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Okay! So, this is my page. You have now entered it. Beware, there is no turning back...Y'know, unless you click the 'Back' button...I shouldn't have said that.

My name is a name, and that name just so happens to be Nikko. I enjoy the name Nikko. I love it. :) It is my own, my identity, no one's going to change that. So, here I am, standing here, Nikko! Me!

My username: As you all see, my username is "--MidnightXHour--". Why? Well, I was listening to Green Day, my favorite band in the history of forever. Mainly the song "Waiting", which is inspiring, optimistic, and incredibly catchy. The lyric, "Like a new diamond ring out-Under the midnight hour" got stuck in my head, as I was thinking of the irony: Here I am, at midnight, listening to the song. Plus, I LOVE the night and it's mysteriousness. What better username than "--MidnightXHour--"? Y'know, with some dashes and an X?

Random things about myself, done in the form of a form:

Name: Nikko

Age: 13

Gender: 'Tis female~

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Very dark brown, appears black to the untrained eye

Streaks/Highlights?: Bright, sunshine yellow streak on the right side of my hair in the front

Height: About 5'7"

Weight: Please. Like a girl gives out their weight. ;)


Pokemon or Bakugan?: POKEMON! *goes on rant about how the deliciously wonderful Pokemon is deliciously wonderful*

DuncanXGwen or DuncanXCourtney?: DuncanXGwen. Duncan and Courtney were cute at the beginning, but then it got abusive, argumentative on both sides, slight trust, easily broken, and in my opinion, Courtney was trying to change him, so it's for the better that right now they're broken up, and will probably stay this way. Not to say I don't like Duncan and Courtney...Just the EARLIER version of them! :D Heck, I like all TD couples, crack or cannon.

Black or white?: What a hard decision!...BOTH.

Pink or red?: Red

MP3 or CD?: CDs. I have both, but I enjoy my CDs, until they get all scratchy. Jerk. XP Yes, I stuck my tongue out at a disc. That's just who I be. :D

Green Day or My Chemical Romance?: GREEN DAY! *glomps Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre, unable to be pried off with a super-strength crowbar*

McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds. It's closer to my house. ;D

I love music. I love writing. I love sketching. I love drawing. I love life. I love being ME...And Nick Jonas ain't all that bad, either. ;)


1-Phineas and Ferb-Brilliant and adorable stepbrothers. What more do you WANT?

2-Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action/Total Drama World Tour/Total Drama Reloaded/Total Drama Revenge of the Island-Everyone loves Dawn...Interesting.

3-Futurama-PHILLIP J. FRY! :D

4-The Simpsons-Green Day cameo FTW!

5-Pokemon-Cartoon or anime, it deserves to be on every list.

-I don't care what gender someone is. Their other half is their other half. No matter what. Boy and boy. Girl and girl. Boy and girl. Girl and boy. Apple and orange. Spread the love, vanquish the hate! :D

~FaVoRiTe QuOtEs~

"A true optimist is one who can fall out of a 30,000 foot high plane and after 25,000 feet scream, "SO FAR, SO GOOD!" "-I dunno, somewhere...

"...And my name is George W. Bush."


*confused*...*shows a look of understanding* "I mean, my name is --hole!"-Billie Joe Armstrong and crowd at random show in Europe! :D

"I'm going to be there for all of your problems."

"So basically, what you're saying is you'll stalk me, just awaiting my life to take a nosedive?"

"Yes."-My friend Noah and myself. I knew he had that stalker in him! All that attitude hides a dark, dark hobby. ;)

Okay, so I'll edit this more later. Enjoy, people!

"Learn it! Live it! Love it!"

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