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Author has written 3 stories for Soul Eater, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

*On Temporary Hiatus While I Get My Priorities Straight*

Name: Chain of Fate

Age: Not tellin'

Gender: Fangirl

Okay. Basically I like anime/manga and fanfics, which explains greatly why I'm on here in the first place.

I don't terribly feel like putting down much personal info, so I'll just lay down some ground rules of mine when writing my fics. (In case any of you are actually interested.)

1. For anime, I go by the terms I'm most familiar with, so depending on which version I saw first (sub or dub), those are the terms I'll use when writing. It has nothing to do with which language I like better. To me, they're equal.

2. When writing for Soul Eater specifically, I write Crona as a boy. I know the author intended for Crona's gender to remain ambiguous, but for simplicity's sake (and the fact that I adore yaoi) I will refer to him with male pronouns. If anyone has a problem with this, then I'm sorry. It's just how I see it.

3. Even though I have read/watched extensive amounts of manga/anime, my fanfiction exposure is still somewhat limited, so I'll probably stick to just a few series; which leads me to the list I have below.

Series/Pairings I'm willing to write:


Ichigo x Ishida

Ichigo x Toshiro

Kisuke x Ichigo

Byakuya x Ichigo

Grimmjow x Ichigo

Renji x Byakuya (or Byakuya x Renji)

Byakuya x Hanatarou

Kenpachi x Hanatarou

(father/son) Ukitake & Hitsugaya

Soul Eater:

Soul x Kid

Kid x Crona

Hetalia Axis Powers:

America x Britain/England

(mild) Russia x America

America x Canada

America x Belarus

America x Japan

America x Lithuania

France x Britain/England

France x Canada

Prussia x Canada

Prussia x Austria

Prussia x Hungary x Austria (triangle)

Germany x Italy (it's basically canon)

Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia (also canon)

Spain x Romano

Russia x China

Poland x Lithuania (because, somehow, the crossdresser tops)

Greece x Japan

America x Korea (dunno why, but I like it)

Britain/England x Japan

(mild) Russia x Britain/England

And probably many more that I can't remember at the moment...

Fics currently being worked on/future fics:

Getting Better Acquainted:

Series: Soul Eater

Pairing: KidxCrona

He simply cannot believe that he is falling in love with another boy! Wait...he is a boy, right? Yes, yes, he most certainly is... Things don't look well for our young grim reaper... Kid remains knee deep in De-Nile, while Crona is torn between telling Kid his feelings and possibly ruining their friendship, or keeping it to himself and letting his heart slowly break. But when a certain chain of events happen, both of their hearts may be put to the test, and someone may not come out of it intact.

Rated: T

Genres: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Status: In-Progress

Family Portrait:

Series: Soul Eater

Pairing: None, yet (eventual KidxCrona)

Crona just wants the yelling to stop. Why couldn't he live in a family that loves eachother? His mother is constantly angry and his father is quietly breaking from the stress. When he can't take it any more, he leaves, and Crona is stuck living with an abusive mother who blames him for everything. And Crona believes her. He breaks, like his father nearly had living in that house, and now he needs to be put back together again. It might just be possible, with the help of some new friends and a reunion with a father he thought he'd lost.

(Contents of full summary will play out if the story continues.)

Rated: T

Genres: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Status: One-shot Complete (until further notice)

The Veil:

Series: Hetalia

Pairing: PruCan, possible others

Gilbert is a young boy with the ability to see spirits and the souls of the dearly departed. The Veil, a spiritual barrier held between the lands of the living and the dead, usually hinders most humans of this natural ability. On the eve of his father's funeral, one particular ghost sticks to Gilbert like glue, and his seemingly average life is flipped upside down. Matthew died saving his younger brother's life, and has to spend his afterlife watching Alfred grow from a distance. But when a strange force pulls Matt away from his bother and to a graveyard, behind a crying silver-haired boy, he feels as though fate has lent him a new hand. Five years later, the Veil shatters, sending the world into chaos as spirits flood the realm of the living. What will this new world hold for the young man who's power is no longer special and his partner?

Rated: T

Genres: Supernatural/Adventure

Status: (Not Yet Available)

Does Humanity Equal Insanity?:

Series: Soul Eater

Pairing: Eventual SoulxKid

Death the Kid had given up on humanity. It succumbs to the madness far too easily. But just as he was about to throw in the preverbial towel, something happened. He was caught, during a group mission with Maka and Soul, by a band of witches. Weeks of physical and mental torture before he was finally rescued had taken their toll, and now Kid was just as insane as those humans he had previously condemned. Lord Death assigns Soul Eater, a newly made death sythe, to watch over Kid as he attempts to overcome his madness. Perhaps all he needs is to be shown what it truly means to be human...

Rated: T-M (for possible gore/violence)

Genres: Hurt/Comfort/Angst (with just a smidge of Romance)

Status: (Not Available Yet)

The Seretei Institute:

Series: Bleach

Pairing: Eventual IchigoxToshiro

All his life, Toshiro Hitsugaya has been called "cold", "different" and "unapproachable". Little did he realize just how acurate those descriptions acually were. On a seemingly average day, Toshiro is suddenly attacked by a demon, known as a "Hollow". His true abilities are awakened and he realizes that he is the vessel for the most powerful ice spirit in the two worlds. Then, a mysterious man named Gin appears and asks Toshiro to join him. Before he can even think to answer, two more strange people show up, driving Gin to retreat. They explain to Toshiro that he is special and must learn to control his power at The Seretei Institute. Just who are these people, exactly? Who was that man, Gin? And what is Toshiro supposed to do next?

(X-Men inspired story)

Rated: T-M (for possible violence and romantic situations)

Genres: Supernatural/Action (with just a smidge of Romance)

Status: (Not Available Yet)

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