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I am a divorced middle age white male. I was once in the U.S. Navy. My favorite country I've been to was Australia. I spent three glorious days there on shore leave. Thanks for the hospitality "Shiela and Shiela", I'll never forget my time in Perth and Fremantle. I have also been to Canada(I live near the border), France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Mauritius Africa.

I have always loved cartoons. Maybe that is why people tell me I look young for my age. My ancestry is mostly Scots/Irish. I often go to The Highland Games, yes, I wear me Kilt! I speak English of course, but also speak some French and Gaelic. I am really happy that my fanfics have been read by people in many countries, including China and Russia! My stories get a lot of "hits" from Greece and Australia. Gracias, Merci, and Thank You to all who take time to read this and my stories.

My Fanfic "Caring Mission Down" had the best first month debut of any of my stories. Thank you if you were one of those readers.

You can see a picture taken of me dressed as a Brony at http:///

It was taken just a few months ago, so that is how I really look as of now. Yeah, we middle aged Bronies are a scary looking lot. But we are not evil. So you see I am not a bad guy. I just never really grew up and love cartoons.

I write these FanFics for all of you who still have a bit of kid in you. If you never really grow up then you never really grow old. I am often told I look like I did when I was Thirty. I hope I can stay that way for a few more years. By the way I have a State of Maine Criminal History and Background Check Certificate. I am a Certified Good Guy. A few years ago a reader told me "if you Truly believe in Care Bears you age slower". So take the Care Bears to Heart and live longer!

Thanks to everyone who take the time to read one of my Stories. I wish I had a dime for every time one got read, I might actually have some money to live on. Yes, I am a low income person at the moment, oh well, what the 'ell! I am still helping The Elderly and the Disabled but my hours got cut.

I read all Reviews and Comments on my stories. I take very seriously how other's feel about them. I noticed a pattern in past Reviews. So for "Marina and her Best Friend Valerie" I appreciate your Reviews. What Country are you from? I am guessing Peru. I love to hear from People all over The World. As for my age I am over 45 and under 60 and told I look like I did when I was 30. I am one of those People who never really grew up and I hope I can stay that way for many more years. I don't like mentioning my real age as that was once used against me in a Care Bears Forum. One's age should not matter if one is writing Articles and Stories that are Rated PG and less, as most of my Stories and Poems are. Indeed age should not matter at all as The Human Mind is limitless when it comes to Imagination and Creativity.

Update: January 11, 2015: Wow! When I check to see what Stories have been Read on a given Day I also keep note of how many Views (Hits) there were for the Day. I consider 20 or more as a great Day. Up to now 52 was the most. Well yesterday, 1/10/15 there were 83 Views of my Stories! That shatters all previous Daily Views. Thank You to all who read one of my Stories, and a Special Thank You to all who read one on the tenth." .

June 10, 2015: I will soon start another Story, I have been busy with my latest Poem. In case you are curious here is the link to it:


If the Link doesn't work just go to the Link up above where you can see my picture and Gallery.

6-27-2016: It still amazes me at how well "Understanding Grumpy" has done since I had it published here. At 1524 Views it is now 89 ahead of "Good Luck's Wish". "Hush Little Cub Don't You Cry" has quietly crept up to being my third most read Story. Close behind is "Torn Between Two Worlds". That is a pleasant surprise. Although I had it listed as Rated M I still thought some may complain about the mild Sexual "scene" in it. Instead it has had a steady hit of Viewers with no complaints. It has even been read in China! It is always overwhelming to know my Stories get read in places like Greece, Peru and other places on The Earth. I Wonder if any Aliens in Space have intercepted and deciphered them. Apparently some Care Bears have. I have received some strange and interesting messages over the years. I really like it when my stories get read in Australia. A Piece of my Heart still lies in Perth and Fremantle.

8/25/2016: I originally became a Care Bears fan because of Shreeky and Treat Heart Pig. As a Kid my Parents raised Pigs. I always found Sow (female) Pigs to be cute animals. Especially as Piglets. My latest story involves Treat Heart Pig and my Custom Character Sweet Treat Pig. I always liked Beastly too. Good Girls do like Bad Boys, and vice versa. My Mother once said that of of me after my Teen Girl Friends more than once pulled some bad stunts.

One of my personal favorites is seldom read. I actually considered deleting it. Here is the Song that inspired that Story ("I Met a Bear"). Originally it had a subtitle which disappeared when uploaded (Up in The Hills). I first heard this song many years ago. My Parents had it on a Record they bought when they were first married. As a Kid I liked it, it was one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar... Key of D Major.or you can Google "I Heard the Blue Bird Sing" by The Browns. Here is a link: or Google "I Heard the Blue Bird Sing"


Lately I have been having trouble getting Links to work correctly. Not sure if it's my Computer or the System.

11/02/2016: Wow! "Sharing the Warmth" did become my highest debuting Story ever. Thanks to all who have read it. My newest Story has something I try to avoid in most Stories. It includes a death. It is ironic that to get a chance to live one has to eventually die. I was surprise at how well Readers accepted my pairing of Grizzle and Lovalot. Those Stories have done so well. "He's Coming Home" is my latest of Grizzle and his little Family. The idea came as I suddenly heard the song "Major Tom Coming Home" in my head. The names of Grizzle's Parents where whispered into my mind as I looked up and said aloud "so Grizzle, what was your Mother's name". I clearly heard "Peek a Boo" whispered. Then I did the same for Grizzle's Father. Nothing. Then a minute later as I went to make some Coffee I saw the Constellation Orion (The Hunter) in my head. I looked up and said "so is his name Orion or Hunter?" Very softly I heard "Hunter". It may sound odd, but that is how I got those Names.12/31/2016: A New Year is upon us. I hope 2017 is a wonderful Year for all who read this.

2/15/2017: Yesterday was my Birthday. I am over half a Century old in Human Years. Sure am glad I age like a Care Bear! I even had someone ask why I have no grey hair. They probably don't believe I use no hair dye. True Heart once told me "if a you truly believe in Care Bears you will age like one". So believe!

3/11/2017: Yesterday (a Friday) there were 73 Views of my Stories. I think that is a record high for one day's views. Thank You to all who "dropped in".

5/232017: I recently wrote my first "Arthur" fanfic. Called "Nadine for Real". I went out of my comfort zone in writing it. Most of my Works have been Care Bears based. I am happy to say Nadine has now had the third best Monthly debut of any of my Stories. Nadine and I would like to thank all who read it. A recent episode where Nadine makes a Time Machine Tri-cycle seemed to confirm my beliefs about her!

6/11/2017:Wow! Talk about a "sleeper". I was puzzled as to why my story "TuTu Cute" never seemed to get read much. Well, this week it has had over 60 "hits". Suddenly some one, some Bear, or some Care Cousin has discovered it. Thanks to all who read it!

7/23/2017: Well, "Scare Shared" was another sleeper. Written as a Halloween {Samhain} story, it did not get read much during the Season. Lately it has been getting read a lot. Right now I am working on what could be a series of GrumpyxShare stories. "Whatever May Be" being the first. I had a request for a story where Grumpy sires (fathers) a Cub. Well, Share has a say in that. Surprise tells me she knows how to get Share in the right mood, Grumpy too.

10/28/2017: I usually publish a Halloween story this time of year. However they have not been too popular. So on request I wrote a Bedtime Bear story. I hope you all enjoy "Bedtime for Beastly". Thank you for reading my stories.

It's 2018!

1/01/2018: Happy New Year to everyone. Happy Hogmanay to the people of Scotland, and those of Scottish descent. For every one who read or commented on my Stories in 2017 I say Thank You very much. It has been very cold here. So shaggy Care Bears should be happy. Treat Heart Pig really needs a Sweater if she drops in for a visit in this part of Maine. If I could have a few New Year wishes they would be for a Year with no Wars on Earth. For Children to be happy and healthy. For Adults to have less to worry about. For World Leaders use their heads and their hearts. Take Care everyone, and take care of others.

1/23/2018: I was glad to get some nice Reviews for my two Arthur stories which feature Nadine. I went out of my comfort zone in writing those. Glad it was appreciated. I always like getting Reviews, even the bad ones. You can't please everybody, every Bear, Care Cousin or those from other Dimensions. Nadine Flumberghast fascinates me, as does Surprise Bear. I hope all who read this have some nice pleasant surprises to brighten your lives.

2/14/2018: Glad to see my stories are getting read today. It's my Birthday! Yeah, I am over 50 in Human Years but thankfully age like a Care Bear. True Heart came to me in a dream. She let me experience the true downfall of No Heart. True Heart the First was a truly awesome Being. I would write the story of it but it would negate some of my stories. No Heart had thought he had magically made her disappear. Then I heard her voice (yeah, she was invisible) say as she laughed:" you have spelled out your own doom" as Beastly ran like Heck to get away. It was a frightening, yet awesome thing to experience.

2/26/2018: "Understanding Grumpy" is the first of my stories to go over 2000 Views. "Good Luck's Wish" should soon join it. "Hush Little Cub Don't You Cry" remains very popular too. Despite some sexual overtones "Torn Between Two Worlds" is also very well read with few complaints. In fact "Good Lusk's Wish" has had more complaints. Oh well!

10/01/18: I did re-write "I Met a Bear". It now has the subtitle that disappeared on the original upload. I am so happy that one of my own Original Characters, Miracle Joy, has garnered a fandom of her own. Visit DeviantArt and look under "Izzabelle and Canopy?" by OopsyBearOS. I love his depiction of Grizzle's and Lovalot's daughter. You may also stumble on her image in my profile on DeviantArt. So far there is two pictures of her. Thank you OopsyBearOS!

11/27/2018:"Daddy's Little Helper (Mommy's little headache) was well appreciated by the Fan I wrote it for. I love his depiction of Miracle Joy(see above). I was a little disappointed by the Requestor's reaction to "Sleep Dreams". However some Reviews have made me feel a little better. Lately the "Arthur" fans have been nicer than most of the Care Bear fans. Remember, I am not afraid to speak the Truth or tell someone just how I feel. So be nice to me and I will be nice to you. No one is perfect and my Stories will never be perfect. I come from an area where a mixture of French and English Culture affects how we speak and write. I am also Dyslexic and sometimes my spell checker lets me down when I spell backwards. Also there are Road signs where Centerville is also listed as Centreville, etc. So spelling can be a bit touchy around here. This was disputed area after The American Revolution. With a stroke of a Quill Pen a roughly 4 mile x 9 mile strip of land ended up in the U.S.A. So if I don't write like you think someone from the Northern U.S.A. should write remember this area was once Canadian to some of its occupants, some were French Canadian. So we had a unique beginning, and we are still proudly unique. I know a lot of people who are Dual Citizens.

Thanks to all who do read and appreciate my Stories. It is now the Christmas Season so be nice to others. Not only are The Care Bears watching you, so is Santa and his Elves. Treat Heart said to tell you to eat well during the Christmas Season, just don't be a Hog.

12/1/2018: A Tribute to Stephan Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob Squarepants. He died of ALS, known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, on November 26,2018. He was one Heck of a creative Artist/Writer.

12/11/2018: So hard to believe one of my earliest Stories is once again my most read Story. "Understanding Grumpy" has 2334 Views while "Good Luck's Wish" stands at 2206 at the moment. "Hush Little Cub, Don't You Cry" is now in third place. Surprisingly "Torn Between two Worlds" is closing in. Despite some Mature content it has garnered no complaints. Shreeky and Too Loud have proven Odd Couples can make Life work in their favor. As have my pairing of Grizzle and Lovalot. Their daughter and my Custom Bear, Miracle Joy, now has her own fan base. One of her biggest fans is mentioned above. The end of the year Holidays are fast approaching. No matter your Religion or non belief may your Holidays or ordinary days be merry and bright.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere it will soon be Summer. The calendar says it is still is Autumn here in Maine. However I have eight inches of Snow in my yard. Speaking of the Southern Hemisphere, part of my Heart still lies in Fremantle, Australia. It has been many years but I still think of you, "Sheila" and "Sheila". That's no misprint. Either one should remember my Joke which led to two of the best days of my Life. Sadly the ship I was on, the Carrier U.S.S. Independence, CV-62 was recently scrapped.

12/22/2018: Not a good day. I may have to take a pause in writing. My Mother fell on a patch of ice and broke her hip. I was considering stopping for a while anyway. I wrote

"A Mission to the Edge of The Unknown" to make a certain Boy happy. The Story got panned by many. Remember, some of my Stories were requests, so don't go raining on other Readers' parades. I wrote "Sleep Dreams" by request. I never got Thanked for doing so. All that effort in writing should deserve at least a little bit of good recognition.

The most gracious Requestor lately has been the one I wrote "Daddy's little Helper, Mommy's little headache" for. I love his renditions of an older Miracle Joy and the Robot lover he drew up for her. My Stories have suddenly been subject to many more harsh criticisms than usual. That hurts. Keep that up and I may get too discouraged to write. I am dyslexic and sometimes my Spell Checker lets me down. I also can't see well. I can't afford new eye glasses. .

12/25/2018: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. My Mother is still in the Hospital. We hope she can be Home for New Years.

P.S. : Mom was released from the Hospital Jan. 4.3/28/2019: Good news bad news. "Harmony sings The Blues" had a great debut. My Stories are on par for one of their best monthly reads ever. Now the bad news. After experts in Boston looked over my Biopsy slides they did find Prostate Cancer cells. I am seeing a Doctor tomorrow to see about treatment options. So my writing may take a back seat to Cancer for a while. Please pray that all turns out well within a few months. I do hope to keep writing as long as I am able for as many years as I am able. However only God knows for sure.

5/11/2019:I started Radiation Therapy on the 8th. To add insult to injury I have a bad cold so I am not feeling well. I am working on a new story. It will feature Beastly and Gentle Heart. With all that is happening I am not sure when I will get it published. I have to travel 72 miles per day to get the Hospital to get "zapped".

7/10/2019: On July the Ninth I had my 44th and final Radiation Treatment for Cancer. So I am now officially a Cancer Survivor. So hopefully this Care Bear fan will be around for quite a while.

9/25/2019: Thank you to all who sent well wishes to me during my battle with Cancer. It seems strange to think of oneself as a Cancer Survivor. Care Bear fans show they truly care when they show concern for fellow (and female) fans who are down but not out. On another note I am happy my story "In Our Beginning" is doing well. Crossover stories don't always fare too well. Once again Thank you to the fan who suggested it.

7/20/20: It seems as if this Covid19 Pandemic is endless. Despite this area of Maine being lightly hit with cases we are in shutdown mode. I am well so far. Can't get many hours at Work lately. I have been getting by by Dog Walking and Pet Setting. Hope all of the readers of this Board are doing well. For Collectors there are still nice Care Bear Treasures to be found. While visiting the local Catholic Charities Thrift Store my Sister and Mother came across a nearly mint Secret Bear. Knowing that I have a Surprise Bear they bought her for me. I said "thanks, I wonder what's her secret as my Surprise Bear has a secret storage pocket in her back". I found what looks like a tiny flower on Secret's back. I pulled it and she talked! What a nice secret.

4/18/2021: "Tears of Caring" has just kept growing in popularity. Now it is the best debuting story of mine! Thanks to everyone who has read it and re-read it. Gentle Heart and Lucas thank you too.

12/24/2021: Merry Christmas to those who observe it. "Warmest of Snows" is my latest Story. Thanks to all who read it. I have had rave reviews about my latest Custom Care Bear. Sulky is much beloved. We just had such a storm here. There is six inches of new fallen snow for Santa's Reindeer to prance through. Nollaigh Chridheil to my Scots/Irish friends across the Canadian border. To my other followers Feliz Navidad and Joyeux Noel.

1/04/2022: A belated Happy New Year, or as many of my ancestors called it, Hogmanay. This is also close to the 11th anniversary of my first published Fanfic. How fast time flies. Thank you to all who read my stories. Also for your feedback. I am currently working on yet another Story. I got a Togetherness Bear plushy for Christmas. That inspired an idea for a story. Take care in greeting this new year.

1/29/2022: We are having a blizzard here; a nice day to visit Care a Lot. There were 94 "hits" of my stories yesterday, a new daily record. Thank you to all who dropped by. For those of you braving this Storm take care. I had a Moose, a Doe Deer, and two squirrels visit my backyard yesterday. I had left some food scraps out for any wildlife. I guess they liked it!

2/24/2022: Wow! "Curly and Caring" had an amazing debut. One of my best debuts ever. Thank you to all who dropped in to read it. Gentle Heart and Lucas, aka Lucky, thank you too. I have now been writing Care Bear fanfics for eleven years. A Shout Out to the past Members of the now defunct Swift Heart's Rabbit Hole. Where I was inspired to start writing Fanfiction.

5/14/2022: Due to health reasons I applied for early Retirement which was approved. I now have Partial Disability. Well, at least I now have a steady income! Hope all who read this are in good health. Besides Covid the Flu is now prevalent in this area, and I cannot have Flu Shots due to past bad reactions. Take Care and Good Luck to all who read my Stories.

7/30/2022: My story "My Bad Girl is Gonna Go Good" was written long ago. It now has been revived. Thanks to The Queen of Lions. It can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v3X9CO_lsbjl Or Google The Queen of Lions narration or "My Bad Girl is Gonna Go Good" audio, etc. to find it. It is strange yet exhilarating to hear one of my Stories being Narrated Online. Thank you to everyone who had a hand or paw in this endeavor.

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Written by request. Grumpy gets injured in his workshop. He is not one to ask for help, nor is he one to give a Thankyou. Share thinks of a way for others to help Grumpy. Also what to expect or not expect in return. It is the grumpy way for a day in Care a Lot. Including how Grumpy shows his love for Share.
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Drought and a pandemic are hurting Humans. Grumpy and Bright Heart are sent on an Earthly Caring Mission. From the U.S.A. they venture to Africa. After delivering Care Packages they get set to leave. However Grumpy suddenly gets ill. It is best for the caring duo to stand fast where they are. Bright Heart must come up with a plan to deal with it all, and makes a medical discovery.
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Like her father Miracle Joy is often misunderstood. As she learns of her Father's past she becomes proud of what he has overcome. Also of how her Grandfather was considered as hero. She wishes to know more of him and his Mate. Her wish becomes reality. Leading to a Day of Remembrance. One Care a Lot will never forget. It often takes tears to help mend broken hearts.
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The original Care Bear has lived a long and eventful life. True Heart has spent much of her life caring for others. Including young Care Bears and Care Cousins. She once dreaded the day when she had no young ones left at home. Now she is a Grandmother, so she is now the Grams Bear. A day she once dreaded has come. The day had come, it was so different than she once imagined.
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This story is partly based on some of the girls I knew as a teenager. Boys were often viewed as the bad ones, even though the girls were far from Angels. Care Bears and Cousins are no different. Some female piggies and cub find amusement of some works of art. Then stumble upon some amazing old photos. How could a knight look like Beastly? Why does the steed he rode look familiar?
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Based on a fan request. Also inspired by the song "The Air That Breathe" by The Hollies. Share is wrongly accused of breaking some dishes where she works. Only Grumpy saw what really happened. Forced to speak up for Share, he says more than he means to. Setting in motion life changing events for he and Share. Words can be powerful, as Cheer and Daydream witnessed during the drama.
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Harmony seems depressed to Share and Surprise. After finding out why they find a unique way to help Harmony. In doing so they not only bring joy to Harmony and themselves, but to others. It is amazing what an old Piano, a Tambourine and a Harmonica can do. Singing The Blues is something that can spread happiness. ( I often play The Blues on Guitar when feeling down). So Join in!
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Share reminisces about what attracted her to Grumpy. Grumpy was not like the other Male Cubs and Teen Cubs. Yet Share found herself strangely attracted to the sad looking Boy who lived next door. A quiet Boy who was good at fixing things. A Boy who would rather be alone in his own thoughts than to be with others. A Boy with whom Share would find Empathy, a Bear to Love.
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Based on AICAL. Care Bears live extremely long lives, but they are Mortal. Death and tragedy are rare on Care a Lot, but bad things do happen. Grizzle Bear had reasons for misbehaving in his younger days. Some Bears tolerated Grizzle's misdeeds due to his past. Part of that past involved a tragedy. Grizzle and his Mate seek to find answers about that tragedy. A Hero is discovered.
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Love is a Challenge
Written by request. Superstar is used to dealing with Alpha Male egos due to her Brother's athletic prowess. As an Alpha Female she is also proud or her athleticism. Champ is one Alpha Male who likes compete with his friend, Funshine. This brings him in contact with Funshine's sister, Superstar. As teens he and she had little interest in each other. Will a Competition change that?
Care Bears - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,072 - Favs: 1 - Published: 5/20/2016
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Wonder Heart dreams of being a great Ballet Dancer. However she is not as talented as she had hoped. She struggles in Class. With the help of unlikely friends she perseveres. She experiences her first taste of "young love". She also experiences prejudice and sexism. Will she quit dancing, or will Tender Heart get another great photo for his wall? (I had a Miss Harmony in 3d Grade).
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Written by request. Share's Birthday is approaching. All she wants is some time alone with Grumpy. Cheer, Harmony, and True Heart try to find out what Share would like. Many Bears would like to catch Grumpy and Share rubbing Noses. Surprise Bear and Grumpy himself come up with a unique Gift for Share. Will Share and Grumpy ever kiss in public? Cheer would like to get such a photo.
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Partly based on "How Do You Mend an Evil Heart" and a discussion once held on SHRH. Tugs and Hugs were raised as Twins. But were they really twins, or two tiny Cubs captured at the same time by Dark Heart. The answer to their questions of their origins seen impossible to answer completely. They get a vital clue and possible confirmation from an unlikely source, Beastly.
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Feel Blue Flu strikes Care a Lot. Funshine gets sick while picking up some Vacation Brochures at Cheer's Home. Cheer ends up taking care of Funshine during his illness. She finds the task of taking care of an ill Big Boy Bear is not as bad as she has heard. Her empathy for the ill Funshine makes them grow fonder of each other. His Vacation plans seem ruined. Are they?
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A Circus Magician is more than he seems. He and another of the Circus' Troupe discuss his Journal. Both are Exiles of The Fifth Dimension. For both the rise of The Care Bears had lead to the end of the lives they had once known. Lives lead before the demise of The Land Without Feelings. The rise of the Care Bears was not beneficial to some. Some Beings were eventually displaced.
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Over the Years some Members of The Care Bears and Care Cousins Family have drifted apart. Brave Heart and Harmony are two of them. They are both Alphas whose Traits set them apart from their Adoptive Siblings. A Winter Storm strands them in a Cabin. Their Stormy Relationship leads to a Heart to Heart talk. As a Cold Wind howls outside two Hearts warm up inside.
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Wonder Heart is at the age most Bears have already done some Cub Sitting. The first time as a Sitter can be a bit trying. Youngsters can be full of surprises. Changing Diapers can be a challenge. Wonder Heart has heard stories about Sitting. What she heard has her worried about Cub Sitting. Then she finds out her first time will be to Sit for three little Piglets. What a Paw Full!
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While assigned to spy on No Heart Secret Bear discovers a plot to unleash a Cloud of Uncaring over an Australian City. Surprise Bear is chosen as an advisor for a Caring Mission due to a Human friend's knowledge of Fremantle and Perth. However it is five other Bears who are chosen for a Caring Mission to the Land Down Under. Champ learns why a certain Australia song is so popular.
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There comes that day every Teen gets interested in the opposite sex. Care Bears and Cousins are no exception. Neither is Beastly. No Heart is expecting a visit. He does not want his young apprentice in the way. He gives Beastly a day off. Beastly sets off on a hike through the forest. There he meets several Care Bears and Care Cousins with strange results. The strangest is a Piggy.
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While returning from a Caring Mission a Cloud Car malfunction results in a crash landing. Treat Heart and Champ survive but are injured. Their chances of getting rescued from the hard to see crash site are slim. Luckily their crash had an eye witness. Can an unlikely Hero save the day? Beastly has been told the day he gets away with doing a good deed is "the day Pigs fly".
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Inspired by a dream I had after running across a site with Care Bears in diapers. Lovalot has been told she may never be able to bear a Cub of her own. The Mate less Bear collects Bear Cub Dolls as she fantasizes of being a Mother. The mischievous Grizzle is suddenly stricken ill. The once orphaned Runt Bear is helped by Lovalot. Their fantasies are fulfilled in an unusual bonding.
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