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Name: Shirayuki Hoshi (Snow White Star) as of 7-24-2012. Formerly Kamikaze Hoshi

Gender: Female

Age: Confidential, old enough to be on

Hello, I'm Shirayuki Hoshi, but please just call me Hoshi (and nothing else). I'm obviously a writer who enjoys writing fanfiction, and I particularly enjoy doing fanfics for video games. Occasionally I'll do a one-shot or two for an anime/manga or book, but expect video game fics from me most often.

(As of 1-2-13, my birthday!!!) My current interest is Assassin's Creed: III. I got it the day after Christmas and have been playing it almost everyday. (UPDATE) I've beaten the game and I'm currently replaying it and doing all the sidequests. Anyways, I've been nonstop about AC3 and for the first time in more than half a year, I'm prompted to write a fanfic. It will feature my new OC and will be Connor/OC (because I'm insanely in love with him X3). Hopefully it'll turn out nice and I'll upload it to AC3 FTW!!!

My [older] sister A.S. Hitch (which is not our actual last name) is on! I'm not sure what she's writing at the moment, but check her out!


If you have a user on FF, please do not email me. My email is reserved for anon reviewers. If you have a user, please PM me.

My friends on FF (at least I hope they're my friends):

The Moonlight Sonata

Reborn Blood

Shadow of the End

Carefree Luminary

Works in progress (in case it's not obvious, I post this stuff here so I don't forget my ideas lol):

Most People: If you didn't read the above part, I am obsessed with AC3 at the moment. Got the title now; just gotta actually write it! Hopefully it'll be up soon, but life tends to get in the way, and I've been sort of busy lately ("busy" as in chasing down almanac pages and getting full sync on every single memory so I can get Altair's robes).

Challenging Fate Rewrite: Some of you may be familiar with my White Knight Chronicles story I wrote about two years ago (as of 2013). I said I would take it down and rewrite it, but I never did, lol. I was actually busy with legitimate things these last two years, but I actually have a good amount of time for myself now. I'll be rewriting this, but I don't know how fast I'll do it since I have Most People to think about too (not to mention I tend to pay more attention to things I become obsessed with).

But a Nord: This will be my TESIV: Oblivion story. I haven't written any of this whatsoever, and it only popped in my mind recently. (I actually planned to write this a few months ago, but never did) With Challenging Fate and Most People in the way, I have no clue when I'll actually start this. No worries though, I promise I'll do it.

Stories you can expect in the future (#1 being the one you can expect soon-ish):

1. AC3 DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington (I'm not going to start this one until The Redemption comes out because I want to know everything that happens in the story before I start to write it. I might come up with an idea that fits with what's happened so far, but won't fit the rest of the story. Plus, unlike my AC3 story where I'll follow the main questline, I plan to start it out different than how it started in the game)

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

3. Dragon Age II

4. Fable III

Stories I might do, once I get around to playing more of the game (these are in no particular order):

1. Dragon Age: Origins

2. Fable II

3. Mass Effect series

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