uncertain

Chapter 6: Anger) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Temari: Absolved

Shikamaru Nara: Absolved

Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru: Absolved

Kin Tsuchi: Absolved

Tayuya: Absolved

Doto Kazahana: Punished

Chapter 7: Heresy) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Tenten: Absolved

Neji Hyuga: Absolved

Hidan: Punished

Sasori: Fate Unknown

Fourth Kazekage: Left Alone

Dosu: Punished

Amachi: Punished

Chapter 8: Violence) 100%

Souls Found:

Kisame Hoshigaki: Punished

Suigetsu Hozuki: Punished

Sakura Haruno: Absolved

Kankuro: Absolved

Deidara: Punished

Gaara: Absolved

All The Other Jinchuriki: Absolved

Zabuza Momochi: Absolved

Gato: Punished

Sakumo Hatake: Absolved

Kakashi Hatake: Absolved

Haido: Punished

Granny Chiyo: Absolved

Chapter 9: Fraud) 100% Complete

Souls Found:

Sai: Absolved

Nagato: Absolved

Konan: Absolved

Charon: Absolved

Chapter 10: Treachery) 25.25% Complete

Epilogue) 0% Complete. I don't even know if I'll make one, we'll see.

I Don't Know How To Deal With Youkai Academy!

Chapter 1: Dealing With A Vampire) 100% Complete

Chapter 2: Dealing With A Succubus) 100% Complete

Chapter 3: Dealing With Mermaids) 100% Complete

Chapter 4: Dealing With A Werewolf) 100% Complete

Chapter 5: Dealing With A Witch) 100% Complete

Chapter 6: Dealing With A Gorgon) 100% Complete

Chapter 7: Dealing With Deadlines, Blackmail, and Slugs) 100% Complete

Chapter 8: Dealing With The Safety Commission) 100% Complete

Chapter 9: Dealing With Secrets) 100% Complete

Chapter 10: Dealing With A Kitsune) 59% Complete

Chapter 11: Dealing With A Troll) 0% Complete

Chapter 12: Dealing With Studying And A Lamia) 0% Complete

Chapter 13: Dealing With Field Trips) 0% Complete

Chapter 14: Dealing With Ruby, and Human Cities) 0% Complete

Chapter 15: Dealing With The Past And The Present) 0% Complete

Chapter 16: Dealing With Witch's Ranch) 0% Complete

Chapter 17: Dealing With...Repentance?) 0% Complete

Chapter 18: Dealing With A Yuki-Onna) 0% Complete

Chapter 19: Dealing With A Gym Teacher) 0% Complete

Chapter 20: Dealing With Outcasts) 0% Complete

There will be more, but for now, let's try and focus on these alright?

Naruto: Card Captor:

Chapter 1: Enter: Naruto and the Book of Clow) 100% Complete

Chapter 2: Konohamaru and the Rainy Day) 100% Complete

Chapter 3: The Day Where Everyone Vanished) 100% Complete

Chapter 4: Meet Your Sleepy Teammates) 100% Complete

Chapter 5: Pass or Fail; Test of the Rising Shadow) 100% Complete

Chapter 6: A Day of Training. En Garde, Sasuke!) 100% Complete

Chapter 7: A Dangerous Mission Makes Dangerous Waves) 100% Complete

Chapter 8: Beware the Assassin and the Mist) 100% Complete

Chapter 9: Ssshhh! People Are Training!) 100% Complete

Chapter 10: Battle on the -- Man it is Freezing Out here!) 0% (Planning Stages)

Guardian of the League:

Prologue: 100% Complete

Picking Up The Pieces: 100% Complete

Ichigo and the Martian Invasion Part 1: 100% Complete

Ichigo and the Martian Invasion Part 2: 100% Complete

Ichigo and the Martian Invasion Part 3: 100% Complete

In Darkest Night: 59% Complete

The Many Faces of Naruto Uzumaki:

A Hero, Broken: 100%

Setting In Motion: 100%

Meet the Narutos: 100%

Chapter 4: Title Unknown

Gwen 10: Gift of the Grimoire Stone:

Prologue / Chapter 1:) And then there were... 20?: 60%

The Last Laugh of Konoha:

Chapter 1: Make'em Laugh: 100%

Chapter 2: The Cat and the Claw: 100%

Chapter 3: The Clayface of Tragedy: 20%

Justice For Who?:

Chapter 1: Crash Landing: 100%

Chapter 2: An Unusual Gathering: 76%

Death: The Next Adventure:

Chapter 1: Death of the Doctors: 100%

Chapter 2: Get To Know The Territory: 100%

Chapter 3: Conversations: 0% Planning Stage

Doctor Who / Mass Effect Crossover : Title Unknown

Chapter 1: Work in Progress

Those aren't the only stories I thought up, there are actually several more. I'm not sure when I'll make these, or which I'd do first. But here's what I have so far:

Naruto's Summer of Fun!: A Naruto fic loosely based off the Cartoon 'Phineas and Ferb': Naruto and the rest of the Konoha gang have racked up some serious vacation time. How much? 104 Days! Banned from doing any missions until they've completed their vacation, what will they, especially Naruto, do with all that free time? They'll laugh, they'll cry, they might even get a date! But one thing's for sure; Naruto is determined not to waste a single day of his valuable Summer.

Naruto, the Greatest Lantern of All: A Naruto / Green Lantern Crossover: When Naruto opens the sacred scroll, he does learn the Shadow Clone jutsu. But that's not all he finds. Inside, he finds 9 strange rings, that bind to him, and are powered by his emotions. Will Naruto learn to control the power of the rings, and rise to become not only the greatest ninja in the Elemental Nations, but also the greatest Lantern the galaxy has ever known? Or will the power prove to great, and destroy Naruto and all he holds near and dear to his heart?

You're a Wizard Ben Tennyson: A Ben 10 / Harry Potter Crossover: Paradox predicts a future where Harry Potter will lose the war to Voldemort. He'll need help, and Paradox has the perfect man for the job. Taking Ben, age 17, he ages him back into his 11 year old body, and enrolls him at Hogwarts at the same time as Harry Potter. How will the Harry Potter time line change, if Ben 10 was there from Harry's first year onward? I chose the Ben from Ultimate Alien for 2 reasons: 1) More and better Aliens. 2) He would need a Ben at least semi-mature enough to handle the mission. The real 11 year old Ben would never be responsible enough to take on that kind of task. How will Ben handle the mix of fantasy and science fiction? How will the magical world handle the sudden influx of creatures they've never seen before?

Naruto, What An Unexpected Surprise...: A Naruto with Traces of other fics: While looking for a place to stay the night, a young Naruto stumbles across the lab of the greatest scientist the world as ever know! Well... maybe not the greatest... but he seemed cool to Naruto. Now, armed with all the gadgets in the lab, and mentored by holograms of the late scientist, Naruto will go forth to make his name in the ninja world! And it'll all be thanks to one man... Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz!

Naruto the Warden: A Naruto / Superjail Crossover: Somehow (I haven't decided how yet) Naruto gains access to Superjail! Either he is found by the Warden, is mentored by the Warden's ghost, or is a descendant of the Warden. Naruto dresses and acts like the Warden, and takes the wonderful 'toys' offered by Superjail with him into the normal world. With the power of Superjail behind him, will anything be able to stop Naruto's rise to power? Would he stop at Hokage, or would he continue onward until he was supreme Warden of the Elemental Nations? Well... I guess we'll just have to wait and see won't we?

Naruto, The Drunken Master: Naruto / Drunken Master Crossover: Exactly what it sounds like. Naruto learns the art of the Drunken Fist, and then proceeds to kick ninja ass. It won't always be easy for him, and the training isn't all sake and sleeping. But if Naruto can master the art of the eight drunken gods, he might just be able to achieve his dream! What is his dream... damn he forgot! Maybe if he had another drink...?

Naruto Gets...Weird: A pure Naruto fic...sort of: Seeing how hard Naruto's life will be, the Shinigami decides to give him something to help him out. He binds to Naruto a powerful soul, the soul of a musician. Now, with the ability to make anything the spirit wrote in life affect reality, Naruto's world will never be the same.

Who Watches the Shinobi?: A Naruto / Watchman Crossover: Instead of dying, Rorschach is transported to the world of Naruto. In a world where killing is viewed as acceptable, Rorschach's got a lot of work ahead of him, especially if he wants to keep up with the chakra using super-powered killing machines. Will Rorschach be the one to bring order and peace to the world of the ninja? Probably not, but that doesn't mean he won't do what he does best... for better or worse.

Through the Gate and Out the Well:A Full Metal Alchemist / Inuyasha Crossover: Fully prepared to sacrifice his inner gate for his brother, Truth stops him with a different proposal: He'll restore Al's body, and let Ed keep his Alchemy, enhance it even. The catch? All he has to do is collect an object with the destructive power of a hundred Philosopher Stones, which is throwing off the balance of the universe. What is this insanely powerful, deadly object? Why, none other then the Shikon Jewel of Feudal Japan. Sent back through time and space, Ed will have to contend with more then just a few foes to complete his mission. Is he up to the task?

Naruto; His Blood is Orange: A Naruto / Soul Eater Crossover: As a child, Naruto is taken by Root and experimented on. In an attempt to alter the seal for greater access to Kyubi's limitless power, Danzo inadvertently fuses the Kyubi's essence with Naruto's blood, turning it into a sentient, malevolent... orange... force of destruction. The Third Hokage finds the boy and rescues him, but the damage is done. Naruto is now semi-insane, constantly frightened, and forced to deal with a bully like the Kyubi poking out of his back. With no other options, Naruto is made a shinobi. Can he ever hope to live a normal, happy life. Kyubi basically acts like Ragnarok, with Naruto being a mix of himself and Crona.

Demon Eater: A Soul Eater / Naruto Crossover: In this story, Soul Eater Evans doesn't exist. Thus, he is not Maka Albarn's partner. Who is her partner then? Why its our lovable Jinchuuriki friend Naruto! What effects will this have on the world of Naruto? I don't know, I'm not a fortune teller.

Maka Goes A Hollow Huntin': A Soul Eater / Bleach Crossover: This story is only a vague theory so far. I'm not sure if it'll be about Maka and Soul dying, and going to Soul Society with Soul as Maka's Zanpakuto; or if they'll both be alive when they arrive in Soul Society as part of some freak accident. Gotta admit, I'm leaning toward the former... we'll see.

A Perspective View of Madness: A Pure Soul Eater Fanfic: One night, after a hard fought battle against a corrupt soul, Soul passes out after destroying it, but before consuming its evil soul. In a moment of curiosity, Maka eats the soul herself. What follows is tale of how even the brightest of souls can find itself on a very, very dark path.

Stepping Up (Title Subject to Change): A Pure Soul Eater Fanfic: This is an AU tale, about what could have been if the events of the Prologue chapters had gone differently. What if Blair had been a real witch? What if Black*Star arrived too late, only to find the souls of a child witch and 99 corrupt mobsters there for the taking? What if Death the Kid's mission had been a success and he'd gained the souls of two witches, plush his share of kishin eggs? What if these three suddenly found themselves possessing the responsibility that comes with wielding a Death Scythe? Would they be up to the task? How would they handle it? What events would change, and what would stay the same? And how would the other Death Scythes react to their new, much younger coworkers?

Konoha's Oni 9: A Naruto / Jackie Chan Adventures Crossover: What happens when the nine oni masks from Jack Chan Adventures find their way onto the faces of the Rookie Nine from Naruto? I don't know, but it can't be good for the Leaf Village... or anyone for that matter.

Madness in the Afterlife: A Batman / Bleach Crossover: Everything dies. Even evil, eventually. But when the worst of the worst of Arkham Asylum find their way into the ranks of Soul Society... things will never be the same. Can the afterlife take having these hardcore psychotics mucking around with it? We'll see...

I Don't Know How To Deal Soul Society!: A Soul Eater / Bleach Crossover:Poor Crona, you died so young... maybe you can find peace and happiness in the afterlife. Maybe here you can do some real good. This is the story of Crona and Ragnarok as they learn and grow into one of Soul Society's greatest Soul Reapers.

Naruto: Master of Fright: A Naruto story with traces of Supernatural:On October tenth, a fearsome creature attacked the Leaf Village. It was only stopped when the Fourth Hokage sealed it into a young boy, his son, Naruto. However, this creature was not the Nine Tailed Fox. This monster was the Demonic Sanheim, lord of nightmares, fears, and monsters. On the day of the Genin exams, Sanheim makes itself known to young Naruto, and passes along its title and powers. This is the story of Naruto, as he makes his way in the world, not only to be come Hokage, but learn to master his new powers while dealing with enemies both human, and not.

Naruto and the Amazing Book of Hypnotism: A Naruto / Molly Moon Crossover:On a rainy day, a young Naruto takes shelter from the storm in one of the few libraries that will allow him entrance. As he peruses the shelves, he comes across a strange book, one that seems to call out to him. It is a book detailing the life and lessons of one Molly Moon, world's greatest Hypnotist. With this book, Naruto will learn the most extraordinary things; and in turn become an extraordinary person.

Reflections of Mortality: A series of Disney Crossovers:A series of one-shots where Disney's Hades, Lord of the Underworld, collects and reflects with the other Disney villains as they die.

Super-Anime-Heroes Meeting!: A Multiple Series Crossover: Come and read the wacky adventures of the Super-Anime-Heroes Meeting!, a place where the good guys of just about every series around come around to hang out, swap stories and get into crazy antics!

The Black Heart Bar: A Multiple Series Crossover: In a bad part of town, in an out of the way alley, in a place that can only be found by those who already know where it is; is a place called the The Black Heart Bar. Here, the scum of the earth and beyond come to drown their sorrows in booze. They'll swap "Almost Got'em" stories, compare doomsday devices, and wonder why it is that they never seem to get a break.

The Shinobi: A Doctor Who / Naruto Crossover: Another "What else is in the Sacred Scroll" Story. In this, Naruto finds a bit of Time Lord DNA, and a piece of A TARDIS. The Kyubi, recognizing these for what they are, uses his powers to integrate these into Naruto's body, making him a Time Lord with the power to jump through time and space. In another time and place, the Doctor senses something, and begins his search for Naruto. Naruto meanwhile, intends to make full use of these new powers, and begins his journey through time and space, learning new things, gaining new tools and allies, and making a name for himself as The Shinobi. (In the Planning Stage)

Bleach: Zanpakuto Tales: A Pure Bleach Fanfic: We all know Ichigo's story, and that of the Soul Reapers, and their trials and tribulations. But what of the Zanpakuto? What was there take on all this? How did Zangetsu feel when he first met Sode no Shirayuki? Or Zabimaru? How did the Zanpakuto feel when they faced the Espada? How did they see the events of the Series? (This story takes place nearly exclusively from the point of view of the Zanpakuto, meaning that Zangetsu will be the main character. Fights/Encounters between shinigami will instead be between Zanpakuto)

Naruto: The Ninja-Turned-Wizard: A Naruto / Harry Potter Crossover: I've read plenty of stories where Harry Potter reads Manga, decides to be like Naruto, and models himself after the ninja: teaching himself jutsu, wearing a head band, etc. This story is the inverse of that. At a young age, the Third Hokage gives Naruto the complete set of Harry Potter books for his birthday. Naruto, inspired by the amazing boy wizard, decides to model himself after the Boy-Who-Lived. From spells to potions and everything inbetween, Naruto is determined to be the first Wizard Hokage.

The Ninja Horseman: A Naruto Story with other elements: On the night of the Sealing, Naruto was touched by not just any reaper, but by the Horseman Death himself. Foreseeing the hardships that Naruto would face, Death recruits his fellow horseman: War, Famine, and Pestilence; and grants Naruto a fraction of their power. Now, a legend will rise as Naruto Uzumaki makes a name for himself in the world. Whether he does this by saving the world, or ending it, remains to be seen.

Naruto and the Road to War: A Naruto / God of War Crossover: The time of Olympian Gods has long passed. With no one to believe in them, the Gods have faded into memory, with little to no power left. But one day, something... changes. One by one, the gods find a mortal child to attach themselves to. From there, they will lead these children to recreate their empire of old, whatever the cost. What will come from this? Who can say? I guess we'll all have to just wait and see..

Gwen 10: Gift of the Grimoire Stone: A Ben 10 Story, with elements from other stories: Azmuth wasn't the only person to try what he did with the Omnitrix. Another person, an Anodite, did the same thing, but with magic. It all started when she couldn't convince Azmuth to incorporate her magic into his device. From there, she decided she'd prove the worth of magic by crafting a device of her own: The Grimoire Stone. After its creation, she struggled to think of a test to prove its power. But then it happened: She sensed Azmuth's wonderful device heading to Earth! In a moment of brilliance, she decided to do the same. When she saw the Omnitrix attach itself to a young boy, she in turn sent her Grimoire Stone to a nearby young girl. That girl was Gwen. This is her story. (In Production)

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Of TARDISes and Relays reviews
The universe is in for a shock on the day the Doctor, not Commander Shepard, arrives on Eden Prime on the day the Geth invade. It's the story of Mass Effect, but with the Doctor as the main protagonist.
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