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Author has written 5 stories for Bleach, Back to the Future, and Bible.

Basics about myself:



-In love with the Ulquiorra/Orihime pairing--the sole reason behind my setting up this account.

-My interest in writing has drastically increased as a result of getting involved with this website. I am excited to bring the characters I love to life.

Some notes on my fanfics:

Libélula: This fic is one of the recommended fanfics on TV Tropes! Thank you to whomever recommended it!

As much as I want to jump into romance, it is my strong opinion that characters like Ulquiorra and Orihime cannot explore this aspect of their relationship until considerable time has passed, Orihime has had a chance to discard her sympathies for Kurosaki (I want to respect that about Orihime; she deserves that after all of the bashing she gets in the Bleach fandom), and Ulquiorra accepts his emotions and finally allows himself to feel. Character development does not happen overnight. Someone does not get over their first love immediately. I wanted to create something real. I will probably create more Ulquihime oneshots within the universe of Libélula at some point, but first, the characters will have needed time to develop. I hope you continue reading the tale and can appreciate my perspective. That is why my most treasured reviews are the ones that compliment my portrayal of the characters. Thank you!! I am trying really hard to be realistic, but I do believe characters can change. In my view, this is one of the purposes of fanfiction. To create our own world in a realistic way that captures the characters we have come to love. Orihime is outgoing, yes, but she is a shy person when it comes to romance. She didn’t dare to kiss the man she loved even when he was asleep, when it would possibly be the last time she would ever see him. She held back then and has reserved her confession for years. And Ulquiorra denies love itself. These are not the kind of people to submit to emotional whims when it comes to romance (in my view). This is how I chose to approach this story.

Bells: I don’t feel I can do the character of Zaraki justice, to be honest. He cusses too much, and I’m not comfortable writing foul language. But KenUno is probably my second favorite pairing in Bleach, so we’ll see what happens with this fic…if you have any tips on this, please let me know OTL

I have a lot of ideas, but there is so little time and so much to do.

Future Fics: I am currently working on at least two other UlquiHimes...one of them is still in the "ideas" stage, and with the other one I have the plot mainly worked out and have started writing. I have also started working on a Sesshoumaru/Older Rin fic that I am extremely excited about. In addition, I am planning on writing a Bible fanfic about the outpouring of the New Testament miracles...I'm quite giddy about that one as well. I have also been entertaining a Bleach/Sailor Moon crossover, but that one...I don't know. We'll see.

Things you will NOT find in my fanfics:

Lemons/limes or any sort of sexual material, strong vulgarity, or anything that might warrant an M rating

Requests for reviews - It really annoys me when I'm reading through a really well-done fanfic, and then I get to the author's note and they ask for reviews. I love getting reviews, but I will never ask for them.

Things you will not likely find in my fanfics:

Bad grammar (I am happy to get my errors corrected!)


Things you WILL find in my fanfics:

Author's notes

What I perceive to be pressing news


Hopefully, a good read!

Favorite pairings:


Ulquiorra/Orihime (my obvious favorite)

Kenpachi/Unohana (I really don't care if this is crack...I say it's legit!) (Update: I shipped this when it was crack XD)






Sailor Moon:

Senshi/Shittenou, particularly:




Sesshoumaru/Older Rin


The Wallflower:



Boys Over Flowers:


Yuuki/Sojirou (actually, this is more the case in the Korean Drama)

Inu X Boku SS





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