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I am currently writing Galaxy of Monsters Vol II Kingdom of the Werewolves here is a sneak peek at what is to come I hope you check out Vol I of Galaxy of Monsters ready for purchase on Amazon type Galaxy of Monsters Vol I for purchase

Chapter 2. Awakening

Part 1. The Program

Zerone was now free and Alexander had his plans for the humans and their Empire. “Dormant program active…Insure the safety of the Canore…Hacking Imperial teleportation network…Signal of subject Canore at 100%...Preparing for reconstitution…”

City lower levels – Terrif Street

A green wire frame formed and Victor’s body materialized in an alley off the main street. He was unconscious in the fetal position unaware of his surroundings or what had occurred in past few months. “Subject materialized!” The sentient program said. “Subject will need blood…Hacking ISG COM system…”

An officer is driving up Terrif in his ISG patrol speeder, which is white and black. “Unit 719 – come in!” It was the program mimicking the COM officer on his communicator.

“Unit 719 here…go ahead!”

“We just picked up an illegal teleport in your sector coordinates are 234. 98 by 82.991…Please investigate and report back…”

“Copy that in route…” As the officer drives up the rode the sentient program hacks all the holocams in the area and when the officer’s speeder stops one of the cams floats down and plugs into the ISG drone still in the speeder. “This is unit 719…I have arrived in the alley…” The officer walks up the alley cautiously and finds a man lying in the fetal position. He scans the man with a mini profiler.

“Identity not found!”

The screen read, “Computer try again…” The officer said as the man started to stir. “Sir I am Officer Dell can you tell me your name?”

“Where am I?”

“You are in an alley off Terrif in the lower levels…” Victor sniffed the air and smelled the officer’s body, his deodorant, the after shave, the body spray, and the powder in his shoes. He heard the beating of his heart and the blood as it pushed through his veins. Two fangs sprout inside his mouth and Victor starts to sweat. “Are you alright sir?” The officer asks.

Victor spins away from him in a desperate attempt to stop what is happening, “No please leave!” His voice had changed dramatically.

“Sir I’m going to need you to stand up and come with me!”

He grabs his shoulder and pulls him, “LEAVE NOW!”

The officer jumps back when he saw his yellowing burning eyes, the hair that was accumulating on his face at a rapid pace, and the two animal like fangs sprouting from his mouth. His hand drops to his plasma gun, “What the hell are you!”

He asks as Victor howls into the air. The officer shoots Victor in the chest burning a hole into the brown jumper. His skin and fur on his chest burns, but it quickly heals before the officers eyes. Before the officer can shoot again Victor leaps at him and with his clawed hands he knocks the gun from his hand. And slashes his face with his claws. Then Victor bites the man on the neck draining his blood.

When his body is drained the wolf man takes one claw and opens his stomach and chest like a laser scalpel. Then he devours the heart, liver, and kidneys. As he is feasting his ears twinge at the footsteps of a female entering the alley. She screams when she comes upon the bloody sight. When she tries to run Victor, now a wolf man leaps from the dead officer’s body. He travels sixteen feet and lands in front of the woman. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her into the air.

She kicks and struggles gagging for air. Then the wolf man throws her to the ground and bites her neck injecting his venom into her main artery. The woman convulses on the ground as her eyes begin to turn and the veins in her body begin to illuminate.

“Excuse me sir, but we should be leaving…”

He looked up with his feral eyes on the ISG Drone and growled, but the Drone made no move nor did it attack. Slowly Victor returned to normal, “What are you?”

“I am a sentient program that downloaded itself into this ISG Drone…I am programmed to help you anyway I can…Please let us leave before more ISG officers show up…”

Victor scooped up the woman and got in the ISG speeder then they took off. “Where are we going?”

“The young woman you bit is Katy Lone…She has an apartment nearby we can take refuge there after dumping this speeder…Also remove her PHC from her pocket and I will download myself to it for easier transport…”

ISG Headquarters

Walter Vanheim Sing is in his office going over the evidence of the recent murders when his assistant enters. “Begging your pardon sir…”

“Yes Maxine what is it?”

“We have another murder sir…This time it’s an officer…”

Walter slowly stands up and requests an emergency teleport to the scene of the crime.

Lower levels Alley

“Get these people back!” The Chief of Detectives yells.

Walter arrives with four ISG guards, “Detective Cooper!”


They walk over to Darren, “Walter! This one is worse than the other three…Officer Ghodfrey was drained like the others…but unlike the others his heart, liver, and kidneys are gone…His body ripped open…”

Walter knelt down beside the body and pulled back the sheet. He shook his head as a tear ran down his cheek, “What the hell are we dealing with?”

“I am starting to believe something got away from Stein…” Cooper says

Walter looks at him as he believes the same thing. They are distracted by the arrival of a holonews crew. “Does he have any family?”

“No sir he is single…Mother died giving birth to him…His father died in the war…at the battle of the Blue Star.”

Part 2. The Hunger

Katy’s apartment

The moon is full tonight and call of the hunter is hard to ignore. Blood, hunger, desire, and rage; all these emotions run through Katy Lone’s mind. The desire to kill is strong as the smell of fresh blood lingers in the air. She jumps up screaming and breathing heavy. Her breathing slows as she notices a glass gallon jar of blood sitting beside the couch.

Her lips tremble and she snatches it up off the floor next to the couch. She downs the contents lacking all decorum as blood drips down the sides of her mouth and onto her uniform. “I thought you may be thirsty when you awoke…My friend reprogramed the food replicator to make blood…It will have to do until we can find you a better meal…”

Katy drops the jar on the couch, “Who are you? And what in space did you do to me…”

“You are like me…immortal…A Canore as he called me…A Werewolf…” Victor was sitting by the window, “As for who I am…I am still working on that part…My name is Victor…”

“As who called you?”

“His name was Franklin…H…Stein!”

“You are that thing that has been killing all those people…” She said her anger rising…”

Victor shakes his head, “I only killed the officer for food…Those others were killed by something else…”

Her anger rises and as it does Katy starts to sweat and her hair becomes fur. She moans as her face elongates and her clothes begin to rip off her body as she grows another two feet and goes down on all fours. A large brown Dire Wolf snarls at Victor. Victor is leaning on the window ceil and turns into a large black Dire Wolf. He is one foot taller and a little bigger than the brown wolf. They snarl at each other staring each other down. Then Katy in her wolf form starts to whimper and crouches low tucking her tail between her legs. As the two square off the neighbors call ISG about the strange noises, but the sentient program intercepts the calls ensuring the residents of the apartment building that help is on the way.

An hour later both Victor and Katy have returned to their human forms and have changed clothes. They collect 10,000 bounds Katy was saving up with her boyfriend and leave for the star port. Because military troops are patrolling the streets with ISG officers there is a curfew in affect. Victor and Katy are dressed all in black as they run across the roofs of the buildings in the lower levels.

With the aid of the sentient program they create fake IDs, hack into a teleportation terminal, and teleport to the Star Port. “I hunger!” Katy says as they break into an empty Star Port living unit. The Planet side Star Port has apartments for customers in case of delays like rebooking, ship maintenance are magnetic storms in space. It is a two room apartment with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. It has a holo systems for entertainment and a personal server drone which was deactivated at the moment.

“When we board the ship you can go hunting…Until then control yourself…”

“Sir your names are…”

“I will use Victor Alex Bane…” He says interrupting.

“Okay…One moment! All done…And you are Regina Kast…”

“Why can’t I use my name?”

“Just in case someone reports you missing ma’am…”

Katy looks at Victor, “You should give him a name…”

“He’s just a program!”

“A sentient program that is helping us…”

Victor sighs looking at the PHC, “Chose a name for yourself…”

“I should like to be known as…Art for artificial and one…Art 1 if you please…”

“I like it…” Katy says, Victor rolls his eyes.

“Sir there is a ship called the Benevolence scheduled to leave in two hours…I have booked the two of you on the ship…”

“Where is it heading?”

“The Benevolence is transporting refugees to the new colony on Iceen in the Iro System…location Northwest quadrant…”

The Benevolence

Some Republic citizens were required to travel to the Imperial Capital to apply for Imperial citizenship, get their new IDs and living assignments especially if they had served in the Republic military and were granted a pardon. The effects of the war would be felt for generations to come. “Next!” shouted the man at the counter. Victor and Katy approached the counter together, as he had to help her maintain control. The computer beeped as he swiped their ID cards. “The Benevolence! Alright you may pass…NEXT!” The double decker H shaped cruiser sat in its birth. Victor marveled at the ship as he walked up the breeze walk to the ship.

The refugees were placed in one of the hangars that had been converted into a common sleeping area. The beds were attached to the floor. “I can’t wait anymore…” Katy whispers as the Imperial representative explains housing assignments for the Iceen colony.

“Yes you can…When we take off go to the ship frame and lure an engineer there…”

Bridge of the Benevolence

“Captain…All passengers accounted for we are ready for takeoff…” The COM officer said.

“Clear all moorings…Space command this is Captain Pyle of the Benevolence…Request permission to leave on course 455.99…”

“Permission granted! Good travels Benevolence…”

“Captain…computer shows a pressure build up in section 34-FP…” The Science officer says as the ship picks up speed flying towards the edge of the Centauri Star System.

He sighs, “Will this affect our wormhole jump?”

“No sir!”

“Alright get an engineer down there…”

Section 34-FP

“Oh yeah sure do a jump while I am in the ship frame work…” A tall pudgy engineer says. “What the hell?” He says when he reaches the water pipe. The pipes have huge claw gashes in them. “Chief come in!”

“Yeah David what is it?”

“Sir I going to need an entire team down here…Sections 34 through 36 will have to be replaced…”


“See for yourself…” He says pulling out his PHC.

“Son of bitch!” The Chief says over the COM, “What in the world could have done that?”

“Looks animal like…”

“I am sending a crew…”

When he puts away his PHC a feint growl comes from behind. David turns to find a large pair of yellow eye staring at him. Then the eyes move forward and he gasps because they belong to a Dire Wolf. He runs fumbling for his PHC as the Wolf leaps over his head and lands in front of him swiping his legs.

“No! Please someone help me…” He cries in vain. The Wolf places the man’s head in her mouth and crunches down draining his blood from his body. Then she feasts on his organs.

“David!” A man screams into his COM. “Where are you man?” The crew leader is with four Drones and five men. They stop dumbfounded at a bloody, naked woman over David’s lifeless body. She looks at them and smiles, then she leaps at the lead man and with one swipe of her clawed hand she kills him. The Drones try to protect the humans as they escape, but Katy rips the Drones apart like they are paper dolls. Katy runs along the wall and grab two men by the neck. She breaks the neck of one and bites the other. Then she kills the last two with as much ease as she killed the others.

Part 3. The Benevolence

Ship Armory

Benevolence like most ships in the Imperial fleet had two armories. Victor was in the lower armory with Art reprogramming the ship war Drones. “I am done sir…All Battle Drones have been reprogramed to obey your commands.”

“And the Drones in the upper armory…”

“They are all on the same system and have been reprogramed as well…” Victor’s ears tingled as he heard the footsteps of someone approaching. “Begin reprogramming ship systems…”

“Excuse me…” An officer said, “This is a restricted area…Let me see your ID…” Victor grabs the man by the throat and lifts him into the air with one hand. “Let me go!” Victor bares his fangs and bites the man on the neck injecting his venom into him.

“Sir I have control of all ship systems…Where do you wish to go…”

“A planet with lots of woods and trees…”

“There are over 3,000 such planets in the known galaxy…Most are uninhabited by human life…”

Victor goes to a wall panel and scrolls through the list, “Kardor?”

“It’s in the Northwest quadrant sir…Dinosaur inhabited world…Also there is a quarantine on the planet Kertan…”

“Why?” He asked reading more details on the Star System.

“The high council of the Illuminari transplanted one of the hybrid species from Stein’s experiments there…”

“Set course for Kardor…and tell Kat to meet me in engineering…”


Men, women, and Drones went about the business of keeping the engines maintained, running diagnostics on computers, and making sure the Benevolence was running smoothly. Unaware of what was on board taking over their ship. Then a door opened and in walked Victor with fifty battle drones. They fired stun bolts at the engineering crew. A couple of security guards were able to fire EMP bolts at the drones, but Victor disarmed them in the blink of an eye.

“OH SHIT!” A woman screamed when the turbo-lift opened. A giant Dire wolf was in the lift. It swiped her face with its claws killing her.

“Computer shut off the main generator…”

“Please authenticate!”

“Roger Myre…Chief Engineer access code…99 – 810 Bravo…”

“Chief Engineer Roger Myre not recognized!” The computer replied.

“Bridge come in! Bridge come in!” He screamed, but there was no reply.

Victor leapt up onto his desk as the chief engineer was hiding under his desk. He shoots Victor in the head, but the plasma bolt just splatters across his head. Victor grabs his hand, “I’m not human…” He bites Roger’s wrist.


“Captain we have cleared the Solar System…” The pilot says on the bridge looking over his shoulder.

“Open wormhole!” The trip was instantaneous, “Sir we have arrived at…That can’t be right!”

“What is it?”

He shakes his head and looks at the navigator, “Coordinates indicate we are near the Kardor System…”

“Confirm nav-computer shows coordinates nw-00k-2091.8…”

The Captain stands up, “Computer confirm location…”

“We are two miles outside the Kardor System…”

“Engineering come in!” The captain waits for one but there is no response.

The door to the turbo-lift opens and a large two legged beast with a wolf’s head exits. It is accompanied by a large Dire wolf and several battle drones. The wolf creatures look on as the Drones stun the bridge crew. Ship personnel along with the passengers are gathered together in the main lower hangar.

“Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Victor Alex Bane…I control this ship all the battle Drones and the main computer…Cooperate because despite your numbers you are outmatched…Behold!” Victor growls as his teeth grow into points along with a pair of fangs. His hair becomes fur and his body and face elongate ripping his clothes. Some people scream as he becomes an eight foot tall wolf creature.

“Your trip to the Iro system has rerouted to Kardor…Some of you will become like us…” Katy says, “So sit back and enjoy the ride…” The beast howls into the air then it leaves the humans with Katy following.

“Make sure everyone is okay…” Captain Pyle says to an officer. “Lieutenant see if anyone needs medical treatment…”


The Benevolence is piloted by Drones, in fact the entire bridge is now operated by Drones. “Approaching Kardor sir…”

“Raise atmospheric shields and do a surface topographical scan…Find a suitable place for a main hub…”

“Sir Sapien Canore Myre is roaming deck L-13 for suitable food…” Art says over the COM.

“Teleport him to the surface when we come to a full stop…”

“Yes sir!”

Victor looks at Katy, “Art! Download the ship manifest to my PHC…” She tries to caress his arm, but he jerks his arm away and growls, “Have these people brought to surface after the Drones have secured the area.” He says handing her the PHC.

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