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Hey guys so thanks for checking out my page!

I'm a student. For what? Beats the hell out of me. Currently I'm very shallow with devoting full effort into a singular source of stimulation, meaning I will listen to music, watch tv, read, do push-ups, and have another show on at the same time. Or something like that. But I'm really good at paying attention, and hate changing topics until the point has been made. I have a shitty sense of humor so The Naked Gun, Sharknado, and Airplane, followed by terribly timed puns and dark comments pretty much sum up my entire interaction with the world. I will laugh myself to death one day.

Critiques really help me grow as a writer. Spout your nonsense, it's useful, please.

I'm back on a big Mass Effect kick and plan on posting updates about Chronicles of a Hellhound here.

Miranda Lawson is the love of my life.

Korra and Asami Sato are the cutest.

I'm an ISTP-Se, or ESTP-Ti. Haven't figured that part out.

I have played all of Dragon Age. don't really like the last one as much as the other two, but I also don't have an ability to play the add-ons. So that will hopefully prove me wrong. I can play Mass Effect for hours. I also have multiplayer if you want to kick some Cerberus/Reaper ass.

The Chronicles of a Hellhound Saga

My big project: Thus far one novel in progress with a potential to break up into two or three since it will span over the entirety of the Mass Effect Series. Plus, several short stories are planned.

The Chronicles of a Hellhound Saga is a retelling of the trilogy and expanded media Mass Effect universe- albeit it will mostly be told in Miranda Lawson's point of view via an autobiographical rendition of her experiences before, after, and during the Reaper War, told from a time throughout and following the war itself.

Chronological continuity:

My Manifesto is a one-shot where mercenary Jack Harper vows to protect the people that matter most.

Chronicles of a Hellhound is a novelization of Miranda's early history and Project Lazarus. Miranda reflects on her years of tutelage, becomes objectively acquainted with humanity's hero, assists Shepard in building one of the most prestigious fighting forces the galaxy has ever seen, and fights at his side to rescue human colonies and vanquish the Collectors- agents of the Reapers- once and for all. On the way there, she discovers true loyalty and unconditional romantic love for the first time in her life, igniting a bond that transcends lifetimes. It is during this time that she cements her name into the galaxy's history books and paves her way to becoming one of the most influential people in the civilized galaxy. Work in Progress

Several short stories and a few sequel novels are planned.

Fun Facts:

#1 Only recently officially introduced, Shepard is a Spacer and Sole Survivor. He is rather neutral, a paragade with a good heart that makes really stupid, human decisions. He is a Vanguard, and as for his appearance, he is not the default Mark Vanderloo. He is custom. And the same redheaded gentleman in my profile icon-yes, I drew that. And of course, as time goes on basic features like hair, skin condition, and bodily appearance fluctuate (unlike the game's single standard appearance).

#2 Generally, I do prefer to stick close to the canon plot line. I don't plan to deviate too far from the ultimate goal and story of the Mass Effect series. However, as this is a novelization, it will bring in many behind the scenes events and delve into some AU sequences in places I see fit for dramatic effect, or where I deem canon is insufficient. Bioware's Mass Effect is a masterpiece in and of itself, and I don't consider this saga as one to breach their story, but in this literary form it will be much more complex and thoroughly explained. With literary flair.

#3 Miranda is going to receive her due. From the stand point of an author, Miranda is truly complex and has the full potential of being her own protagonist. Of course, everyone is the hero of their own story. Ultimately, the majority of this is Miranda's story (Shepard is her deuteragonist). I want to delve into the possibilities Bioware gave her character. While I understand the entire Suicide Squad can perish in ME2, having certain characters die- especially Miranda and a few others- doesn't seem fitting for their character arcs. Miranda always struck me as one of the more vital secondary characters, and while Shepard can become close to any of them, her purpose always seemed bigger than simply giving her life on the Collector Base. She has such a large role to play in ME3 and beyond.

#4 This will be an expanded universe. Because what's the point of science fiction if you can't play with all that potential space magic? And not everything is perfect. You can't solve everything with just a few words every time you're approached with a conflict. Real life is gritty and raw, and sometimes is just the furthest thing from perfect. These characters are going to cry, laugh, experience pain and loss, joy and new beginnings. They are going to deal with the consequences of their actions. For better or worse.

#5 Where's that happy ending? So many of us were pretty miffed with Bioware's endings of complete separation between Shepard and his love interest. And while the Extended Cut DLC helped, the canon endings still felt a bit unsatisfactory. I won't give any hints about which direction I'm going to take it, but I will say that it will be included in the above mentioned Expanded Universe. Miranda and Shepard's love story will be much more developed than the constrictions of the game.

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Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,030 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 11/8/2015 - Published: 10/18/2015 - [Miranda L., Shepard] Jack, Liara T'Soni
Chronicles of a Hellhound reviews
Made famous for valor surrounding the Reaper War, their faces are known but not their hearts and minds. The following manuscripts autobiographically detail key events surrounding the Reaper War, Cerberus, and LTCMDR Ernest Shepard, from the perspective of Miss Miranda Lawson.
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Horizon was a god-forsaken wasteland. Wind whistled through the vacant housing units. Seething, Jason Shepard tore off his helmet and ran his hand through his thick, black hair. Every compulsion told him to shoot something. (This is totally a CRACK-fic, guys...really. But it made me laugh really hard as I wrote it.)
Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,306 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/27/2014 - [Ashley W., Shepard] Jacob T. - Complete
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Cute, fluffy one-shot. I might make them a series of one-shots, but for now it's just one. What goes on in the lives of newlyweds. Major S/L!
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