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I'm obsessed with PJO and loooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee Percabeth! Their so adorable!!! Also Daren Shan and James Patterson are quite good, there's like zero fanfic for Daniel X.

So basically, I'm a weird person definatootly. I like to have conversation/arguments with myself in the mirror, listen to music and pretend I'm in a gang of adventurers. Also, I tend to have a very deep booming laugh when I'm planning something... mischieveous, shall we say.

I love going mountaineering with my friends even though we can barely read a map, it always leads to interesting breakdowns- I mean situations *Butter Mountain cough* awesomebrookie will know what I mean.

I have a cornsnake called Elias, however we don't actually know if its a guy or not hehe...

LOCATION: Norn Iron lol wee joke! Well... I actually do live there but that's not how it's spelt... it's funny if you live here, sort of... not really :/

HOBBIES: Reading, watching telly, montaineering, playing with my snake, playing darts with my gran (I'm getting better, I won without cheating! Woohoo!), eating chocolate and sleeping OH and camping, I quite like climbing too but I'm scared of heights which is a bit of a paradox but there ya go...

LIKES: Bermuda shorts, waistcoats with hoodies (like Conor Temple series 1-3), inappropriate t-shirts, walking in the rain (kinda weird but I find it calming), living, my hobbies duh!, em... my friends, and getting good marks in tests!

DISLIKES: My mum dissing my dress sense, wasps/hornets/bees heck the things are black and yellow for crying out loud their blimin' colour coded toxic!, mornings, surprises (it's sooo hard to be excited, I'm just indifferent... if you don't expect anything you can't be disappointed. Hope for the best, prepare fr the worst, that's my motto- Gosh my life is depressing...), whining and Ceelo Green he makes me CRAZY!

I kinda have a laid back attitude up to a point the I freak out, which my friends find a never ending well of amusement *eye roll*. I love any books that have romance developing, action, injury and upset mwahaha! The Saga of Darren Shan was good for that but I'm still peeved! I read twelve flippin' books only for him to die before hooking up with Debbie! Urgh, if I ever see Daren Shan I gonna have words, he lives somewhere in Ireland... hmm. To wikipedia!


1. I have an ambition to buy a coffin and sleep in it (apparently you can get them in Walmart. Thanks Leyle!)

2. I want to travel around Europe backpacking

3. I like to draw but didn't do it for GCSE

4. I made a cartoon with my P7 class for the BBC

5. I got my shirt signed by some of the Harlem Globetrotters

6. I got hyped at a friends party and started singing Sweet Chil o' Mine on a plastic table

7. I can't sleep without my teddy called Percy (he's a dog PEOTUK got me for my 16th)

8. My brother shot my leg with a BB gun when I was 7

9. I accidently set my granda on fire with a marshmallow, oh and nearly burnt my friends when the meth went on fire when we were camping- uh several times (hence Sparky)

10. I managed to shut down two lanes when I went bowling but didn't realise and came back from the toilet to find my friends standing there waiting for there tun and giving me glares woops! (It was actually hilarious!)

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My take on Caskett sorting the crap out with a little help from Alexis. SPOILERS FOR 4x19 - 4x21
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