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Author has written 13 stories for Tinkerbell, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

OK, with 13 stories behind me, I guess I'm not really a newbie now. But I'm still shy.

(Sigh.) It appears I have a new hobby. As if I don't already have enough projects laying around!

I was never a fan of Peter Pan. Despite his energy, I always saw him as "developmentally challenged". I always thought Tinker Bell was a much more interesting character.

When the Tinker Bell movie came out, I kept an eye on it, though it really wasn't in my "age group". One day, I found a copy in a discount bin at a local video outlet, and decided to buy it. Good movie. Hats-off to Walt Disney Company. I just love Tinker Bell, her world, and her friends. I think it's great that Disney made Tinker Bell a real hands-on working fairy, instead of just another Barbie. It's the kind of character quality that may inspire young girls toward a career in engineering.

Searching for new Tinker Bell material, I stumbled across the FanFiction website. Some of those TBell stories are better than the official Disney publications (in my humble opinion). And they're free to read. Thank-you fanfiction authors, I know how hard you work on those stories. I began to wonder what it would take to put together a reasonably entertaining Tinker Bell story.

Why do I only write Tinker Bell stories? Well I'm a fan, and they say "write what you know". I have a theory that most fanfiction authors write the type of stories they'd like to see more of. If I ever take a strong interest in any other franchise, I might try a story or 2 for it.

Thank-you reviewers, for all the comments & ideas about my stories. I'm really not a writer; I just seem to have a "writing itch" that needs scratching from time to time. In fact, now I'm feeling a little guilty about not leaving reviews of my own for the dozens of your stories I've enjoyed, so I'll be working on that.

December '11, I found the "Pixie Hollow Games" TV special on YouTube. Not pristine condition, but watchable, which I did -- a bunch of times. I see what the reviewers are mentioning; this centers around Rosetta & Chloe, with very little of the Tinker Bell gang, apart from Bobble & Clank. It's fast-paced, but they have a lot of story to cram into 22 minutes. I think it's crafted well enough to stand up to multiple watchings. I can breathe a little sigh; I've got my Disney Fairies "fix" for now.

Disney introduces a few other garden fairies besides Chloe:
Fern - The only garden fairy strong enough to stand against Rosetta's shenanigans. Seems to be good at administration, and knows Rosetta's weakness is group peer pressure.
Lilac - Frank & open, says what's on her mind. Lilac is one of the smallest fairies - she's shorter than Tinker Bell.
Ivy - Almost pathologically fragile. Appears to suffer from pseudobulbar affect (PBA). Every garden fairy knows to be careful what you say around Ivy. (Kari Wahlgren does her voice; she's great!)
I wonder if I could find a story for them?
Apr. 24 '12 - Ooo! I've got an idea or 2, maybe enough for a story. See my 8th TBell story below.

In the meantime, I've purchased a legitimate copy of PHG from Ebay Germany, part of a 4-disc box set. At Ebay Germany, search for "Tinker Bell", or more specifically "Feen Trilogie". Keep in mind the discs are from DVD Region 2, and in PAL television standard, but they will play on a computer DVD drive if you have the right player software. You can play PHG in English or 6 other languages (same for the sub-titles).

Oct. 23 '12: Ha-ha! I've bought my copies (yes, plural) of "Secret of the Wings"! I know what movie I'll be watching on Saturday night!

Mar. 7 '13: The Tinker Bell movies were on sale with new cover art in WalMart. Picked up the "Peter Pan" Diamond Edition. I'm not really a fan, but I haven't seen it in ages. You can sure tell this is a Disney classic from the early 50s; they have stuff in this movie they could never do today -- the native American scenes, and the instant friction between females in the same scenes with Peter Pan. At least they toned-down the self-absorbed ego of the book Peter Pan. But still, grabbing Tinker Bell by the wings and spanking her bottom to shake pixie dust on the kids? ...Who does that guy think he is?!

Short diary of "A Neverland Saga":

Sept. 13 '13: I'm starting to get that itch again. I'm currently researching 2 stories, but one is closer to critical mass so I've decided to start it, though I don't have an ending for it yet.
- Sept. 19 '13: I've got chapter 2 done and I don't even have a name for this story yet! I'll probably run out of ideas around chapter 4 unless I get back into researching it.
- Sept. 26 '13: Chapter 3 is virtually done. It's a bit of a relief to get some of this out of my head so I can focus on upcoming sections.
- Oct. 10 '13: Chapter 4 started.
- Jan. 23 '14: Been so busy I couldn't get my head into the story, but I'm back to it again.
- Feb. 6 '14: I think seeing the 2 new Pirate Fairy clips on YouTube has lifted my imagination! I moved chapter 4 to chapter 5, and inserted a new chapter 4. Both in process, but not finished.
- Feb. 20 '14: Chapter 4 done. Once I get chapter 5 finished, I'll have to start researching the next chapters.
- Feb. 27 '14: Chapter 5 is done. Chapters 4 & 5 need fairy names created & inserted (always a chore for me).
- Apr. 17 '14: Chapter 6 is started.
- May 29 '14: I've got my fairy names for chapters 4 & 5 (though they may change), and I'm nibbling my way into chapter 6.
- Jun. 19 '14: Chapter 6 is done except for fairy names. Getting closer to the end. I'm guessing 8 or 9 chapters total for this story.
- Jun. 26 '14: Researching chapter 7 and trying to figure how to lay it out. Lots of dots to connect, but in which order?
- Jul. 10 '14: Nibbling away at chapter 7.
- Jul. 17 '14: Chapter 7 done except for missing names. Starting chapter 8.
- Jul. 24 '14: Half way through chapter 8. Looks like chapter 9 will finish the story.
- Aug. 7 '14: Nope. I'm into chapter 10 now, and it looks like it will splash over into chapter 11.
- Aug. 14 '14: Chapter 11 is done, which means the story is ended. But I have some names to insert into the last 4 or 5 chapters, and lots of proof-reading to do.
- Sept. 18 '14: After a month of proof-reading & polishing, the story is ready to go! See my 12th story below.

Nov. 7 '13: The Disney Fairies USA site has been renovated and they've added "The Pirate Fairy" content. We'll be seeing more of that in the coming months. Other international Disney Fairies sites are still showing "Secret of the Wings" or older content. In fact, it's ironic that the Tinker Bell movies were made in India by Prana Studios, yet the Disney Fairies India site stopped updating at "Great Fairy Rescue".

Nov. 13 '13: The fanfiction "Tinkerbell" section has made it to 400 stories! Congratulations guys!

Feb. 13 '14: "The Pirate Fairy" is playing in Denmark, and opens tomorrow in UK & Ireland. Some European cinemas are playing the movie in 3D! I hope we get a 3D Blu-ray version in North America.

Mar. 6 '14: Just watched Kristin Chenoweth on "Conan".

Mar. 22 '14: Red carpet premiere of "The Pirate Fairy" at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Calif.

Apr. 1 '14: Ha-ha! I've bought my copies (plural) of "The Pirate Fairy"! I know what movie I'll be watching on Saturday night!

Jun. 26 '14: The fanfiction "Tinkerbell" section has made it to 500 stories! Congratulations guys!

Dec. 7 '14: Celebrity Gala Screening of "Legend of the NeverBeast" at Vue West End in London.

Jan. 30 '15: "Legend of the NeverBeast" opens at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

Mar. 3 '15: Ha-ha! I've bought my copies (plural) of "Legend of the NeverBeast"! I know what movie I'll be watching on Saturday night!

Mar. 12 '15: The fanfiction "Tinkerbell" section has made it to 600 stories! Congratulations guys!

May 20 '15: Tinker Bell Complete 6-movie Collection is released in Japan. The 6-movie collection has been out in Britain and Russia for a while.

Dec. '15: Browsing the Internet, I discovered that "fairy houses" events are becoming popular in the US. Children and local artists create whimsical fairy houses in outdoor settings, and tours are given with admission fees donated to charities.

Jan. '16: Just discovered the first 3 TBell movie soundtracks are available from Intrada.

A note about the "final" Disney Fairies movie:

Better to leave your audience wanting more, than to be driven off the stage. Six movies is a pretty good run. Many other big-name performers have gone on hiatus, then revived their careers years later. Let's hope the Fairies will do the same. I'm hoping we'll see a 6-movie 3D box set in the near future. If we're very lucky, Disney might release the occasional Fairies short on YouTube.

The one thing I dread to see is a "Tinker Bell meets Peter Pan" movie, because it really means the end for Disney Fairies. After that, it's all about Peter Pan and fairies are just support characters.

In the meantime, keep writing Fairies fanfiction. Maybe we'll see a 7th movie sooner!

My 1st TBell story "Lizzy's Sunset" started off as a 1-shot sad story, but with prompting from a reader it got a major continuation. I was averaging about 1 chapter a week for this one. I'll never do that again; it's too stressful. But I noticed it's a good way to get lots of reviews. Later stories were written completely off-line and uploaded in one session.

My 2nd TBell story "The Stinkbug Incident" was practically begging to be written, but no one had done it yet. So I just had to come up with some ideas for it.

My 3rd TBell story "Vidia Captures the Hawk" came about when I wondered "why can't fast-flyers use their wind-control to temporarily steal a hawk's ability to fly?"

My 4th TBell story "Queen Incanta's Gift" is a "what if" story that explores some background of the TB2 movie "The Lost Treasure".

My 5th TBell story "Clarion's Hobby" is the first of a series of "Vidia & Prilla travel the world" stories. With Vidia's super-fast "wind-fold" flying, and Prilla's ability to return them home instantly, I thought they'd make a good first-contact team for other fairy colonies.

My 6th story is "Marerittene", up for reading. I wanted to get it posted before Disney released "Pixie Hollow Games" because (spoiler alert) I heard the movie has a lightning-talent in it. I don't know if the books have a lightning-talent, but I'm sure the movie one will be much nicer than mine. Anyway, thanks Walt Disney Company for holding off the release of your movie so I could upload my story first.

My 7th TBell story "Look, A Flying Girl!" is posted for reading. It's just small, but answers some questions from the TB3 movie "Great Fairy Rescue". I already have ideas for my next story.

My 8th TBell story "What About Rosetta?" is up for reading. It's a series of short chapters about Rosetta and the Pixie Hollow Games. Once I got a few ideas, it practically wrote itself. Hope you like.

My 9th TBell story "The Garden of France" is posted for reading. I tried to infuse some French flavor into the story, without making it too unreadable. Hope it works for you. Tinker Bell does some clever problem-solving in this one.

I'm usually very shy about answering reviews (I really don't know what to say), but I've gotten some nice reviews from persons with no Profile Page, so I feel I should respond to "Jamie" and "Whatev": I have ideas for 1 or 2 more 'secret mission' stories, one of which will probably have Wisp & Lizzy. You can see the general trend; Neverland fairies contact other colonies all over the world, and they form a support network to keep up with human advancement. I'm surprised that other fanfiction authors haven't written about a fairy colony near their home town!
About Rosetta, she's not necessarily my favourite character, but for some reason I find her easy to write -- I just seem to have a good idea of what she might say & do. Can't explain why.
To "Red Forever": A Pixie Hollow Games walk-through add-on to my "What About Rosetta?" story is an interesting idea, but I always squirm at the idea of "borrowing" stuff directly from the movies. If you read my "Queen Incanta's Gift" story, you'll notice I kept the "borrowed" dialog very sparse -- but anyone who's seen the movie will know what's going on. Since Pixie Hollow Games is now in general release, it would be kind of lame to do a novelization of it. BUT, it might be interesting to explore 'behind the scenes' as a sort-of 2nd camera crew! See my 11th story below.

My 10th TBell story "Tink Meets Thomas" is a cross-over with Thomas the Tank Engine! I'm surprised no one's done a Tink/Thomas before. Did piles of research for this one.

My 11th TBell story "Rosetta's Long Night" is another Pixie-Hollow-Games-based story. It fills a gap in the movie. I think you'll like this one.

My 12th TBell story "A Neverland Saga" is finally posted! (See Sept. 13 '13 above.) I started work on this a year before, and while I must shamefully admit I did not work steadily on it, the story does represent 145MB of downloaded web-pages, documents & maps, and almost 60 pages of hand-written notes. Let's hope my next story doesn't take as long to finish.

My 13th TBell story "Treasure Hunt" is up on Sept. 2 '15. I got the idea for it in spring of 2014 and jotted down notes as they came to me. But it really started filling my head in July & August of 2015, so it became a case of "write it out, before you lose it".

Once again, thank-you reviewers, for all your comments and ideas.

Since the release of TB3, I've been keeping a list of TBell notes, some of which could be expanded into stories. I'm sure I don't have the time, patience, or skill to fluff-out all the notes, so I'll list some below for general usage by amateur authors. Hope to see them in your stories some day. I'll list the newest ones at the bottom, and scroll them up as more than 10 appear. Then probably wrap to the beginning when I reach the end.

Story Ideas of the Week: (If you see something here you could use in a story, go ahead. Help yourself to it.)


- Where are the rock-talent fairies? I'd expect they would have Earth-Bender powers. They would come in handy for clearing farm fields of rocks, and constructing fairy buildings out of stone.

- "But a price must be paid at the old troll bridge." Lyria winks. Never mind "What did she say?"... What did she mean? Exactly what price must be paid?

- Who tends the potted flowers by Tink’s cottage?

- Fairy dairy:
Tinker Bell mentions "mouse cheese"; it took me a while to realize she didn't mean "cheese FOR mice", she meant "cheese FROM mice". Fairies have specially bred mice for milking! I think it would be cool if a Tinker Bell fan, who lives on a dairy farm, could write a story about fairies who tend milk-mice.

- What would a bug's tongue on your cheek feel like?

- "By any chance, have you seen a stone arch around here?" The bees misinterpret Tink's diagram in the dirt, and take her back to the twisty, branchy, tree arch instead of the stone arch.

- Grimsley & Leech (the trolls) are amateur psychologists, and analyze everyone who comes to their bridge.

- What do Grimsley & Leech (the trolls) do to pass the time as centuries crawl past?

- For most of the journey to find the mirror, Tink carries the broken shards of moonstone in a bag on her waist. Considering her adventures, I'd expect the moonstone pieces to be rattled into dust by the time she opens the bag.

- Tinker Bell finds the Mirror of Incanta in a bunny-filled meadow, but the bunnies have used the last wish.

Remember, fairies can't live unless you give them something to do.
They just sit around, bored.
So write stories for them to be in!

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