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HAI. I have always dreamed of becoming a fanfictioner... And now I am! I am so happy! I hope my writing is good enough for you readers that deserve a well written story.
Well... Lemme tell you something.
Well... I like doughnuts. That's all you need to know.
Just kidding.
I love anime! I am SOOOO an otaku. One time, I even drew an anime eye on the chalkboard! *strokes chin* Yeah...The teacher was not happy about that. Then in my agenda I scribbled Veggie's name like everywhere. AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE. My teacher and parents were so damn angry, I almost pissed myself from laughter. Just saiyan. Waka waka!
I adore reading. Seriously. When I get home from school, I ignore all homework and immediately go on or open up a book. Then I go to sleep. That is my daily ritual lol. Then I go to dance, and if it's a Friday, I stay up all night on the computer. No lie.
I love writing... So much. It's my life... I feel like I can pour out all my feelings into one story... And if I keep it in private (seriously, I don't want anyone finding out about what I feel), I treasure it. No matter how horrible it is. I write at lunch.. L.A, S.S, Science... I write. I just write what I feel. I also love to draw too... I draw whatever, everything counts.
I can be a happy person, a funny person, whatever you make me out to be. If you accept my friendship, I'll sure be glad as hell to accept yours also. If you hate my guts, I'll be glad as hell to hate yours also. I'll love and tolerate the shit out of you anyway!
So, don't be afraid to say anything, even though I can be sensitive at times. DEEEEEEEERP
Is that enough information for you fanfictioners? I hope so!

Awkward moment when you trip up the stairs . . . in public

Awkward moment when you keep singing when the song stops

Awkward moment when you are scuba diving and you see Adele rolling in the deep

Awkward moment when the person you are talking about is right behind you

Awkward moment when everyone stops laughing and you are the only person who still thinks it's hilarious

Awkward moment when you can't decide to go left or right

Awkward moment when you say goodbye but walk in the same direction

Awkward moment when it's quiet and someone farts

Awkward moment when it rains on the first day in summer

Awkward moment when you cough and sneeze at the same time

Awkward moment when you stick 2minute noodles to the roof

Awkward moment when you're walking down the corridor and a noodle falls on your head

Awkward moment when you eat an entire packet of Tim Tams

Awkward moment when you smash an easter egg on your forehead and make a lump bigger than the easter egg

Awkward moment when someone catches you talking to yourself

Awkward moment when you realize this is on every profile you've read

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