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This contest started off with two gals who just wanted to read more Stonerward in Twific...and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We received some amazing entries that really spanned the gamut: from slashy stoners to hilariously awkward first timers to a few angsty moments, we loved them all.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Massive thanks goes out to everyone who entered - we love you all for feeding our little stoner hearts with fabulous fic. To everyone who read, reviewed and voted - thanks a bunch, we really appreciate it! And lastly, to the kick ass team of judges for this contest - Roglows, HunterHunting, AltheaJams & Wisdomous - you ladies are amazing and we totally owe you all a puff-puff-pass session, asap!

And now...for the winners!!

1st Place (Public Voting): Password Protected: Only 98 Percent Effective by Lexiecullen17 - Banner
I can’t say it enough, I loved this entry. Password Protected: Only 98 Percent Effective was my personal favorite and my first place entry for this contest. It put a smile on my face the entire time, save for the few moments of heartfail. I love a story when Edward secretly pines for Bella and he’s all shy and awkward, and Bella has to break him out of his shell. It’s just too adorable. Except this time there was weed involved! Which just makes it more fun for everyone.

This fic really spoke to the romantic stoner girl inside of me. But this wasn’t just a story about weed. It’s a beautifully written tale about how Boy longs for Girl and they build a friendship and eventually fall in love. God, I’m such a stoner sap and this was just exactly my cup of tea.

I freaking love that Bella has a secret stoner sanctuary at work, and that she corrupted Edward for the first time in said secret stoner sanctuary. Bella was a very attentive weed mentor, really taking the time to educate Edward on how to be a good stoner. I also loved that they named the pipe - which is huge for me because my family of pieces all have names - and Fiona is such a lovely name at that. I’m a firm believer that all pieces should be named and loved. Fiona was so very clearly loved by everyone, especially Edward! The use of marijuana throughout the story was perfect, and it made me want to get stoned right along with Edward and Bella (and ok so maybe I did...) I love that it featured a shotgun, which incidentally was how I took my first ever hit of weed, so I'm very partial to them, and fuuuck it was a very sexy moment. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say: Thank you, Lexiecullen17, for writing such an awesome contest entry! You totally kick ass!


2nd Place (Public Vote):Candy From Strangers by Chicklette - Banner

Bella attends an outdoor concert with friends, meets Edward, and smokes for the first time. She also has her first kiss (and then some) that night, and although she has to return to “reality" the next afternoon, she’s a different person now that she’s experienced Edward.

I loved this. It had a sweet, dreamy cadence that completely fit the scene described.

There was a certain sense if serendipity, like when you have a feeling something amazing is going to happen and then it totally does. The chemistry between Edward and Bella, as well as the way they reconnected much later on, left me wishing there was more to the story; the overall bittersweet yearning sort of transferred over to me as the reader. But, while I wanted more, it was excellent as a one shot.

Rochelle Allison

3rd Place (Public Vote): Racerback by Zigster - Banner

Racerback is an awesome 3-shot novella about Edward, popular athlete, and Jasper, the social pariah of school. Zigster really sets this story well, on the coast of the pacific, where both Edward and Jasper commonly swim and surf. When Jasper needs saving during a swim, Edward swoops in and bring him to shore, thus beginning their friendship.

Edward comes off as an overachiever of sorts, and feels a lot of pressure to please his father and live up to his peers. Laid back Jasper is totally opposite, having been shunned by the student body long ago, and watching their polarity was interesting and fun.

The marijuana-related aspect to this would be Jasper's trademark pot-cookies. He carries them around and sells them to classmates and faculty alike. Since Edward's got a bit of a stick up his ass, he's never tried pot, but reluctantly gives in when Jasper offers. This is when Edward begins to loosen up a bit. The sexual tension here kind of sneaks up on you. You realize it's there for Edward, but you don’t feel it yourself until it explodes, and Zigster... good lord. She writes good kisses, I'm just saying._


1st Place (Judge Score):La Beep Beep by YellowGlue - Banner
One thing that stands out about Beep Beep is how authentic it really is. I think we've all had similar feelings (whether pot was involved or not) about boys and other such things. There is an innocence about this story, a tentativeness that seems to permeate the entire piece. I also loved that you could totally visualize the pink hairs in the weed (!!!NSFW image!!!) that made it so damn amazing, and that it wasn't just used to get to the lemon--because there really wasn't one, it was just snippets, lots of UST and nothing overt which was refreshing and sweet.
The flow of the story almost mimicked the feeling of being high, and there was also something very alluring about the way the characters were written. You were pulled to them, wanting to follow their story right up until the end. I loved the use of weed, the developement of the relationship and finally, the way they came together and just decided to be, despite the fact that Edward was Bella's brother's friend. It's such an awesome one shot and really, the way it's written it stands alone really well and I didn't feel like I needed more, even though more would be nice ;)

2nd Place (Judge Score): Weekend At Longmeadow by winterstale & Viola Cornuta - Banner
This story was like a time machine back to the summer of '70. The author created this colorful world, rich with the history of that time and filled with music. Sweet sweet music. I fell in love with these characters who seemed so authentic to the time period yet so unpredictable. The scene at Longmeadow was happening and I felt privileged to be a fly on the wall. As an Edward lover, I didn't know what to expect when I saw Garrett as a main character. I'm so glad that I took the time to dive into this world and give Garrett a chance. It was a lot of fun getting to know him, Jasper, Katie, and the rest of the gang. The story really does have an epic quality to it, having the length of a fully told story and the depth of a fantastically developed story world. Loved it!

Third Place (Judge Score): In Case of Emergency by araeo - Banner
There was so much about this one shot to love, from Alice being OCD about even numbers to the foot fetish reference (I hate feet).This was not only well written, with plot, background and an accurate description of substance use and it's aftereffects but the lemon was damn hot! It's obvious that this one-shot was written with care considering how well it flowed and how seamlessly the events which took place were executed. It's one of those one's I would bookmark and read again, and hope another chapter might surface somewhere down the line. It was funny in all the right places and hot in between. While the lemon took up the majority of the story--and I'm not complaining--the use of weed definitely didn't feel like it was thrown in as an afterthought, rather it was a catalyst. Best line: "Smoking weed is like riding a bicycle. You always fucking remembered how." Thanks so much for writing it:)

Again, thank you to everyone who entered! A few authors have mentioned that they will be continuing their fics. If they do so, we’ll link to them from this page as soon as it happens, but make sure to put these guys on author alert!

Until I Got High by Samie James Bait
Only 98 Percent Effective by Lexiecullen17
A Higher Power by SoapyMayhem
Gateway by eyesopenwide
The Treehouse by Wordslinger
Candy From Strangers by Chicklette
Racerback by Zigster
Black Rose by alotmoreofmagic
Let’s Get Heavy by Givemehotknives
Beautiful by duhitsangie
Weekend At Longmeadow by winterstale & viola cornuta
In Case of Emergency by araeo
La Beep Beep by Yellowglue

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