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I've published two books choices of life my first and the second Galaxy of Monsters Vol. I Rise of the Nocturn Choices of life is available at and of Monsters is available at you must type the whole thing to find it So far four reviews on Amazon all 5 stars for Galaxy of Monsters Vol. I Rise of the Nocturn just $15.74

I am currently working on Vol II of Galaxy of Monsters and two other stories for publication

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Star Wars 1-6 (looking forward to 7, 8, and 9)

Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

50 First Dates

Indiana Jones

Jaws 1 and 3



Star Treks 2-4, and 6 (I like the others but I will not purposely pop them in the DVD player)

There is only one Rambo and that is First Blood all others can take a flying leep

Conan B and D-I hate the new Conan

Matrixes 1-3


X-Men First Class I tolerate the original X films

Superman 2 all others can-never mind respect to Christopher Reeve

Batman 1 and 3

Batman Begins Dark Knight and Rises



Dude Where is your car or my car-Whatever

Last Unicorn


Fantasic Four 1 and 2


Cimmeron Spirit of the Stallion

Ben Hur


Kill Bill 1 and 2


Everything ever done by Pam Grier

All 007 movies

All 3 Jurrasic Parks

The Untouchables

The Godfather 1 - 3 (You think you can fool a Carleone-You broke my heart Fredo-Za Za-Bang Bang Bang)



Hairspray The new one-I like the old one, but I won't pull it out on purpose



Chronicles of Riddick (I like the first one Pitch Black as well)

Starship Troopers 1 the other two suck big time

Freddy 1, 3, and 4

Friday the 13th 8 (In which case I have only ever seen 3 of them I saw 2 and Jason X)

Freddy Vs Jason

All 3 Mummies

Never Ending Story 1

Gremlins 1

A League of Their Own

Field of Dreams

Eight Men Out

All Transformer Movies


Lion King

All Spiderman Movies and too many more to mention

But I must mention


All Alien Movies

All Predator movies

AVP 1 and 2

Liar Liar

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 (Hurry up and make 3 already)

The Last Dragon

Favorite TV Shows

Spartacus-I will miss that show

Game of Thrones

2 Broke Girls


NCIS (Danoza and Zeeva need to get it on!)

NCIS LA (Deeks and Kinzy need to huckup already)

The Good Wife

Amazing Race



Young Justice

Live with Kelly and Mike

Wheel of Fortune

Star Wars the Clone Wars

Dancing With the Stars-(Note if you are the child of a star that does not make you a star esp if you have never done anything)

Blue Bloods

Two and Half Men

Grey's Anatomy


Favorite Books

All Star Wars novels (I have read most of them)

Eragon series (They ruined the movie)

There were three good romance novels I have read but I can't remember the names of them-I would like to read Eon it sounds interesting

Favorite Video Games

Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2

Force Unleashed 1 and 2

Metal Slug 1 - 6 (I have 3-6)

Batman Arkum Asylum and City

Battle for Middle Earth 2

Plants Vs Zombies (Please make a part 2 or make Plants and Zombies Vs Aliens)

Sonic All Stars Racing


Godzilla Destroy all Monsters

All Mortal Kombats

All Marvel Vs Capcom games (I own 2 and 3)

Dragon Age 1 and 2

Godfather 1 and 2

AVP game

Predator Concrete Jungle

Bust a Move


Super Mario World (Everything is easier with a game genie)

All Dynasty Warriors

Jedi Academy

Jedi Outcast

To all my readers apologies for having two of the same chapters posted it is not my fault I am very careful-there seems to be a glitch


Galaxy of Monsters BY: J.P.BOYCE

For the past 5,000 years the Centauri Galactic Imperium has ruled the Galaxy...During the last one thousand years of its 5,000 year existence the Empire has been at war with the Republic Alliance. That war ends in one final battle with the Empire standing victorious. All should be well, but not for Count Franklin H. Stein. His son Alex Stein has fallen ill with Blood Roct's Disease – An incurable disease that causes the heart to pump infected blood that kills the internal organs. Franklin is a Scientist, Doctor, Chemist, Engineer, Bio-Engineer, Architect, weapons designer, and high ranking member of the Illuminari. He vows to cure his son no matter what the cost and he breaks every vow he ever made to cure his son. In his desperation to cure his son Count Stein turns to Gene-Splicing. He manages to cure his son, but Alex does not feel human anymore...

From the ashes of Count Franklin H. Stein's experiments arises the mysterious and allusive Count Alexander Dracos. As the first of his kind Alexander brings chaos, murder, and intrigue to the citizens of the Empire. Count Dracos rises to power in order to build a new civilization for himself, the woman he obsesses over, and his people the Nocturn (Vampires). Who will survive Count Dracos' rise to power and who will become food? Will humanity survive in Galaxy filled with Monsters

Sneak Peak

Chapter 1. At An End A Thousand Years of War

It is the age of the Empire, which had been in existence for the past 5,000 years. The Empire stretched across the entire Galaxy, with the exception of the Core systems that are ruled by the Mythorian races the Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Gargoyles, Harpies, and Trolls. Many in the Empire considered such creatures to be legend and myth, but no one dared to enter the core to prove if it were true or not. Like all Empires this one was too big, corruption and decadence was not uncommon even in the central systems. There were those in the upper class who wished to change the entire political system of the Empire. Debates and rallies were held all over the Galaxy; and after fifty years of political strife one quarter of the Empire declared its independence, built an android army to defend all its member systems. But it was the Empire that drew first blood. Under the orders of Empress Iris Augustus the II, the Imperial Military Core attacked the golden strait. For the first eight years of the war the Republic fought the Empire to a standstill. But when the Empress tricked the Republic into peace talks and murdered the delegates more systems, hundreds more joined the Republic out of outrage. The civil war was brutal and it has lasted for the past 1,000 years of the Empire's 5,000 year existence. Billions died in brutal campaigns, sneak attacks, mass murder, and chemical warfare the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Conqueror Khaun Augustus who formed the Empire. Now after a thousand years of war, the fate of the Republic would be decided in this last battle.

Bridge of the Imperial Right - Flagship of the Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Right - one of the most powerful and advanced ships in the Imperial Fleet. It could operate with a minimal crew of 100 operators. It had a crew of 2,500, a standing military force of 100,000 troops, 20,000 of which were star pilots. The Imperial Right was armed with 50 large planetary battery guns capable of leveling cities or weakening planetary shields. Then there were 200 anti-fighter guns, eight shield busters, three shield array dishes, and 100 1000 watt plasma guns for star ship battle. It had four battle bridges as the ship could detach into four smaller vessels. The ship was shaped like an H on its side except the lower half was shorter than the top half by five feet. The tips were rounded off and like an H it had a center bar and the center housed the main bridge, captain's deck, and a few turbo-lifts. The underbelly of the top half of the ship was bulky and had openings for the hangers. The top of the bottom half was flat and it also had two openings for fighters to disembark. The hall was grayish in color with its yellow and white lights against the black of space. The entire fleet was of similar design with a few variations, like the bottom half of medical ships had round spheres or sometimes there was just the extension and no bottom for troop and heavy transport ships.

General Macen Vallen the Second is commanding officer of the Imperial Fleet. He was six feet tall, a master of hand to hand combat, a weapons expert, and a star pilot. He even had a class B rating to pilot an Imperial Class Battle cruiser. Macen had blue eyes light skin color and a full black beard to match his black hair. Macen had dedicated his entire life to the military and the Empire. All of his family and relatives had died in the war - he was the last of the Vallen House. He stood on the bridge wearing his black and white uniform watching the main view screen. The entire war was about to be decided on this next battle.

“Sir the fleet is in position. All ships report ready for wormhole projection.” The COM officer reported from her station.

“Prepare for jump on my mark!” He said thinking about Iris, the woman he broke off a betrothal to for a career in the military. “And mark!” Dozens of artificial wormholes opened up and the fleet went through.

Fleet of the Republic Alliance-Under the command of Admiral Xallen Carr

The Republic fleet had a uniform design as well. The ships had two halves like the Imperial ships except that the bottom and top halves of the ships were like the halves of a triangle. A sphere at the back of both angles connected the top and bottoms of the ship. The sphere housed the main thrusters and the bridge of the ship. The bottom and top halves of the Republic ships were thin. In many ways Republic ships resembled giant vice grips.

In command of the Republic fleet was Admiral Xallen Carr. Xallen Carr was five feet tall, an Asian human with his narrow eyes and dark hair which was in a top knot. He believed in the Republic and the change it brought for so many humans across the galaxy and yet the Republic was facing its last days. The Empire was too vast and powerful to fight, its resources seemed limitless. Xallen walked the halls of his flagship the Republic's Might, giving a reassuring smile to those under his command. The Republic's Might wasn't as grand as the Imperial Right, but it had seen many battles and destroyed many Imperial war cruisers, including the last Imperial command ship the Queen's Justice.

Xallen walked into the medical center aboard the ship and started clapping for the wounded-they saluted him in return. “Admiral Carr please report to the bridge! Admiral Carr please report to the bridge immediately!” A voice said over the intercom system.

“Report!” He demanded when came onto the bridge.

“Admiral on deck!” The Bridge Officer declared.

“Sir long range holo-scans have detected several large wormhole jumps in the Gamma sector.” An ebony skinned man reported.

“The Empire comes!” Xallen said whispering

“I beg your pardon Admiral - did you say something?”

“No! Get me the President!” After an hour a holographic life size image of President Eleanor Hast was projected onto the bridge. She was tall confident, very attractive, with a matronly look about her. “Madam President!”

“Admiral Xallen - I suppose it’s too much to ask if the battle is over and you have won.”

“I only wish! The Imperial fleet has made its jump. There is no way I can defend our territories! I ask that you surrender the Alliance to the Empire.”

She sighed in disappointment at his request, “We are making a statement Admiral! It’s time for a change in the Empire. All those who came before us would roll in their graves if we surrendered without a fight. I can take command if you wish it.”

“That will not be necessary - I shall do as you wish.” Moral in the Republic fleet was low, after a thousand years of war it all came down to this battle that would seal the fate of the Republic systems.

“May I address the troops then?” He nodded and the COM officer placed her on speakers, “Armies of the Republic! This is President Hast. I know your moral is low, but fight and fight hard - For a thousand years the Republic has kept the mighty Empire at bay! We must speak to future generations with our actions - And say to them - Do whatever is necessary to affect change - Whether that be by protest, proposals, amendments, representation, and yes war - Then do it! Your sacrifice today will mean all that - and millions will rise to the call and the example we set today -Don't just die well - DIE HARD! If they kill one of us - Kill ten of them! If they shoot five bolts shoot fifty-FOR THE REPUBLIC” As the fleet cheered Xallen smiled to himself.

The alarm sounded on the bridge, “Admiral! Wormhole event in threshold - We have an opening!” The COM officer yelled, “I've got several tubes opening up.”

Space was distorted and huge tubes of energy opened up to massive battle cruisers, warships, star fighters, blockade runners, and heavy carriers. They exited the wormholes firing EMP missiles toward enemy vessels.

“Sir-The Andromeda has been hit! She is down!”

“Evasive maneuvers!” Xallen yelled.

Bridge of the Imperial Right

“They knew we were coming and they aren't ready.” Macen said.

“If they are going to fight like this - This is going to be one boring battle.” His Executive Officer said from his side.

Macen looked at him disapprovingly, “Send out the scout ships.”

“Yes sir!” He replied clearing his throat.

As the battle unfolded the Republic had to get into position for overlapping fire runs. As they did the fighters covered them, but they were outnumbered 3 to 1. “Send the signal now!” Xallen ordered on the bridge of the Republic's Might. Thousands more ships attacked the Imperial fleet from the left flank. Plasma bolts were fired from opposing vessels in an attempt to cripple the other's shields. In first few minutes of battle the Republic lost 1,398 fighters, 7 blockade runners, 4 cruisers, 5 battle ships, and 11 warships. Plasma energy splattered across the energy shields of opposing vessels while projectile based weapons flew through the energy shields and ricocheted off the armor. If the shields were dense enough then the shells would burn while passing through the energy shields.

“Dragon Squad form up on my six and let’s take down that big bitch!” Captain Amly said in his head mike. They were targeting the Imperial Right with three enemy squadrons on their tales and a hail of plasma bolts coming at them from the anti-fighter guns of the Imperial Right. They lost Dragon 6 to enemy fighters, then they lost Dragon 2 and 4 to anti fighter guns. “Son of a bitch!” Amly yelled as his display flashed red because he was losing his forward shields. He dumped all power to his rear shields, flipped on his breaking jets and spun his ship around. Now the back of his fighter was facing the Imperial Right as he used the ship's momentum to keep flying backwards. He fired his plasma guns at the ships chasing him and destroyed 6 fighters. He switched on his thrusters and did a downwards loop until he was lined up with the Imperial Right again, but he was flying upside down.

“Fancy flying captain.” Dragon 3 said over the COM.

Bridge of the Imperial Right

“Automated guns 33 through 45 target 985 dash 52 and fire at will-guns 11 through 22 target 985 dash 52 point 7 and mark N, S, E, and W fire after guns 33 through 45.” Macen said as he watched the tactical screen. Amly's squadron was completely destroyed. “Osiris Squadron turn to point 000891 and engage-Blockade Runner Epsilon and Harpy give support. Leviathan come in.”

“Leviathan here sir!”

“Turn your nose 60 degrees hold position and fire all weapons. Cracken turn your nose 30 degrees and finish off the Andromeda.” Macen relayed his orders as if disinterested in the battle. He had the numbers and the fire power, but there was no joy in fighting an enemy that had no chance of winning or offering a real fight.

Bridge of the Republic's Might

“Admiral the package is ready!” The COM officer yelled from his station.

Xallen smiled, “All ships pull back.”

The Republic fleet started pulling away from the battle and Macen ordered his ships to form up and pursue. That is when Xallen ordered the Meridian which was on auto-pilot to make its run. The ship was pounded as it plowed forward at full speed, but the shields held with the extra three layers of energy shields from the ten generators on board. Macen ordered his ships into evasive maneuvers but it was too late. The explosion destroyed and damaged many ships in the Imperial fleet. The Republic cheered as Xallen ordered his ships to attack.

Bridge of the Imperial Right

Macen picked himself up off the floor, “Damage report!” He demanded.

“Sir all systems are on back up or auxiliary power - Main power will be restored in ten minutes-We lost over 2,000 fighters and over forty star ships.”

“All ships capable of travel withdraw orders to 681 point 5.”

Once the fleet had regrouped Macen ordered a massive counter attack. Imperial Forces formed a three tiered crescent moon as they pressed the attack against the Republic. As the Empire pushed forward they fired all types of guns at the enemy to beat them into submission. Fighters traded plasma fire with each other in epic dog fights. Macen himself ordered his ship to take down the Republic's Might. He had his gunners lock on all missiles and plasma guns. As the Imperial Right plowed towards the Republic flagship it pounded away at the ship's hall. Eventually the Republic's Might exploded, causing Imperial troops to cheer. As the battle dragged on it became clear that the Republic would lose, but they still kept fighting. Instead of allowing his ship to be taken Commander Hawthorn who took command of the remaining Republic forces ordered the self-destruct killing everyone on board and the boarding party. The deaths of Admiral Carr and Commander Hawthorn inspired Republic forces to keep on fighting. When it was over the area was littered with burning broken ships. There were even dead bodies floating in the vacuum of space. Macen ordered medical vessels to search the debris for survivors. Sixteen people were pulled from the remnants of a battle cruiser. In all they recovered 290 people from the debris field of the Republic fleet.

When the battle was over and Macen ordered his ships to converge on all Republic systems and planets throughout the Galaxy. Over the next nine months invasion forces of the Empire forced Republic systems into submission by bombardment or ground forces. Republic Citizens took up arms against military forces made up of drones, cyborgs, clones, and regular Imperial troops. Some city planets had to be reduced to a pile of ashes.

Othari Star System – Planet Otham

The bridge of the flagship like all ships in the Imperial fleet had a sunk in floor and a crescent shape to the bridge. The pilot and navigator sat before the main view screen, their holo-controls shared the same table. The Ops officer sat to the right of the pilot while the COM officer sat next to the Navigator. “Full ahead!” The Supreme Commander said on the bridge of the Imperial Right.

“Aye sir! Full ahead!”

Macen walked up to the OPs officer's station, “Are the scans picking up any military ships in the system?”

“No sir – red across the board.”

“XO signal the fleet surround all inhabited planets and begin attacks immediately.” There were six planets in the system capable of supporting life and all six bore Republic flags. The Othari System had 11 planets. The remaining five were incapable of supporting human life. Macen's fleet numbered 75,000 ships at the moment.

The Imperial Right led the attack on the main world of Otham which was the 4th planet from the sun. “Fire all guns!” Macen shouted. The shield busters fired EMP based energy at the shields to disrupt them.

“Sir picking up on COM channels on the moon's surface – Probably Star Fighters.” The OPS officer said from his station.

“All fighters this is Supreme Commander Vallen! Be aware of enemy fighters hiding on the surface of the moon. Provide cover fire for heavy transports. Supreme Commander Vallen out.” After sixteen minutes of fire the planetary shields weakened enough for the transports to shuttle down the ground forces. “Tell the Damaclees, the Empress III, and the Nebula to concentrate fire on the moon.”

As fighters arose from the planet the three warships along with ten fighter squadrons fired on the fighters arising from the moon. A few fighters arose into space only to plummet back to the moon's surface. Others exploded a few feet above the moon's rocky surface. The Empress III targeted the moon base and fired all its missiles leveling the base, but no one was inside.

General Adryn Ryle was in command of the ground forces landing on Otham's surface. “Deploy all Armatrons and war Drones immediately. And Colonel Barret! Spread the word to all forces – No civilians are to be harmed unless they take up arms against the Empire.”

Barret saluted and joined his men, as the heavy transports deployed 120 foot tall octagon shaped pods. The pods fell from beneath the transport ships that hovered five hundred feet off the ground. When the pods hit the ground they opened up on all eight sides to reveal the fifty foot tall Armatrons 16 in all. The ground shook as the eight on the first level walked out from the drops pods and walked towards the city. The Armatrons on the second level lowered to the first level and joined the battle. Armatrons were controlled by five operators two sat in the lower chest area, just above them sat another two and the lead sat above them. The Armatrons were heavily armored and were equipped with disruptor fields that could disable all mechanical devices within a one mile radius. The Armatrons could hover up to five thousand feet and were the dread to enemies of the Empire.

Green plasma bolts were fired from Republic forces at the approaching Imperial army. “Targeting barricade fire all weapons!” The Captain of the lead Armatron said into his head mike. Just then a missile shot past the leader's Armatron and struck the one next to his. As the Captain swiveled in his chair the head of the Armatron looked up. On his heads up display two squadrons of fighters were flying towards him. “Mobile command we have enemy fighters planet side requesting aerial assistance.”

“Copy that Captain Fighters are in rout.”

“Units 8 and 11 give us some air cover until our fighters arrive.”

Two Armatrons sprouted wings and thrusters, then they flew up into air. The pilot targeted three star fighters at once then he squeezed the trigger. All three fighters vanished from the screen as the other 4 made evasive maneuvers. The second Armatron fired its missiles at the other squadron destroying five of the ships as more fighters joined the battle.

Meanwhile programmers fed battle instructions by remote to War Drones from battle bridges. The battle Bridges were floating fortresses that hovered across any terrain at ten feet. They were armed with shield projectors to give protection and cover to ground forces. They were also armed with cannons and rapid fire guns. Missile launchers are mounted on the sides of the Battle Bridges. The battle bridges had two hover pads one extending from each side. The bridges had an oblong shape to them with an open top. The guns and missile launchers sat on tiered platforms. From the battle bridges orders were issued to troops and commands to War Drones. Ryle sent in the War Drones first along with the Armatrons, then Imperial Commandos brought up the rear to mop up behind the War Drones. As Ryle's forces pushed forward huge chunks were blown out of the terrain and streets as they marched on the cities, towns, neighborhoods, and villages that were on the surface of the planet. A missile screamed across the sky and blew up part of a mansion that sat on a hill overlooking the sea. The mansion was being used to assemble War Drones.

One of the Armatrons targeted a building, using the tactical scanner to locate the weakest pressure points of the building. The operator locked on to five points and fired his missiles leveling the building. As the building collapsed men, women and teenagers ran into the streets shouting. “LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!”

Ryle looked at them from his battle bridge shaking his head, “The fools! Open fire!” On his command four battle bridges, two Armatrons, and over five thousand War Drones fired their guns into the charging crowd. They fell by the hundreds of thousands.

Just then a hologram of a Major appeared before Ryle and saluted, “Sir! This is Major Hammel Roth!”

He returned the salute, “Go ahead major!”

“General over 80,000 Republic troops are held up in a business tower. The building is heavily shielded and they have an EMP projector. Requesting space to ground ordinance at laser marked target.”

“Major transmit the laser code and hold on!” Ryle switched over to the COM channel for the Imperial Right, “Supreme Commander I have an ordinance request from Major Roth – I am transmitting laser coordinates now!”

“Copy that!”

Southern Continent – City of Jymaur

Roth himself is pointing the laser scope at the glass and steel building from behind a Drone shielder. Drone Shielders were Drones that project energy shields for officers or other Drones. They also were equipped with magnetic armor to push metal based ammo away. There is a rumble in the sky, then a bright flash as a beam of plasma strikes the shield of the building. The ground shakes as the shield is disabled. Then another beam strikes the building leveling it. Roth and his men cheer as the dust cloud envelopes them.

Bridge of the Imperial Right

“Supreme Commander this is General Alista Tai. Governor Reed of Planet Aok has surrendered.”

Macen saluted the hologram, “Well done General Tai. Carry on and give medical aid to any hurt civilians.”

When her hologram vanished another General appeared and gave a report that all Republic forces had been defeated. Then General Ryle's hologram appeared, “Milord we have captured Governor Cabal, and defeated all Republic forces on the planet.”

“Well done General.” With the fall of the Otari System other Star Systems surrendered and finally Macen received a signal from the President who expressed her desire to sign the surrender. When he received the message Macen set course to Epsilon I, capital planet of the Republic Alliance.

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