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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda.

Hey everyone reading this! If you are, then either you find me interesting (HA!) or want to learn more about me or my fics (double HA!). Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the FanFiction profile of OdnetninAdlez!

Basic information

Well, where to begin... I'm a male, in case you didn't know, and I'm 19 years old. I have blue eyes, brown hair, a mouth, a nose, two ears, a couple of hands and two feet.

...I'll rewrite this section when I feel like it, k?!?!

The name

Sooo, my name. It seems quite odd, doesn't it? Well, one only has to read it backwards to know what exactly it means: 'NintendoZelda'.

Why this name? Well, let me tell you from the beginning.

This has been my username for everything since 2010. I first got an idea of it when reading the Official Nintendo Magazine. I saw a forumite who used the name 'ODNETNIN'. It struck me as odd, but I read it backwards and it made more sense. It even looked cool. But I couldn't just use that. That would look like I stole it!

So what was I playing at that exact moment in time? Wind Waker. And there you have it. Nintendo Zelda. It's my username for everything and it'll probably stay that way for a VERY long time.



I think that reviews are a very important aspect of this site. Since a lot of people write here to either improve their skills or see whether or not writing is for them, a review can be the decider between the two. If you have a story and it gets reviewed, surely you feel happy that someone has taken the time to read, analyse and comment on your story. I know I certainly do.

So, I have three policies on reviewing stories. One, if I review a story, I will review EVERY chapter until I finish (apart from prologues and author's notes chapters). I think that this is a good way to tell the author how much you enjoyed the story, and more reviews means the story gets more attention. Therefore, it's a very nice gesture to take the time out and review every chapter of a story, in my opinion.

Two, if you review my story, I will take a look at your profile to see if any of your own stories interest me. This can be compared a bit to a 'followback' on Twitter, and it's a nice gesture. I've also made a lot of friends by doing this, so if I have the time, I will get to checking out your story for sure.

Three, I dislike half-assed reviews. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate reviews whenever they come, but I don't like when I get one-word reviews. For instance, I got a review that said one word: 'Interesting'. I appreciate very much that you find it interesting, but what exactly do you like about it? What makes it so interesting? Is there a way for me to improve? After all, at the end of the day, reviews are meant to be a way to tell an author how to improve his or her writing. So please, either if its for me or anyone else, add a bit more detail to your review.

Grammar and spelling

This site is called 'FANfiction'. Hardly anyone will have perfect grammar or spelling on this site since they aren't accomplished authors. However, if you want to write a story, please make sure the grammar and spelling are as good as you can make them. Your story has to be readable at the very least, and if your grammar and spelling are so bad that the reader can't even understand what is going on, then there isn't much point to the story. May I suggest getting a beta reader or proof-reading as much as possible?

At the same time, reviewers, don't be too harsh on people who's story don't have the best grammar or spelling. A lot of mistakes are made from typing errors. If there are some things that bother you, why not leave them in a review so that the person can correct them? It's a big help for them.

Things that tend to grate on me


I hadn't really been bothered about this until about a month, when I had finished Fairy Tail. Now, free from any spoilers, I bounded towards the FT section on here! It only took a few minutes before I found myself leaving, however, thoroughly disappointed. Almost all the stories had some form of Lucy-hate by, oh... who? Natsu? The person who is her BEST FRIEND in the series?

Now, I wouldn't usually have been bothered by this, but something about FT keeps it close to my heart. It is essentially a friendship anime, and I adore the relationships between the characters. That's one of the reasons why I'm currently in love with it. So, messing with the characterisation and causing one of them to HATE the other? That's low. I took a look at the most reviewed (i.e. most popular) too, and found the same thing.

All I'm saying is that OOCness can be done but NOT WHEN IT RUINS EVERYTHING. That is all.

Overabundance of yaoi

Now, now, put away your guns. I don't go out of way to read yaoi, but I'm certainly no 'OMG UNCLEAN GET AWAY FROM ME FAGGOTS' guy. Like yaoi? Fine by me.

However, there's a bit of a problem. You see, this site, I've noticed, is full of teenage girls. Almost everyone I know on here are girls. So it's understandable that yaoi will pop up occasionally.

Then we come to the Kid Icarus section. Oh dear God. Yaoi. Everywhere. Burning my eyes. Every other story is yaoi in that section! And hey, if you REALLY insist on writing a yaoi story for KI, then be a bit more original than PitxDarkPit. Please. Thank you.

Ways to reach me

I have a Twitter, NNID and YT account. Go there to see me play piano and guitar! (Dearly Beloved being my fave of the lot so far :D) I also started up some LPs since I got my new PC, so have a look at those!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/OdnetninAdlez

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OdnetninAdlez

NNID: OdnetninAdlez

Any questions? PM or email me!


P.S. Sometimes I tend to stop writing my fics for a while for whatever reason. It may either be because I get distracted by everyday things or I have to work on school. Please don't be surprised if this is the case sometimes. If it does happen, however, feel free to tell me off! Sometimes I need a bit of encouragement to keep at it! :)

Awesome people on here!

This list is basically my way of showing my gratitude to all the awesome people who got me this far in fanfiction (two years! :O). If you see them on this list, VISIT THEIR PROFILE AND READ THEIR STORIES! OKAY?!

alwaysingirl: The person who started it all. Literally. I was an avid reader of fanfiction for a while, even having an account to leave reviews, but I had never given a second thought to writing something. Anyhow, I was addicted to her fic 'Birth of the Fourth Goddess', and reviewed it a few times. At one of the chapters, we had a little funny back-and-forth. In between this, I began Visions, crediting her for the inspiration. She reviewed it, giving me a thumbs up. Since then, we've become good friends, reviewing and critiquing each other's work. She is an amazing person to talk to, and she can write like the best of them! Long story short, without her, I wouldn't be writing. So, let's raise a glass to the amazing alwaysingirl!

RoseWing-chan: She's young, but a mean writer (in a good way, of course)! She's the second person to review my fic, really getting the ball rolling. She's just awesome, both in writing and all-round awesomesauceness! Check out her stuff! Her descriptive writing is amazing and can be likened to Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games writer. Check out her fic 'Forsaken Paths'! It's a great story that takes an angle on Pokémon I've never seen before.

ZeldaRubix: Woow... ZR is just fantastic in every way. She reviewed every chapter of my fic and got it over 100 reviews, something I was HUGELY grateful for. She's incredibly generous and kind. It's not that hard to become friends with her! I'm sure a lot of you know about her; she's the author of the most reviewed fic in the Zelda category! But if you don't know her, take some time out and read it. It'll be worth your time, guaranteed. At the same time, get to know her! You'll gain not just an awesome friend, but an awesome, kind, generous, intelligent friend in ZR!

Norkix: This guy is just hilarious XD He also reviewed my fic (of course), and I reviewed his. We've known each other for a while on here, and that time has been worth it. His fics are really really good. They're very easy to read and are set at a nice pace too, with hints of humour thrown into even the serious ones. Everything needs some comic relief now and again XD Get to know this guy and review his stuff! He'll feel super-special-awesome! (SPECIAL NOTE: This guy is betareading Chronozone and he is doing an amazing job at it. If you think my story is good, you definitely thank Norkix the most for that, since he gives my characters a lot more life! Check out his fics!)

tiger7210: I haven't known her for a long time, but I've been reading her fic 'Acheronta Movebo'. Okay, just... holy crap. It's amazing. It's thoughtful, deep, and tense. PLEASE get to reading it and give it the attention it deserves!

Current projects

Visions: Complete

Summary: Princess Zelda has been telling her father that Ganondorf is not to be trusted, yet he doesn't seem to listen. But when Ganondorf finally invades, Zelda must work fast in order to save Hyrule. Retelling of Zelda's life after she flees the castle.

Stats (18/05/2015): 12,842 hits; 22 faves; 16 alerts; 162 reviews; 2 C2(s)

Before the Moon Comes: Complete

Summary: I would rather die here with Kuro than face life without him, a source of comfort I need so desperately now, alone, nothing to my name. So when he says, "Before the moon comes, will you stay with me a while? We can watch it come down together," I say, with the strongest conviction possible, "Of course I will." MM. Oneshot.

Stats (18/05/2015): 97 hits; 5 faves; 0 alerts; 6 reviews; 0 C2(s)

Chronozone: In progress (next chapter coming this week!)

Summary: Large energy bursts have been occurring throughout Hyrule; much too large for the King to ignore. As such, he sends out a group of scientists to investigate. But one soldier has an idea as to what may be the cause, and along with a talented recon agent from a nearby village, sets out to determine if what he fears is true. Beta-read by Norkix!

Stats (18/05/2015): 163 hits; 1 faves; 2 alerts; 6 reviews; 0 C2(s)

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How Zelda Got Her Groove Back by ZeldaRubix reviews
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Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 41 - Words: 108,137 - Reviews: 750 - Favs: 334 - Follows: 243 - Updated: 12/4/2013 - Published: 6/9/2012 - Link, Zelda - Complete
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Anju is puzzled by the young boy who walks into the Stock Pot Inn one afternoon. Not only is he armed, but he is also all alone. Curious and a little concerned, she decides to find out exactly who he is, and why he is so reluctant to talk about his past. Oneshot. Minutely AU because I completely forgot about Tatl. Rating is for one instance of strong language.
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Chronozone reviews
Large energy bursts have been occurring throughout Hyrule; much too large for the King to ignore. As such, he sends out a group of scientists to investigate. But one soldier has an idea as to what may be the cause, and along with a talented recon agent from a nearby village, sets out to determine if what he fears is true. Beta-read by Norkix!
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I would rather die here with Kuro than face life without him, a source of comfort I need so desperately now, alone, nothing to my name. So when he says, "Before the moon comes, will you stay with me a while? We can watch it come down together," I say, with the strongest conviction possible, "Of course I will." MM. Oneshot.
Legend of Zelda - Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,405 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 5 - Published: 6/8/2012 - Complete
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