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Author has written 3 stories for Sons of Anarchy.

Hi, I'm Deirdre (pronounced Deer-dre)... and these are simple things you should know:

SEX: I am a female.

AGE: shh... it's a secret

LOCATION: Not willing to disclose

PRIMARY OBSESSIONS: Teen Wolf, Sons of Anarchy, Bones, Elementary, Criminal Minds, and every show on Discovery that in some way involves Alaska/doing something stupid in the environment... don't ask me why, I'm f*ing weird and I can't stop watching them. Don't judge me.

An Update and some personal stuff:

It's all done. "Promise Me" is over. I think I'm going to take a long break from writing...everything except my academic writing... can't stop doing that unfortunately... because I ALWAYS struggle with putting my stories out there and this was no exception. I know it wasn't great, and could have been much more polished but I try to write authentic to myself. Please forgive me but I'm shy about this kind of stuff and I hope that some of you can understand that. I've intentions of coming back to this and polishing but that will be much later down the line in my life. I hope you all can understand that. I'll continue to read here and write reviews so if I stumble upon one of your stories let me know!

I'm probably going to change the rating and drop it down into the 'T' category simply because I think it may fit better there since there isn't any explicit behavior between my Tig and my Evie.

Like I said before, this is my story and it's only authentic to myself. I didn't write this with the intentions of anyone liking it, and I certainly didn't write it with the intention of getting as many readers as it has. I'm not a great writer (and some days I don't even think I'm a good one) but I've improved drastically from my first attempts... looking back on those makes me cringe... and I'm still learning. I hope to never stop learning.

For all those out there who liked "Promise Me" Thank you! Good-bye for now lovies. I'll be back, I'm just not sure when.

I really appreciate y'all sticking with me. I know I'm not an easy author to follow because of my huge gaps of time between posts but life gets in the way and since this story was completed back in 2012, I've been dragging my feet doing the editing... I hate editing. Evie and Tig hold a big portion of my attention nearly everyday I just am working on some other things too... and that's all you are getting about that.

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Só Leigheas dot Croí reviews
Poetry. Formally titled: "My Sons, My Boys" Poems told from the point of veiw of various characters. Set durning all four seasons, but some of the better one's are from season two. All short verses. Title translation: "Heal Thy Heart"
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