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Hello there. My name is Box, I know it's a boring name, but what are you going to do. I'm an American, and like most Americans I enjoy eating, and the internet, so I could only wonder how awesome it would be to eat the internet. During the time I'm not considering devouring the largest deposit of information on earth I'm usually watching anime, or reading manga, or some random comic book, or playing D&D, or MSH. Basically I'm a big gluttonous nerd, but it's alright since I enjoy my lifestyle, and even have EIGHT friends.

Well, I guess that's all that's interesting about me, So long all!

Oh yeah, I like exclamation points!

Well, seeing as I've had the lame paragraph above as my profile for a while now, I suppose I should put up an actual profile that will let you know more about me.

While I will deny nothing I wrote above, I am in fact much more busy than that would make me seem. I'm a worker, If I don't have either a thousand little projects, or a big project I can focus completely on, I'm not happy. Spare time is one of the worst things for me to have unless I can fill it with one of my interests, such as reading. About three days before I decided to post my story Beyond Friendship, I was reading a book, and suddenly the idea came to me as i glanced over to my huge book collection spilling off my bookshelf, and taking up half of my tiny room, I really, really enjoy reading, so why not write something myself for others to read, and hope that they can get some enjoyment out of my writing.

I racked my mind to find something to write about, and just went through topics I liked, not coming to a decision until I was browsing around for any sites that would allow me post some stories for people to read. I happened across our cozy community here, and started reading through some stories, and decided at last this was the place. So i picked out my four favorite animes, and rolled a good ol' D20 to decide which one I would write about. Turns out it was Lucky Star because I rolled a natural 20 (16-20 was designated to Lucky Star.)

Then came my horror. I had to wait two days to post a story. During this time I actually considered that i may in fact be a spam bot, but I toughed it out by reading a bunch of the great Lucky Star fics already out here, and decided I'd like to a romance after I read that famous fic by Weluvgirlswithglasses. Oddly enough it wasn't their story that made me decide on Konata and Kagami as the couple though. What made me decide on that was actually a story I can't seem to find at the moment in which The Tsundere and Otaku were kidnapped, and held ransom. I really wish that story would be finished, and I'll get around to tracking it down again so I can get the title up, and give proper credit.

Anyways, after that I dedicated myself to reading all of the Konami fics I could find, and I think I have currently read all the completed ones on the site.

I would like to give a special shoutout to all the people who have bothered reading my work, and I promise once again, as long as you keep telling me how to make my writing stronger, I will work hard to improve my stories.

Guess it's time for personal aspects now, let's see... I guess my primary job would be as a butcher. I cut innocent helpless animals into delectable munchies to fill people's need to have a happy meat face. I usually put in 40 hours a week, but I find myself increasingly often called in to work 60 hours a week, which is why my updates on the story seem slower sometimes.

I'm an actor. I have been for about 8 years now. My favorite roles I have performed include,

Jerry- The Zoo Story (Yes, I did the half hour monologue, and yes, it was epic.)

Cyrano de Bergerac - Same, Was a thoroughly enjoyable role. Tragic, but very enjoyable.

The Emcee - Cabaret

Dr. Naughty - Radio Shows for Recording

The Creature - Frankenstein 1930 (Fun.)

Mr. Kraler - The Diary of Anne Frank

The Tramp - The Drowned Man scene from the Play "The Good Doctor." (I played several roles in that show, but The Tramp was my favorite.)

Carter - A Shoggoth on the Roof, Oh how I loved that. I only wish I could have done the whole show. I only had one person to perform with though, so we did a compilation of all the Carter and Warren scenes with one of my friends playing The Ghoul.

I've done most every aspect of performance at least once, I love it very much, but I just never had the kind of drive required to make a career out of it.

Anyways, thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy my stories. If you ever have any questions or even just feel in the mood for idle chat, feel free to send me a message, I really enjoy hearing from folks.

Youtube Video AMV Konata and Kagami - I enjoyed it.

If for whatever reason you ever get it into your head to make me happy, let me state the fastest way to do so. Please either send me a PM discussing what you liked or disliked about my stories. Please go in-depth, I can take criticism, and it helps me improve very much, OR leave a review on the story you want to discuss with all the information I'd like to have in that PM.

I'd prefer a PM since that can be discussed more easily, and I'm not really one of those people who constantly watches their review count, but I still appreciate each and every one that helps me improve, after all I'm writing for not only my enjoyment, but the enjoyment of my readers too, and it's hard to progress very far into that goal without some sort of feedback.

My Dream as a Fanfiction writer is to one day have someone base a fanfiction on one of my own. I think that's the highest compliment i could ever receive as a fanfiction author.

After seeing it on Yaaga's profile, I couldn't help but respect the Favorite Author's section he put on his profile, and decided to add my own.

First off

Vossago-This Author gets a hats off from me for pulling off a completely epic crossover story. I hope he writes another one someday, and the way he left the ending open to be deciphered at the end was incredible. *SPOILER ALERT FOR HIS STORY* My first thought was that at the end, Konata was simply living out her adventure as written by an alternate Konata. I thought that really explained why she had her god powers like Haruhi, but then I thought maybe she didn't have God Powers at all, it just seemed that way because an alternate Konata was writing the adventure. A lot of people have thought a lot of different things.*END SPOILER*

Next comes Flygon Master-Flygon Master has a knack for not only writing some cute moments, but good dialogue as well. The reason he/she made my favorite Author's list so quickly though was his/her growth as a writer. It's obvious this person puts a lot of effort and love into what they write.

Yoshimizu Soup-He has big deams, and a big vocabulary. The way he describes things is my favorite thing about his story, and his great sense of humor is a close second. Hopefully he'll eventually finish his story, I'd like to see that.

Zokusho-I'm sure this Author needs no introduction to you. He's the writer of Lucky Star Truth or Dare! Among other things, but one thing that i fell in love with about his writing is the character interaction. The way they talk, and react to each other really makes them come alive, and it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience to follow the delightful dialogue and banter he writes.

M.J.W. 2011- I love reading this author's stories. The reason should be obvious. The cuteness of the characters is just on a whole other level than most stories. A lot of the time I just want to just reach out and hug the characters as this guy portrays them.

Chaotrix-I love her stories so much, the writing style is very unique, and also her story, Ransom, is the whole reason I wrote a Konami story. The way she portrayed their feelings for each other just made it impossible to resist that pairing. Thank you, and please continue writing soon.

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