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Books rock!

I'd read all the time, but due to the inconveniences of school i.e. homework, I never get to read for as long or as much as I'd like. Sigh.

I recommend to all aspiring writers out there to read Stephen King's book On Writing (can be located in pdf format on the internet). Helpful tips on writing are presented in a quirky and original style, his own personal experiences incorporated into the text also. I learnt loads from this book and feel it has improved my writing quite substantially - seriously, this book changed my life!

Link to PDF format of Stephen King's On Writing:

Anyway, my favourite authors?

Steven King: writer extraordinaire, and in my opinion, the best thing since the cheese sandwich. My favourite novels of his include Misery (epic), The Stand (a story of thought provoking moral dilemmas), and any of his short stories.

Dean Koontz: no one can beat his ingenious characters. I love a good exchange of witty banter, and his characters (that you become so attached to) deliver this oh so brilliantly. Lightening (containing the best characters EVER!), Midnight (some freaky stuff), and Life Expectancy (did not see some of those plot twists coming) are my favourite novels of his.

James Patterson: what a great imagination! Flying kids that were raised in labs where they had recombinant DNA grafted into their genes? Genius.

Patricia Cornwell: great characters (Marino rules!), great plots with numerous twists and turns. Who could ask for more in a murder mystery novel?

Sir Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes? Brilliant. My favourite story has to be the Speckled Band.

Mark Robson: amazing. I purchased one of his books at a book award a few years ago and began to read it a few months later (I wasn't much of an avid reader then - a book would take me at least two months), read it in 5 days, and have been reading ever since. I immediately purchased the second book in the series: Imperial assassin, as part of the Imperial series, and read it just as quickly (I was a slow reader and still am now, though I have speeded up some so it's not unusual for me now to finish a book in a day or two).

I could mention so many more authors, but I'm not sure a profile page should be a string of book reviews, so I'll leave it there.

My Stories

I'm Leaving: A one-shot on Fang's thoughts when he leaves the Flock at the end of Fang: A Maximum Ride novel.

The Last Stand: Set after the events of the the third Maximum Ride novel: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. This has currently been postponed as I'll be solely focusing on Ambiguity. Originally I'd planned on completing this story before taking on a new one, but once the idea for Ambiguity had lodged itself into my mind, I just couldn't resist writing a chapter to see as to whether the concept may work. That first chapter has since grown to twenty-one, as the idea of Max and Fang's relationship paralleling a novel took on the theme of ambiguity. Postponed.

Ambiguity: Fang has been Max's archenemy since Kindergarten. This epithet, however, begins to change when they both enter college and Max realises that Fang's life is "not everything is as it seems". Foreshadowing is presented in the form of a novel the pair are studying in class, Ambiguity, and how the main protagonists of the story, Samantha and David, parallel the actions and feelings of them both. Complete.

MISSING: Max hasn't been home in almost 6 years, having been away at Oxford, wanting to forget about her deceased father. But now, having been offered a position at the research facility, Itex, Max has to face her past, including her childhood friend Fang.

Peace, love and coca cola!

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