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Author has written 6 stories for Valdemar universe, Star Wars, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

There is so much that I could type here.

Fortunately I am not going to.

The basic outline would be that I am a teenage girl, I enjoy writing, reading and other activities. My favourite books include the Heralds of Valdemar books; especially the Herald Mage trilogy and Arrows of the Queen. Currently I've been enjoying books like Eat, Pray, Love and City and of course The Name of the Wind, written by the immensely talented Patrick Rothfuss. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel which is due out in a few months. I will be completing the Last Year, no worries on it being abandoned and will add various one-shots. Perhaps I'll write for other time periods with various what ifs? Once I get more comfortable in writing for this category I will be writing canon characters. I intend to -cackles- write a parody gender-bender with Vanyel, (shudders) I mean I cannot imagine Vanyel as a woman or Tylendel/Stefen as a woman. I mean I'm much more inclined to hetorsexual pairings but canon pairings I will stick with happily. In the case of Vanyel or Firesong I will attack anyone that dares write otherwise xD.

Future Story

Firesong just had to mess with a new spell and the handsome healing-adept finds himself in the time of the Herald Mages and meets his forefather. Can Firesong stop himself from making changes or can he find a way back to his time? [Pre-Mage Storms]

Work in Progress

(AU however the title ‘The Last Herald Mage’ will definitely be with Vanyel because Atriala will be dead before Stefen comes into the picture. This is not going to be a romance whatsoever between Vanyel and Atriala, I cannot even being a heterosexual pairing writer bring myself to ruin the romance of Tylendel/Stefen and Vanyel. Basically in canon if the pairing is homosexual than it will be in my story. I prefer writing heterosexual pairings simply because I will not write m-preg and I like the option of pregnancy and in this it will be needed. Atriala originally began as a shaych Herald-mage but I wrote her that became apparent that Atriala is more likely to go both ways. In reality the only way that is AU is that Atriala appears and Vanyel has two more sons on the most part, they'll be lots of tweaks I guess but major events stay the same at least so far.

Between the second and the third book which is about eight years Vanyel ends up doing his stud service one more time for Atriala. Atriala is not interested in romance but seeing her brothers and sisters with kids opened a maternal yearning and she confides in Vanyel and as events unfold he fathers a child with her. This time however since there is not secrets to be kept it is known amongst the collegium and court that he is the father and he is free to actually be ‘Daddy’. [cute right, can you imagine Lance and Jasen (named for Lancir (check Magic’s Pawn) and Jaysen (deceased at the end of the second book) the golden haired, silver eyed twins. I mean Vanyel from his description is a sexy beast J I personally if he was real and heterosexual would pursue him with a single minded fury…xD. Atriala will die from possibly poison or the same thing that got Savil when she is at her families estate with the five year old twins who are thankfully unharmed. The twins will have mage gift but it is not active at that point and will remain untrained and thus the continuum is kept. The assumption as to what killed her will be an enemy, Herald mages tend to make more than a few mage enemies and it won’t be until later that her death is linked.

Ohh...I guess I lied about not writing loads of stuff here. :)

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