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Author has written 18 stories for Tekken, X-Men: Evolution, Card Captor Sakura, X-Men, Harry Potter, and Cowboy Bebop.

I used to be Lady Lowe. Call me Ning.

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Current Projects

1. Self Indulged -- X-Men: Evo -- Rated R for drug abuse, sexual situations, and profanity.

Chapter Eleven: You Should Have Never Bothered At All
Rogue did it again. She left him, and all he could remember was her kiss. Funny how it usually happened like that. Her soft lips placed against his and the suffocation, the pain as if he was shriveling through the inside. Such beauty that brought such pain.

2. Past and Present -- CardCaptor Sakura --I know that in my third chapter it says that I'm disappointed by the number of reviews, and trust me, I once was, but now, thank you to EVERYONE that reviewed. I'm just busy with other stuff. Rated R for sexual innuendos.

Chapter Three
“It's ok, it's ok,” Sakura murmured softly. Her voice was softer than a whisper, and she held the sheets tightly to herself. She knew that it was Syaoran, her Syaoran, and she knew that he might remember…

STATUS: HIATUS. I'm afraid it still will be. I'm trying to figure out where this was going before I lost the drafts, and I haven't seen this anime in so long.

3. Tekken Tag -- Tekken -- Rated R -- sexual situations, excessive violence.

Chapter One: Prologue
"Yes, yes, it has been done..." Heihachi clasped his hands together, clearly pleased with what had happened between his paired partners. He breathed slowly as he saw the island in view and as they docked into place. All of his fighters were taken out and placed into their own suites, place, whatever, and only until he was left in his office overlooking everything did he truly laugh and joy cover his body.

He slapped his hand down on the table and yelled out with absolute mirth, "Tekken Tag has begun!"

4. First Look -- X-Men: Evo --Rated PG13 because I can't seem to write a G-story.

Chapter Three
His lips. Are. Beautiful. And. They. Are. TOO CLOSE.

“What Remy wants, cherie, is…you.”


5. My Blond Haired Intruder -- Harry Potter -- It's rated R for a reason, children -- there are going to be some scenes of sexual situations. update!81205 I have moved CHAPTER TWO & THREE to other locations -- I felt that they were in violation of the rules ff.n placed.

Chapter One
Malfoy kissed her and she complied by kissing him back, even if somewhat repulsed. It actually did feel quite nice, come to think of it. He had firm lips and he really did know how to kiss. Of course, with as much comparison as she had…actually, Hermione hadn’t kissed anyone before.

She was sharing her first kiss with Malfoy? Gods, she could be getting herpes right now!
STATUS: WIP. Will not be updated at ff.n. Will only be updated at .

6. Just Like Always -- X-Men --Rated R for sexual innuendos.

Chapter One
Enough time had gone by now, and the woman obviously knew that he was stunned by perfection (Like always, she thought bitterly to herself) and she sweetly said to him:

“Sugah, you should know who Ah am. But, since yah don’, Ah’ll just let yah know that people have probably always called meh Rogue. You can call meh that, too.”

7. The Case of the Mad Hatter -- Harry Potter -- Rating will be upped to R eventually.

Introduction: Russian Takeout
I remembered my parents telling me of a story about the Mad Hatter – some kind of deranged bloke that had killed quite a number of people in Hogwarts while my parents went there. The Mad Hatter had gone back for quite a few centuries, declaring that it’s power was far more destructive than that of the now Defeated Dark Lord Voldemort.

8. Happens Once A Month -- X-Men: Evo -- Rated K.

“Thank yah, Remy, thank yah!” She rushes over ta me an’ leaves little kisses where our skin don’ touch. Condamner her power. “Ah really need it. Now.” An’ den mon amour boots me out de door! She mus’ really dink dat she got Remy tied ‘round her finger.

Le condamner! She does have Remy tied ‘round her finger.

9. Excerpts from Various Notes Strewn Across the Bedroom -- Harry Potter -- Rated R for sexual situations, implied character death, alcohol use, and cussing.

Part 3 of 4: Yeah, I Remember, I Remember, I Remember
He attempted to trace Hermione’s lithe form against his body, recalling how her body looked like when she was snuggled against him. He fell asleep, still envisioning her in his arms, her head settled on his chest, lazily drawing patterns, her leg curled around his waist in a possessive manner. Yeah, he remembered that.
STATUS: COMPLETE! Has been nominated at Dangerous Liaisons ( ) for the "I Never Really Loved You Anyway" Award (Best Angst/Drama Fic) and the "Why Didn't I Think Of That" Award (Most Original Plot).

10. Wonderland -- Harry Potter -- Rated T for mild cussing, mild sexual situations, death threats,and an obsessed!Draco.

“Bloody hell, Malfoy! What’s this all about?” He pulled her to him, and she stumbled into his chest, her face inches away from his.

(i have to kill you.)

“I love you.”

Granger lifted her eyebrows at him, startled. “What are you talking about?”

(i need to kill you)

“I’m in love with you.”

“You don’t know what love is.”
STATUS: COMPLETE. Written in response to a dmhgficexchange/contra veritas/ferveoproject POST-HBP CHALLENGE.

11. Estar a la Muerte (to be at Death's door) -- Harry Potter -- Rated T for sexual references and implied character death. The chapter titles are a hint of each chapter being a previous time of day.

Sunrise: Canela
Cinnamon, cinnamon, his oxygen is infected with cinnamon. His fingers are clutching an ampty space of satin. When he breathes, he can feel the springs creak underneath his stomach, digging into his skin. His face is turned towards her body, bathed in faint rays of sunlight. His eyes are closed; she can see his golden-dusted eyelashes pressed against his alabaster skin.

12. Retribution -- Harry Potter -- Rated M for sexual reference, character death, implied D/Hr, and cussing.

("granger?" his lips are pale and cracked, chapped, bloody. twisted and sneering. mask of concern. "answer me.")

It thunders when he snaps his fingers in front of her face, and slowly, slowly, very slowly, her eyes droop closed to open slowly, slowly, very slowly. She wants to open her mouth and tell him something, but her lips aren't opening, her mouth, why isn't it working? His sleek white blond hair is wet and dripping from what she can see under his hood. He moves closer to her face, and she could see the indiviudal pores of his skin, and she can study the hair follicles. Under his eyes, she thinks they are upside down rainbows of warped, sad colours, and he's suddenly exploding into a mass of a billion particles, dark edges of the forest seeping into her eyelids.

13. I'm Not My Own -- Harry Potter -- Rated M for cussing, alcoholic, and sexual references, and violence. (Eventually.)

One: Drunk
And so it goes. We part, and we would have said, “all right, mates, see you tomorrow,” but we can’t because the home we live in is our home and we’ll just see each other, waiting patiently in line for the bathroom and Ron will go first because he’s the quickest and then Harry will go and take almost all the hot water as he screams and howls and everyone will have this sad pained look in their eyes but I will be the only one who goes in and calms him down, all the while the thought nagging if I will have any hot water, and what is in the cupboard to drink tonight.

14. Gazing Into the Abyss -- Harry Potter -- Rated M for violence and sexual references.

One:The Living Malfoy

Normal 0 “I want competent people on this case, Potter. Someone who will bring justice to my wife’s murder. Someone,” he added, cutting off Potter, “who won’t be bigoted and blinded by the boy I once was.”

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Ante by Lucia de'Medici reviews
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Romy, RemyRogue. Rated R due to profanity, lime, and drug abuse. Sept18, 2004: She was the perfect specimen. Unable to touch, never to feel the satisfaction of flesh, her one, aching desire was to feel it. And she was so easy to manipulate. She was perfec
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Tekken - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,816 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 3 - Published: 11/3/2002