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Author has written 3 stories for My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute/俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない.

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Inspiration for the chapter 'Fireworks' found here.

Fleeting Glimpses: Sena

“Uh - Sena-san, why are you using me as a shield?” Makabe asked worriedly, confused at the girls odd behaviour.

“Because I’m right in the middle of his strike zone,” she explained calmly from her position behind him, which only confused the poor boy even more. She was hunched over slightly, like she was trying to hide as much as her body behind the second-year student as possible.

“Strike zone? What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?”

“Kousaka-senpai, of course.”

Makabe looked at his upperclassmen, startled. Kyousuke had just arrived - the last of their small group who were regulars of the Game Research Club, and thus had not even begun his greeting before Sena had yanked Makabe out of his chair to use as some sort of barrier. The club president had been thoroughly engrossed in his programming script, but not even that could hold his attention when his fellow club members were acting so strangely.

“What is going on?” Miura questioned, adjusting his glasses. As he had been programming, he was seated behind his computer - which he now vacated to get a better look at what was happening. The nameless twins who liked to eat watched calmly from where they sat, moving in perfect unison as they ate from identical packets of chips. Miura watched them for a moment, mildly hypnotised by their synchronisation, before turning to his understudy and grinning. “Makabe-san, you sly dog!”

“I haven’t done anything!” the boy squawked, knowing the president was thinking something perverted. “So stop thinking what you are thinking, right now!”

“Strike zone?” Kuroneko spoke up quietly, drawing their attention before the situation got anymore outrageous. “Where did you hear that?”

“Are you still going on about that?” Kyousuke finally spoke, sighing irritably. He moved toward his seat, placing his bag on the table. “That is the last time I tell Akagi anything.”

It all started about a week ago. Kyousuke had been hanging out with Akagi after school, doing what most kids their age did - loiter around, not doing much, talking about random subjects while they sipped cans of soda. Somehow, after much talk, their conversation had moved towards their ideal girl. It was hardly the first time they’d talked about girls, though this time had been much more eventful than normal. Kyousuke wasn’t sure why, but in a moment of madness, he had confessed that Sena ticked almost every box he looked for in the perfect girl.

He’d nearly gotten punched in the face because of it.

When pressed, he had explained that the first time he had met her, he couldn’t help but think she was directly within his strike zone. The mature way she carried herself, her large, well-developed bust and her sexy glasses were all things he liked; if he had to put an eroge label on it, she would be the sexy student councillor type. Someone you could really count on. Before his friend could get seriously worked up, though, he had made sure to tell him that he had no interest in chasing someone so rotten.

Honestly, if she hadn’t turned out to be such a massive fujoshi then things might have been a little different. But he’d been scarred by some of things that came out of her mouth during her meltdown, and some of things she said when she was perfectly sane. Talk about a way to tarnish a guys view of a girl. It had been barely enough to cool off the overprotective siscon brother, but then of course, perhaps he hadn’t cooled off after all, since Akagi then had to go tell his sister everything.

Kyousuke was pretty sure it was done purposefully, with the full knowledge of what would come next. He was so going to punch Akagi in his stupid mouth the first chance he got, but the boy was proving elusive.

The last week had been full of Sena quoting things Kyousuke had told her brother, usually when he least expected it. Typically, they would be alone - though once he had been with Manami, which had left his poor childhood friend very confused and convinced he was some sort of deviant. Game Research Club meetings had been surprisingly free of her antics - until now.

To be honest, he was at his wits end. If this continued, he was going to do something reckless. While the girl was never malicious in her teasing, the humiliation more than made up for it.

“Kousaka-senpai told my brother,” Sena explained to Kuroneko, ignoring Kyousuke completely. “That I was his perfect girl. Gross, right?”

Kuroneko stared blankly at Kyousuke for a moment, before uttering, “Pig.”


Miura laughed loudly. “As expected of my brother!”

“Is that meant to be a compliment?” Makabe shot back, before turning to Kyousuke. “Is this true?”

Kyousuke sighed. “Does it really matter?”

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