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Hey Everyone! I am Cheerleader21. Welcome to my profile. Please, make yourself at home.

Table Of Contents

-All about me

-Updates (when I feel like it)

-Stories (Stay tuned for the New Year)

About the Author:

Name: Cheerleader21

Age: Adult

Location: Colorado

Birthday: November 21

Favorite Book Series: Michael Bennett Series, Abram's Daughters, Kincaid Series

Favorite Books: Head in the Clouds; A Tailor-Made Bride; I, Michael Bennett; True Blue; anything by Beverly Lewis and James Patterson; oh I give up I love all books (yes that includes instructions and text books)

T.V. Shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, Blue Bloods, Dancing with the Stars, Chicago Fire

Movies: Apollo 13. Best movie ever!!!!!! (Oceans Eleven is a close second), Dark Knight Series

Hobbies: going on Fanfiction, reading (no really?), cheerleading, Matchwits, writing, and an Explorer Scout Post (yes, I know I'm busy)

Favorite Song: Temporary Home, You Love Me Anyway, People Like Us

Favorite Singer: Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler

Favorite Games: Paper Mario, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door


1-4-13: Happy Late New Year everyone! I know it's four days late, but I actually am doing profile editing for once. It has been nearly a year since I have visited the site, but I am back to stay for a while now. I hope to get a story rolling out soon, but much of my progress will be dependent upon homework and other school activities that I am involved in. I apologize in advance if I am ever slow to update my stories, but they will be updated eventually.

9-13-13: Clearly by now most of you have realized that the story I mentioned starting, never came into fruition. I didn't have enough of the story figured out or even a solid story line to go off of. So I have now officially scrapped the story for good. However, as a result of college being canceled for the day due to flooding in the city, a new idea hit me. I have played around with it and believe that I actually have a solid base with quite a few details figured out. It will be in the category of Mario, although the characters' personalities will be tweaked just a little bit. Because of a busy schedule the next couple weeks, it will take a while before the story truly starts moving along. My plan is to publish the first chapter on November 1 and update on the 1 of every subsequent month until the story is complete. I will be at a minimum this consistent, however, depending on my schedule updates could potentially be even sooner. No promises though. Stay tuned and I will see you all on November 1 with my first ever fanfic!


I will be posting a story on November 1 in the Mario category.

UPDATE: I know it says I will be posting my story on the first of November. The update is that it will no longer be posted then. Although the story is coming along, college life is keeping me fairly busy with school, social events, and sleep has to fit in there too :) I will instead post the story on January 1 for sure (that date will NOT change). I am doing this so I have the chance to write over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. By doing this, I will be able to guarantee that I will have timely updates. I am sorry for the two month delay, but I hope to be consistent with updates and this is the only way for me to do it. Stay tuned for the New Year when I promise my story will be posted.

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