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Hello, my name is Miriellaine Kirkland, and I am an official anime addict. LOL I really do love Hetalia and my favorite pairing is US/UK. I just love Arthur and America so much!!! Nuff said or else I'm afraid I'm going to spazz like there's no tomorrow, so yeah. for a proper introduction, I am a Filipina. I love the color white, blue and red. (american and British flag LOL) And I absolutely adore anime, though I know many anime, I tend to focus on one anime at a time and currently, my interest is Hetalia.

My birthday is on the 20th of March and my age is a secret.

I love writing fanfiction, though I have to say, I am pretty new at it and am not that confident but I do try my best!

I also write KPOP fanfiction, keke, my username is the same as my username here in AFF. My first story, Darkness and Light, was unfortunately deleted for I lacked the proper inspiration, but I do promise you I shall finish, "Maybe This Time, Loving You, Won't Be So Complicated" for I do adore US/UK, if only school wasn't such a bitch -sigh-

Oh by the way, I DO respect other pairings but I am not really fond of other pairings with america/England, maybe a few times England and China but that's England as seme. I just love him in his old, controlling, pirate self. Hehe, but uhmm... as of we speak, I only like him seme with GIRLISH characters such as China, but with Alfred... not so much hahaha!!!

But I still read UK/US all the same, same characters, different positions in -cough-

I enjoy reading books and have read numerous classics, but I have to say William Shakespeare’s works strike me the most, I do love is writing style (I wish I was British –epic wailing here-)

Oh here’s a little trivia for you all:

“Arthur Kirkland” was a name used in “...And Justice for All”

Hmn, well I guess, I like listening to rock music, JPOP, KPOP or anything ASIAN/ENGLISH/AMERICAN… But I prefer classical.

Hope to make good friends with you all :DDDD