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Author has written 3 stories for Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice.

Name: Sakura (for all you know it is!)

Age: 14 soon to be 15

Height: 5"1

Weight: 44kg

Favourite HnKnA characters in order of greatest to least: Peter, Dee, Dum, Peirce, Alice, Ace, White joker, Black joker, Vivaldi, Boris, Gray, Julius, Nightmare, Gowland, Elliot, Blood

Music: Hedly, Billy talent, Panic! at the disco, Linken Park and VOCALOID!

Personal quote: Keep Moving Forward!

Random Favourites: Strawberries (Fruit), carrots (Vegetable), Fish/cheese (Food), red (Colour), rabbit (Animal), Kingdom hearts (Video game), The mortal instruments (Book), strawberry milk (Drink), Basketball (Sport), My room (Place), English (Subject in school)

Dream: To be a successful author someday~


Q)Why is Peter your favourite character?

A)I love rabbits, I love the little white rabbit, I love round harry potter glasses and I love pocket watches. It all adds up to me becoming a Peter White fan, unless somehow I get amnesia or something like that but even then I will still be his fan.

Q)Why is Blood your least favourite character?

A)He is a jerk, I hate canes, I hate white suits, I hate knee length boots and I have always hated tha mad hatter. For the same reason I love Peter White it is the same for Blood, the math just all adds up.

Q)How did you stumle across Heart no kuni no Alice?

A)My friend recommended it to me a bunch of times and I kept ignoring her, then eventually I got recommended it on Manga fox and it was love at first sight! Now a year later the friend who wouldn't shut up about getting me to read the manga is now trying to get me to shut up about Peter White. ;)

Q)Do you write anything other than HnKnA fanfictions?

A)I do a little here and there, I plan on being in Nanowrimo in November but for now I'll stick with my fanfics...

Q)What is your favourite Vocaloid song?

A)I reall like any Len songs in general, but my top five are: Alice in dreamland (No duh) Cantarella (Reminds me of Peter) Love is war (Love the pictures and pv) Meltdown (Of course I love Len's version!) and World's end umbrella (I prefer the Hachi revision more that the first :P)

Q)What is your favourite Heart no kuni no Alice opening?

A)I really like the anniversary no kuni no alice opening! It added that cool little, extra flare by adding the violin to the background and changing the words ever so slightly, here and there made it really cool sounding.

Q)Any other manga's or anime's you like?

A)Inuyasha dragged me into the world of anime when I was eight, but before that I watched a little Cardcaptor Sakura and Hamtaro every once in a while. My trigger for liking Sakura is not because of Cardcaptor Sakura however, it is just that I have always found those flowers to be the prettiest. I really enjoy the manga's from Arina Tanemura and am currently reading Sakura hime kaden and am anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Sorry, to any Naruto or Bleach fans but I watched both shows and could not bother watching it all since the series just doesn't end! It keeps on going on and on and on! I have a special place in my heart for those 13 episode anime's like: Astrea Testement, Sola and Elfen Lied. I still watch some things like Soul eater, Hetalia and Ouran high school host club but Bleach and Naruto?

Q)What is your top ten best character list outside of HnKnA?

A)Oooooohhhhh! A top ten list I have never done one before other than for Heart no kuni no Alice! Now lets see...

10) Niwa Daisuke from D.N. Angel (He is so dang cute! ^.^)

9) Syaoran Li from Tsubasa chronicle and Cardcaptor Sakura (He is really funny when he is around Sakura who is oblivious to his feelings! :D)

8) L from Death note (He is so cool, being so smart and sitting in a weird pose eating sweets in the same clothes everyday :)! )

7) Lelouch Lamperouge from Code geass (He may be a sick, twisted, phycotic freak but at least he looks hot doing it :D)

6) Ciel Phantomhive from Black butler (He is so cute I want to eat him! nom, nom, nom, nom!)

5) North Itay from Hetalia (He is so funny and annoying it almost reminds me of me, except that I ain't no coward! ;)! )

4) Dark Mousy from D.N Angel (He is hot, like literally hot, the anime did not do him or Niwa justice but I love the manga and the characters!)

3) Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club (I felt so sorry for him when Haruhi rejected him, but I am happy that I can tell him and Kaoru apart! :D)

2)Senri Shiki from Vampire Knight (I hate Zero and Kaname! >:P Like really incest is only okay when you are a vocaloid named Len or Rin.)

1)Akira Shiraishi from Ai wo utau yori ore ni oborero (He is so hot when he is mad or *in the mood if you get my jest* >;D)

I am like one of the biggest anime/manga nerds you will find at my high school and I am proud to be so and am not afraid to shout out: I am otaku and I am proud of it!!!

Coming soon... maybe?


AcexAlice= May do something along the lines of them switching bodies for a day... >:)

PeterxAlice= Maybe something about Peter and Alice on halloween?

DumxAlicexDee= I want to do something about a childrens game with these three :P

PeircexAlice= I got an idea to do something with turning them both into six year olds... >:D


The diary of a white rabbit= Parody of the diary of a wimpy kid

LOST= Ace gets lost in the woods but is stranded with Alice, Peter and Vivaldi...kinda lame I know :(

Alice the roleholder= What would it be like if Alice was not a foreigner but a roleholder? Would that effect how she acts...of course? :D


Chapter eight of Gamer no kuni no Alice...Answer the question to win...Prize is that you get to choose a scene you want to see happen, no inappropriate stuff though (This a for sure I am doing thing, not a I might do it...)

For my fiftith review for Gamer no kuni no alice...They get a drawing of HnKnA, A oneshot and they get to join me in my little drabble at the beggining of each chapter for 3 chapters! (Yeah, another I am for sure doing thing...)

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