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Name: TW ("The Writer")

Gender: F

Occupation: Writer-to-be

I suppose you could consider me an "undercover writer." Not much is known about me--very few people have seen my work, and even less people know my true identity. You may call me by my internet username "CatzRuleMe" if you please, but i will take the liberty of saving you some typing by allowing you to call me "TW." TW is a nickname I aquired from my tenth grade english teacher that I will likely use as a penname someday--it stands for "The Writer." This is due to my teacher's endless interest in my writing--he considered it of superior quality to the rest of the class, and I couldn't stop impressing him if I tried. From then on, various teachers and staff members at my school have seen and praised my stories, and I started to believe that the creative writing career was right up my alley.

But things didn't start out so smoothly. I could never really connect to other people and interact socially with them, and I suffered in school because I never asked the teacher for help. I was always extremely lonely because my peers thought I was strange and stayed away from me; the only friends I had were the ones that were created in the deepest recesses of my imagination. My mom took me to see countless therapists over the years, but they could never figure out what was wrong. Most of them gave up after about an hour and diagnosed me with ADD, even though my mom had seen such kids and insisted that I behaved differently.

As years were wasted and slipped by, I grew more and more isolated from people and sought comfort in my own daydreams. Eventually I began hearing my own voice translating the images into words, and I decided to write down what I heard and saw. At first, my stories were nothing more than lists of everything that flashed before my eyes during a dream. But with the help of schoolwork and a few good books, I was able to construct plots for my characters and entertain my readers--that is, if I had any.

My stories went unread for years, stashed in my desk drawer or thrown out for not being good enough. In a desperate attempt for someone to see what I could write, I gave copies of my stories to my gradeschool teachers. They never gave me any feedback, though, and I was never sure if they even read the story.

I was twelve years old when I was finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism. The symptoms of this condition fit mine more accurately than ADD, so that is my current label. It was kind of a salvation hearing those words; I was no longer left wondering if I was just a wierd kid and that it was all in my head. With that being said, I had to move forward and use my alien personality to my advantage. But is having Asperger's something to be proud of? Many of the people around me seem to think not, that it does nothing more than socially cripple a person. Little do they know that wonders can come out of it--or any form of autism for that matter.

I have persisted in perfecting my writing, and plan to publish some real soon. I do believe that writing would be an ideal career for me, and I will continue to open the door to my imagination and let the words spill through my fingertips to the keyboard and onto the computer screen. No matter how few people actually recognize me, I will never give up. I don't care if it takes my stories decades to become known--the important thing is getting all this stuff out of my head. Writing is the easiest means for me to communicate with others, and I will never quit. Write on, I say!

Now I have decided to dive into my personal life a bit with some superlatives.

Favorite food: Cheese ravioli in marinara sauce

Favorite color: Black (and for those of you who argue that black is not a color, I will go with red)

Favorite animal: cat

Favorite band: Tokio Hotel

Favorite song: Oh, I have many. Let's see...I like Automatic, Dogs Unleashed, Phantomrider, Ready Set Go!, 1000 Oceans, and Geh--all written by Tokio Hotel

Hobbies: writing, drawing, surfing the web

Preferred style of writing: general fiction and fanfiction

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