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I don't really have much to say about me. I spent enough time grounded over a 12 year period of my life that I grew to love reading. When I was in seventh grade I tried my hand at writing, starting with Naruto fanfiction. Needless to say it was horrible and I regret even posting it online. I'm grateful that the fic was lost when that site moved. I've worked on many other fanfictions none of them coming to completion, mostly due to Writer's Block. The rest because of technical issues and losing all of my unpublished chapters.

My freshman year of high school was marked by my introduction into forum based roleplaying. And the year after was marked by my first gaming convention. It was around this time I started writing decently (though not as good as most authors - published or posted - I've read), but I'm still my own worst critic. It was also around this time I shifted from fanfiction to original work. I refined my writing techniques over the following period and now have a decent system, though I lack some motivation. Every so often, I stop writing for a while due to Writer's Block and then struggle to get myself restarted.

I also play various video games to help soothe my turbulent mental issues. This in turn leads to me occasionally writing fanfiction or being inspired with a semi-original idea.

My favorite genres are Fantasy and Science Fiction. I'll read Modern Fantasy or Modern Supernatural as well, and highly respect those who can keep their facts straight when writing a story set in the modern or historical world or even creating a completely new world with the works (maps, history, languages, current events, cities, towns, religions, et cetera).

Often times I'll take a gaming approach to writing. Using character sheets (whether of my own creation or an establish RPG system), I'll write out my characters stats and powers, making it easier for me to keep everything straight. My story Goddess Born is a prime example of this. Using the Scion Roleplaying Game, I mapped out each of the characters, wrote notes concerning each one, listed their knacks and boons. In another couple of stories based loosely in the World of Darkness RPG universe, I have notes on how I want the characters to develop and when.

Okay so a few things you'll notice if you read any of my works for very long:

Aodh Stormeyes' Rules of Swordfighting:
1) "Pointy end goes in the other man." -> The Mask of Zorro
2) "Throat and groin; protect yours, aim for theirs." -> David Gemmel's Waylander

Aodh Stormeyes' Shade's Code:
1) A shade has no friends – only shika. I do not love. I do not hate. Emotions are only chains that will destroy me.
2) A shade has no identity. I am nameless. I must be everyone and no one.
3) A shade has no conscience. Life is empty. When I take a life I am taking nothing of value. I am a killer. Killing is all I do. It is all I am.
4) A shade is one with Darkness. I embrace shadows and breathe silence. I am ordinary. I am invisible.
5) A shade knows there are no rules, no laws. There are only two laws to living: survival and death. There is no justice. There is no sin. There is no higher purpose or meaning. There is only this life.
6) A shade does not make mistakes. To make a mistake means death, therefore I make none. I do not hesitate, I am always right.
7) A shade has no past or future. I am only a part of the present.
8) A shade does not have targets, I have shika. The remaining life of a shika is only a formality when I take a contract.
9) I am a shade, not a lowly assassin.

So from reading the second list, many of you are probably wondering what a "shade" is. No, it is not the same creature as the ones in Paolini's Inheritance Cycle. If you want the closest example, look at Brent Weeks' Night Angel Trilogy. The concept of a wetboy is what I based a shade off of. This is kind of my own code to live by if I were to be an assassin. I created this mainly for an original story, but it also can work in the real world.

If you wish to use the second list for your own works, contact me. If you wish to paraphrase it for yourself or use a portion of it, feel free.

Okay so here's the deal with my stories if you've been wondering:

The Elder Scrolls Series:

Prophecies and Mad Gods are complete. Alerting for more chapters doesn't help you.

Books 3, 4, & 5: My cousin has managed to convince me to finish Book 3. Books 4 & 5 will be written as a summary despite a renewed friendship with the other Author, who goes by Kestrel Harper on this site. This is due to her own discontinuation of the story and my own desire to get the series over with. Instead, I shall write Book 3 all the way up to the Oblivion Crisis, then upload the summary and afterwards you get...

A Skyrim Fanfiction! This one takes place using the same lore as the rest of the TES universe except what was modified in Prophecies to what would have been Book 5. The main character is different, though the fic is still written in first person. You will see some of the old characters you grew attached to in the other five books, but don't expect too many Deus ex Machinas. As the main character is different, it is not an Author-Insert.

The Inheritance Cycle:

Blödh abr du Shur'tugalar is on hiatus until I can work past the writer's block I'm having (probably by finding a way of rewriting the chapter). I apologize for the inconvenience.


Goddess Born has been discontinued. If you wish to pick it up again, let me know.

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