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Hey hey, Nico Hana here, overseer and ever frazzled archivist of this fine establishment, helpfully brewed up by the folks at SpaceBattles to have a handy reference for all the various drabbles and snippets that the “Usagi as raised by the GEoM idea”, started by AbyssalDaemon, thread breeds.

Though do please note, we are using the manga versions of the Senshi would are a great deal more badass in comparison to the anime Senshi, even without being Warhammer-ized, while still having silly, lighthearted and more importantly human interactions.

Which are pretty important, would you say?

So, I, and all the authors hope we have managed to capture that to the best of our ability.


IT IS THE 41st Millenium. For more than a hundred
centuries the Emperor has guided Mankind from the
Golden Throne of Earth. He is master of humanity through
his ceaseless labours since before the dawn of history
and protector of the galaxy through the might of his
inexhaustible armies. He is the burning sun at the heart
of the Imperium, God in deed if not in word.

YET EVEN IN his divine status, the Emperor is not alone.
Unstoppable and magnificent, his followers lead mighty
fleets and legions in Great Crusades across the universe,
against the infinite enemies of humanity. At the forefront
of this are the brotherhood of Primarchs: the pinnacle of
genetic engineering, the ultimate masters of warfare and
progenitors of his Space Marine legions. In the name of
their father they have united a million worlds beneath
their banners. Chief amongst the children of the Emperor
is his daughter, the Silver Moon of the Imperium,
Princess Serenity. She is the vessel of all humanity's
hopes and dreams and her court of Senshi tread the stars
beside her brothers: lanterns of civilisation beside the
torches of war.

TO BE A man in such a times is to stand between
greatness and oblivion. For ten thousand years the
Imperium has teetered between ascencion to greatness
beyond imagining and a long and irreverible
annihilation at the hands of mankind's myriad foes. It is
to live knowing that Gods and Demons walk amongst us,
that every moment battles are fought that will decide the
future of everything, battles waged by both humble
Imperial Guardsman and the great God Machines of the
Adeptus Mechanicum, by the impassioned preaching of
the Ecclesiarchy and by the subtle agency of the Ordos of
the Inquisiton.

THESE ARE THE tales of those times. Forget the power of
faith and technology, for neither religion nor science can
predict the destiny of man. Forget the promise of
inheritance by the meek, for in the grim dark future there
is only struggle. Mankind is a star ascendant, but how
much further can a star rise before it falls?


Status Update:

Sunday 20th January 2013: Apologies if this caused anyone undue concern, but after a request by Bloody Mary and Shan'xara, it was decided to move this story from this account, to Mary's personal one. As it would be both quicker and easier for everybody (incase they has any strange ideas about the posting order of chapters/story-arcs) if they remained in charge.

Hope you all continue to enjoy the story none-the-less!


Sunday 25th December: A big Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers, and a slightly bigger update than normal for you guys as a thank you from all of the team here at Lovehammer Inc. Hope the season treats you all well! :D

Monday 29th August: In the name of the anniversary of the thread that spawned the theme of "Lovehammer", I finally get off my backside and update, which I have been neglecting far too long, not to mention any writing, but writers block and life is a vexing thing indeed. My sincerest apologies for keeping you waiting, dear readers. Hope this kick starts the idea generator in my brain...

Friday 3rd June 2011: Please note that now much of the backlog has been uploaded here, the updates will very likely become more sparse and/or sporadic, which does not mean to say we have given up on this project. Oh no, we still have so much more to do, planned or not. >:3

- Nico Hana, Archivist.

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