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A bit about me

G'day I'm Twizzle-fizz, but you can call me Twizz, Twizzy, the awesome one, chook, person or that mentally challenged hippie freak, except for the last one, you can't say that to my face... well you can try and see what happens. I like to think I have a great sense of humour, (not to be confused with a dirty sense of humour) not saying that I can make you laugh but I'll probably laugh at whatever you have to say, and sometimes for no reason at all, lol. I'm a happy person, a very happy person. Depressing stuff makes me depressed, so I don't watch it, read it, touch it, eat it, occasionally smell it but that's just because I'm curious. I have been told I appear childish to pretty much everyone I meet, (Not to be confused with being immature) which makes sense because I am, lol.

I belive in Karma and the law of attraction, it's just basic science that the universe has to balance its self out. Your thoughts shape your life, whatever you put out you'll get back ten times more. It's then not suprising how easily someone can become depressed, but it's amazing how much joy can be accumulated by one positive thought. :D = :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Ok, am I the only girl who hasn't read Twilight?? If you haven't please say I! Eugh, extreme, mushy, romancy...stuff just doesn't do it for me, along with extreme violence, therefore I've never gone past an M rated movie and will not go past T rated fiction. I totally preffer kids movies and cartoons. Love watching stuff like Megamind and Kung fu Panda and reading Captain Underpants looool! I'm all for Action/Comdey, Adventure/Comedy, Romance/Comedy...comedy. Romantic comedy is one of my favs though, for that reason I love the idea of the couple Knuckles and Rouge.

Ok, I seriously looooove, love, love, looove sport and being fit, strong and healthy. I train 11-12 times a week for triathlon, swim, bike, run. I'd love to become elite one day. Sometimes..ok...alot of the time XD I get annoyed that I'll never be as strong as the boys but then I chill and remember God made me a girl for a reason...that which only he knows. In my opinion boys have a better sense of humour and alot less to worry about, but I'm not a boy so I guess I'll never know and can't assume anything.

I love the environment, all plants, animals and insects alike and get really peeved if someone deliberatley goes out of their way to harm them. This includes littering, destroying plant life and ...ohh...(evil eye)...squishing bugs. Do not let me catch you doing that!! I am warning you noooooow!!! We only have one life and so do they. We have no right to take their most basic right away from them.

I love to write and draw and have recently delved into the relms of computer art. Don't expect to find any meaningful masterpieces from me though, I'm all about cartoons. My dream is to write and possibly illustrate a book one day and get it'd be awesome! :3

Awesome people on FF

Jazzyroxx97: super cool and my ultimate bff (best fanfiction friend:) She lives all the way over in America. You may have heard of might even live there O.O tell her I said hi. We've been chatting about a year now, she is totally awesome and writes great Sonamy stories. If you like, check out her profile.

Sunnipop: My best friend in real life! I kinda pressured her into creating an account loool! If your into making random friends, than pm her! (Yeah, she'll think itz random and I'll laughXD)

Dyslexic Carmie: I don't know her personally but she is totally awesome! One of the few people who actually reply to the messages I send! (lol) Anyway, she writes some of the best stuff I have ever read! If you love sonic, and love comedy and love talking to great people, then I STRONGLY recommend checking out her profile! XD

KaoruTheRandomBookworm: She writes AWESOME work! And she knows how to defeat the dreaded 'Type 2 Error'...THANK YOU!!!

My Sketchfu account:

My Deviantart account: (I take requests)

Age: take a guess :D

Fav animals: Sugar gliders, kangaroos

Favourite movies: Megamind, Rango, Kung fu Panda, Pirates of the Carribean, The Avengers (EPIC)

Favourite T.v show: League of Super Evil, Merlin, Total drama, HORRIBLE HISTORIES!! (I can pretty much recite any song from there lol), stoked and INVADER ZIM!!

Favourite games: SONIC!!!!! (well, only the ones that have Knuckles in them:)


Marriage? No!

Kids? AHHHH! No way!!!

Current careers interests: ...I have no idea...if you have any ideas please let me know! XD

Favourite Quotes

Friend: (opening a packet of chips) gasp! what are these chips doing in my packet of air??

Invader Zim

Dib: And what about his horrible green head?!
Zim: Insolent fool boy! It's a... skin condition.
Dib: And he's got no ears! Is that part of your "skin condition," Zim? No ears?!
Zim: [looking sad] Yes.

Zim: Clean, lemony-fresh victory is mine!

[Dib, obsessing over Zim, snaps a pencil in half. He sticks half up his nose]
Dib: Ms Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse?
Ms. Bitters: How far in your brain?
Dib: [looks down] Pretty far...

Dib raises his hand]
Ms. Bitters: Yes, Dib?
Dib: Ms. Bitters, Zim's trip to the bathroom has taken a really long time.
Ms. Bitters: I seem to remember you taking an awful long time to go to the bathroom as well, Dib.
Dib: [pathetically] But that was "Corn and Mayonnaise" day!
Ms. Bitters: [harshly] Oh, that's no excuse!!!

Zim: My business... is done!
Dib: Who takes three hours to go to the bathroom before lunch, Zim?
Zim: Nonsense! I had much to do. So much!

Ms. Bitters: Now open up your textbook and begin memorizing the copyright information. You will be quizzed on this.
Zim: Ms. Bitters, I have a [yells] MIGHTY NEED... to use the bathroom once again.
Ms. Bitters: Okay, but that's your last bathroom break for the rest of the school year

Zim: GIR.
GIR: Yes, master?
Zim: GIR, I have your tacos.
GIR: ...GIMME!!!!
Zim: No, GIR.
GIR: But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes...

Zim: GIR! Come to the observatory!
GIR: Yes?
Zim: What have you done to the telescope?
GIR: Nothin'.
Zim: You haven't touched it? Something is broken and it's not your fault?
GIR: I know...I'm scared too...

Zim: Why was there BACON IN THE SOAP??!?!
GIR: [screaming] I made it myself!!!

Dib: You can't make me look! I'll just shut my eyes!
Zim: Oh, you'll open them. You have to breathe sometime.
Dib: No, I... wait, what do my eyes have to do with breathing?

[Title comes on that says dramatic reinactment]
Zim: I was out playing like any normal Earth larva when he came looking for trouble.
Actor playing Dib: Heyy new kid, give me your lunch moneys!
Actor playing Zim: [with British accent] But I need these monies to buy nutrients.
Actor playing Dib: Give me the moneys or I'll tell everyone you're an alien!

Video Store Clerk: Hey, Man. It's Been 4 weeks since you rented Intestines of War. It's 20 Days overdue. Hello? Hell-lo?!
GIR: Who is it?(Hangs up)
Zim: [in a mocking voice] I gunna watch it again.
[long pause]
Zim: This is the hundredth time, GIR. You have to stop watching this thing or-OH, WHAT IS THAT? [points to TV]A warning? Oh no! Oh no! FBI? Who is this FBI? Why are they trying to warn us about?

Blue-eyed Alien: You have fallen for our clever trap!
Green-eyed Alien: He sure did pa!
Zim: You threw me in a sack!

Zim: And then, THEN, Dib says, "RAR!" in front of the whole class! Filthy slug. Mrs. Bitters called on ME, understand? Filthy squirmy Dib! SQUIRMY!
Kid: What are you talking about? Who are you?
Zim: I can't believe the things that H-H-HUMAN has done to me. ME! [makes angry noises] DIB! [more angry noises]
Kid: Why are you following me? I don't even go to your school!
Zim: And the- OH! He makes me so mad! The horrible puny brain meat child. With his little glasses and his [angry noises] HEAD!
Kid: [runs into house and shuts door]
Zim: My name is Dib with my pointy hair. POINTY HAIR! I eat food and have stuff!

[Dib throws a muffin at Zim's head]
Zim: What?! WHO?!
Gaz: That... that was horrible.
Zim: [grabs muffin] WHO DID THIS?! Who dares to soil my normal boy head with this... PORK COW?!
Poonchy: That's a stinking muffin!
Zim: SILENCE! Whatever this is, I will find the beast who threw it! I WILL FIND YOU!! Sleep peacefully now, for it is the last peaceful sleep you will know from this moment on!
Classmate: But we're not asleep right now!
[Zim stares at the watching classmates before running away, screaming. Dib snickers.]
Gaz: Actually, that was kinda funny

Zim: My Tallest! My Tallest! Hey, my Tallest! My Tallest! My-- M-m-my Tallest! My Ta-a-alli-i-ist! Hey! Hey! Hey, over here, my Tallest! My Tallest? My Talleeeeeest! My Tallest! My Tallest! Hey! My Tallest, my Tallest, my Tallest! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! My Tallest! My Tallest! My Ta-a-a-alleeeest! My Talleeeeeest! My Tallest? Hey! My TALLEEEEEEST! MY TALLEEEEEEEEEST!!! MY TALLEEEEEEEEEST!!! MY TALLEEEEEEEEEST!!! MY TA-A-A-A-A-ALLE-E-E-E-E-EST!!! Hey! Hey! My Tallest? Uh, hey! My Tall--? HEY, MY TALLEST! IT'S ME! LOOK AT ME! MY TALLEST? MY TALLEST! MY TALLEST?
Tallest Red: ... I was curious to see when you'd shut up on your own. But it's been three hours now, Zim! THREE HOURS!!! So... what is it?
Zim: I just noticed that you're travelling closer to the Earth than EVER before!
Tallest Purple: How do you know that?
Zim: Oh, I know all kinds of things about you. Pretty creepy, huh? Anyhow, I was--
Tallest Purple: Hey! That is creepy! You're creepy, Zim.
Zim: [chuckles] Yes, I sure am

Zim: (eating waffles) Hey. These aren't bad. What's in 'em?
GIR: There's waffle in 'em!
Zim: [screaming] YOU'RE LYING!!!!!

Zim: I sure like TV! And wearing pants!
Poonchy: He likes wearing pants, Dib! Aliens don't like wearing pants!

Have you ever...

Gotten tape or something stuck to your finger and said "aww it likes me!"
Gone to the bathroom, came out, and said "MY BUSINESS IS DONE!"
Watched Invader Zim or a show you like and either said "I love this show" or "I'M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN!"
Gotten burnt by something and said "YAY! it burns!!!"
Sang the doom song on a long road trip
Said "Yes... wait a minute... no." when someone askes you a yes or no question.

- Twizz out! :D

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