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I am a 30 year old Gay male Gamer from Scotland, in the UK.

My hobbies include reading, writing, gaming (obviously), swimming, and I go to the gym twice a week; this is because I am unemployed at the moment so I have a lot of time on my hands. I try to keep myself busy with my hobbies, and most recently the writing bug has bit me again.

I am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, anything that Whoopi Goldberg has been in, Battlestar Galactica (and Caprica), I used to like Glee (I went off it when Klaine reunited, it was an unhealthy relationship people!), any and all books by Raymond E Feist, the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R R Martin (finish them already!), and I love the Harry Potter universe.

Gaming wise I pretty much like any game that has a good story, and dislike any game that has a bad story/writing. Examples would be almost any game by Bioware (always amazing/fantastic writing) prior to ME3 for a well written game, and examples of a badly written game would be Fallout 3 (any and all interactions with "Dad" in that game was pretty bad and the overarcing premise/MQ is terrible) - not that I really dislike Fallout 3, gameplay wise its great but the story kind of ruins it for me (I love New Vegas though).

What else?

Well I am no longer single, have a very sweet boyfriend. Live near Glasgow. Dont speak any foreign languages really; I learned French, German, Spanish, and Russian at school but I could probably barely speak more than two words in any of them these days.

I have a few things to say about Fanfic authors/writers; or rather a few general rules that I work by that I feel that is essential for a writer to stick to to not turn potential readers off of reading your Fics.

Rule 1=
Do not ever, EVER write in first person (by that I mean in terms of narration IE: "My Name Is... Finn Hudson, and I...") as it is a style of writing that is very difficult to read because it doesn't flow well. It is one of the many reasons why the Twilight books are so appalling.
Rule 2=
Try your very best to research the subject/place/culture/person you are writing about (Example: In Harry Potter fan fics it is very jarring to have Harry suddenly refer to things like Sorcerer's Stone, 7th Grade, Sidewalks, or Pants etc; he would instead Philosopher's Stone, 1st Year/7th Year, Path, or Trousers etc) so that you remain in character and in context. Mistakes are expected but as long as you at least try to stay in context then most people will forgive you.
Rule 3=
There is NEVER an excuse for poor spelling. Not even if you are a non-english speaker writing in English. All good word processing programs have a spell check program (which you can set to English UK or English US) and I believe this site also has a spell checker on it.
Rule 4=
Related to rule three, use the correct words in the correct situations. Example using Sight when you are referring to a location (or website) instead of the correct Site is wrong.
Rule 5=
Try your very best to be as grammatically correct as possible in narration. The grammar rules exist to keep your writing flowing and easy to read, please use them. Obviously no one expects perfection but as wth Rule 2, as long as you try then most people forgive you for mistakes you make.
Rule 6=
When writing a novel length fic (or any fic that isn't a drabble) to post onto a site such as you want each chapter to be a reasonable length; for myself I aim for around 5000 words (no less than 3500 words IMO) excluding Author's Notes per chapter, that works out to around 10 word processor pages with Times New Roman Font at size 12. Anything less is really too short IMO (if you have yourself a multi chaptered fic that has 7 chapters and only 6000 or less words then you have yourself a shit fic that wont flow and people wont read with any genuine degree of enjoyment).
Rule 7=
It is important when writing FanFic for an author to write the characters correctly; keep them In Character or have a very very good in context well explained story reason for them to be acting Out of Character.
Rule 8=
I could have lumped this in with Rule 7 but it happens so much in fan fic that it warrants its own rule. Stay away from Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's (characters that are perfect in every way, have every single power ever, are generally beloved by all, never experience any difficulty, and can never ever lose) and from Author Insert characters (fantasy versions of the author themself that the writer puts into the story and are often Mary Sue's). This is very important because these types of characters are just not interesting and no one besides the author cares and wants to read about them.

If I think about any more "rules" I will add to this list. I would encourage other FF authors to repost it on their profiles too.

Ill update this as I think of more to say. :)


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