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Hi, I'm ER Lovelace. I like Glee. A lot. And Darren Criss. I am 17, freshly graduated, and I enjoy writing as much as I do listening to music and reading.

I'm a Potterhead, a Gleek, a Kurtsie, a Crisstian, a Colferite, a Whovian, a Sherlockian, and so much more. Don't ever ask what my favorite book is, you'll get about three hours of deliberation, minimum. I love to read, and that led me to discover my passion for wirting. My dad is a movie fanatic, so we go to the theaters all the time to see new movies. I already have my outfit for the Thor movie decided.

At times, I am very aware of my flaws and why I do things that I don't mean to, at others I can be completely oblivious. I am depressingly single, and get lonely often, but I deal. ER Lovelace is a pen name, because I've always been told not to give out my personal info, but I will tell you that I do have a Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, even though I rarely use Twitter for anything more than rants.

My favorite colour is blue and has been for years because it just calms me down. I don't think in words or phrases like I've heard a lot of writers do, I think and remember in images and clips of things in my head. I doodle on anything and everything, even though I am legitimately bad at it. I like to hand-write my stories, so forgive the wait for new chapters and such. I have characters and OCs running around in my head screaming all the time, so forgive any sudden outburst of crazy. I am a libra and have a horrid temper. I tend to get jealous easily, and when I am mad, I will either bitch you out or ignore you, but don't ever accuse me of talking behind your back, because I guarantee you I won't hesitate to say it to your face as well. I am loud-spoken and opinionated, and am definitely trying to figure out my religious beliefs, because I am already quite aware that no one religion that I've come across is quite right with me. I am avid supporter of human rights, and yes that includes gay marriage. My fandoms are far and wide, and you will probably see things that you don't ship here, but I don't care, because it's what I like, and you don't have to read it for me to like it. I am highly paranoid and secretive, and I'm very much a loner at times, mostly because my two half-siblings live an hour away from me, and I hardly get to see them, so I grew up as an only child with my father, the youngest at my aunt's, and the oldest at my mom's, so I've experienced it all, and they all have upsides and downsides. My family and friends tease me about being afraid of the dark, but I am very much not afraid of the dark, simply the things in it. I like to write drabbles and whatnot, so don't be surprised to see some of those on here as well.


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Transfer reviews
Kurt isn't popular, and after transferring to Dalton, meeting Blaine, and then transferring back to McKinley because of his father's second heart attack, nothing has changed. Except that Blaine's at McKinley, and he's just as popular as he was at Dalton.
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Kurt almost gets run over, and the would-be murderer turns out to be the student teacher for glee club, and there's something off about him...
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Courage reviews
Set after Furt. Kurt transfers to Dalton and meets new people, and the founder's great-great-grandson, the school heartbreaker, and a Brit with a crush are among them. Will Kurt finish the year with his sanity - and his heart - intact?
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