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24 nov. 2k15:

pidge perfect 2 - we're back, pigeons.

Want to read some stuff of mine that hasn't yet hit ff? Most of my stuff is posted at pigeonattack.com before it gets here. Subscribe if you like what you see (or just happen to be one of those people who have to be the first to read something…) ;D

Type this URL to get to the Burnt Corners page (with a teaser First Chapter): www[dot]pigeonattack[dot]com[/]burnt-corners[dot]html

Annnd a link to "Chat, Advertising, and World Domination": www.fanfiction.net/myforums/pigeonattack/2692267/


I'm pidge.

Art is my life. Writing is my release. Knitting is my great excuse to carry around lethal weapons, while at the same time making snuggly items of love.

Paper is magic. Graphite is my birthstone, in a different crystalline build.

Whiteboards were made to be vandalized.

That's all you need to know, but if you're interested...

Asian by blood, American by birth. Stalkers and identity thieves, just try hunting me down. There are probably only, like, several hundred million people who fit those descriptions.

Then again, I gotta say I'm pretty unique.

I have nine ways to break your arm and/or knock you unconscious under ten seconds, and a bajillion ways to make you beg for unconsciousness.

People've called me:




-pigeonmeister (courtesy of WestOfTheMoonbeam- dear, you rock)


All with a lowercase p.

Equality of letters and all.

Ask e.e.cummings.


I’m sure you’re pondering my choice of penname.

Pigeons are mad gangsta. They go where they want. Eat what they want. Vandalize *cough, cough* whatever they feel like vandalizing. You can chase ‘em away, but they’ll always come back. We humans think we run the city, but it’s these winged street fighters that really rule the urbs.

Pigeons are also wickedly determined. Most of the animals that received the Dickin Medal for incredible military service (the animal equivalent for the Victoria Cross) are pigeons. They’ve saved thousands of lives by their refusal to give up delivering a crucial message. (One pigeon saved an entire town by letting the Allied forces know that they really shouldn’t bomb a city already captured by other Allied forces. Another was sent by some troops being barraged by their own team. He was shot near the heart and in the wing, and one of his legs was hanging by a single tendon. Little things like that.) Pigeons pwn.

Don’t pick a fight with a pigeon. Ever.

Wanna know what I like to write?

-Humor (ahaha... not sure how good I am at it, though...)

-Romance (the fuzzy and angsty kinds... mmm)

-Crack (which gets out of control in my hands, and I never really post, unless I sneak it into some story or another)

Wanna know what I like to read?



-Crack (especially when it gets out of control)

I'm extremely critical, and the above criteria aren't by any means the only things I judge a fic by. It's a little complicated to explain, and it takes a lot to make it to my favorites list.

Are you here 'cause you're wondering why I flamed you? These are the things you might have done to tick me off.

Your grammar sucked. Seriously, reading bad grammer feels more unpleasant to me than drinking Robitussin. I hate it. It’s painful, and doesn’t do justice to the characters or readers. If you have any respect for fanfiction.net and its users, please take the extra few minutes to check over your grammer. Or better yet, get a beta. (That rhymes!)

You wrote in your summary something along the lines of “summary sucks. just read it.” Why use that summary if you know it sucks? Usually the summary is what entices me to read a fic, so if you want readers, take a few minutes to write a decent one. They’re not that hard. If you can’t write a summary, I’m willing to bet you can’t write an entire fic, either.

You had the nerve to put in "be nice i'm only eleven" or something along those lines. Eleven year olds aren't even supposed have fanfiction accounts. If you're eleven and offended, complain to fanfiction.net. I didn't make that rule.

Your characters are OOC. I understand and agree that it can sometimes be difficult to keep characters in-character. That's no excuse. Please, for the sake of everyone's sanity, don't make characters OOC.

You've invented a whole new style of punctuation. This is something that really drives me nuts. Punctuation and the rules of dialogue are elementary. If you throw in commas where commas really don't belong, forget them where you really need them, and things like that... I mean, come on. Really, now? When you're thirteen or above? To avoid flames from yours truly, read your fanfic aloud before publishing it, giving commas half a pause, periods a full pause, etc. Does this sound familiar? Y'all did it in first grade, people.

A tiny percentage of fanfics have none of those errors. I consider them golden. However, make one of those mistakes, and the gold turns to charcoal. And I flame it. Yay for metaphors!


Everyone's probably gotten even more bored and left my pathetic little profile by this time, but I'll say it anyways.

While it's true that I leave lots of nasty stuff lying around (stuff like flames, not stuff stuff) anyone who PMs me with a little "Hi!" or "I accept your flame" automatically goes on my mental "awesome people" list. I'll answer any questions you have for me, and I'll be happy to offer tidbits of advice. Amid the crap heap of Mary-Sue authors, I know there are some incredible, aspiring writers, many of whom just need a coaxing in the right direction. Many of whom won't respond to that coaxing and force me to lift 'em by the belt and drop-kick 'em off to where they should be. Many of need someone to set fire to their pants before they get movin'.


I've had the privelige of meeting and coresponding with some of the greatest writers fanfiction.net has to offer, whom I'll not deign to mention as not to offend those unmentioned. Anyone I flame, it's 'cause I want them to improve.

Ships I sail:

Harry Potter:

All in cannon, plus some...others that I can't mention, for familial reasons.

Percy Jackson

Also all in-cannon. I especially love Chrisse. It's adorable. FF.net currently has no good Chrisse fanfiction, and maybe one or two Percabeths. PM me if you beg to differ.


See my ficlets. Ottra, Wingelby, duhduhduh

Teen Titans

I wuv this TV series. Everything Robin does and says is so cliche, but I couldn't care less.

RobinxStarfire- YIPPEEEE!!!

BBRae- Mmmm...

Mysterious Benedict Society

Nada. They're friends. That's it. To those shippers who keep trying to pair up Kate and Reynie, three words. Eat. My. Pants.

Artemis Fowl

Nil. I don't like Minerva, and Holly was still more mature than Artemis when he aged and she got younger in the time tunnel(book 6). Sue me.



Pokemon Special/Adventures

Oh, gods, this manga is so good so good so good...

Special (Red and Yellow) cutecutecute

Chosen (Blue and Sivler) oh, the beautiful angst

Psycho (Sabrina and Red) hee hee... jkjk

Fanart inspired-by/for my fanfiction

Um, enjoy my fics. Please review. It makes me very happy. And when I'm happy, I write more.




Let me systematically address the things to be addressed.

Your expert insight on the relations between Nero and Raven is spot on as always.

Your expert insight on the relations between Wing and Otto are almost spot on. You just spelled WFOM incorrectly.

Your expert insight on the relations between Laura and Otto is spot on as always, which is why we have FANON!

Your expert insight on the relations between Shelby and Otto is spot on as always.

Your expert insight on the relations within the HP verse are spot on as always.

Your expert oversight of HoH is admirable and dangerous. Yours is an unpopular opinion.

Your sentiments on the relations between Tamaki and Kyouya are consonant as always.

I agree that Kaoru is supehhhr cool but Hikaru is a booby. (Hey there, kids! I refer of course to the eastern Pacific seabird.)

Your sentiments on Haruhi YEAH YOU DA BOM LADY.

Regarding your sentiments on Free!, I refer you to this page.

Your sentiments on DN are consonant as always and I will never get over it no no no it's been over a year and this cow is not getting over the moon.

I look forward to enjoying CCS and Bartimaeus. I also look forward to enjoying Bartimaeus' trilogy.

The awards given out... I was eating yogurt the whole time storming all over the house. Why do you do this, man? Everything is suddenly so raw and new again. It kills me like a wrecking ball. You didn't miss anyone.

Your argument on shipping wars is skewed. I think they're hilarious. Nothing like such a happy slugfest, in the words of Ares, and as an Aries, I must say I agree! Also, you have never been bludgeoned to death. There is a discrepancy in your Boolean algebra. You say that line but i know you better than that. Hey watcha doin' with a line like that.

Regarding orders: dangit, girl, you keep misspelling things! Except you didn't misspell M&M, except in spirit. Know what I say about your candy argument?

So other than that, I think we're in agreement and can continue our cordial friendship. Yay!

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Fanmail reviews
They're being held at Studio 254, known to be quite possibly the most terrifying environment in the world- if one happens to land on their host's hit list. Their every answer is monitored and transcripted. Ask at your own risk.
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