The Right Hand of Tyr-Vespa
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Hi all!

Of course I'm new here. That does not mean, however, that I am a young eleven year old. I am not.

I go by War, Coyote, and WiseinWar, among others.

Formerly and currently known as Tisroc

Personal Property Of Kay.

I am an over 20 college student.

I looooove fanfiction. I loved writing it when I was a kid in middle school. I do not write very often anymore, but since one of my college friends pointed me in the direction of, but maybe I'll find the time between my tons of schoolwork.

I am going to school to become a astronaut. I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid. My favorite was, and still is, the Parasaurolophus.

(Back then, I pronounced it Para-saur-loph-o-sus) :D

Dinosaurs got me into reading books, and I moved on the others. Even though I'm in college I still love reading Young Adult stories. They are much easier to read than testbooks. :P

Favorite Books:

Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, Epic, Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, The Phantom Tollbooth, and many others.

If I were a demigod, I would have to guess that I would 1. Be Roman. This is because a few years ago I traced my family tree back to the ancient roman roots. It turns out that I am a descendant of Pompey the Great, a descendant of a sibling of Brutus (the et tu brute, Brutus)

and a sibling of a coupleof Roman Emperors.

Roman Emperors I can call my Ancestors!!!

Marcus Avitus (brother to Roman Emperor Avitus)

Gordian III of Rome

Gordian I of Rome

Octavia Major (Sister to Caesar Augustus)

... Secondly, I would probably be the son of Athena of course.