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Hey there, I'm Alex and you're currently looking at a profile of a young woman. xD lol. No worries, I'm not a creeper or crazy person. You'll see my information about myself down there on this list here. So, welcome to my page and I hope you guys would enjoy my fanfics I've made so far.

About myself:

-I love to read and write

-I draw, too but dont ask me to make you guys for fanarts, im barely an artist in-training (-.-') I barely draw anything since i started writing

-I love listening to music (any kind, except rap, hip-hop or RnB)

-Im very nice and so sweet, but with an attitude problem

-Im really quiet :D

-I can be anti-social, because Im really shy when I meet new people

-Im the youngest of two girls (me and my sister only)

-I have a pet dog named Zasha (shes so cute, yet she acts like a spoiled brat) and a Shi-Zhu puppy named Peaches (she is also cute, but i have treat both of my dogs the same)

-I have a mama who is the bestest, awesomest, but strict, yet the sweetest lady I ever have since I was born

-Im short (5'3 is my height, but im little bit taller than my mom and my older sis, dont ask)

-Im loud (literally, its the cuban in me, hee-hee!)

-My favorite color is Blue (and i love it!)

-My favorite TV shows are The Transformers (from 1985, hee-hee. If you have the Hub channel.) and I used to watch Sonic Underground and Sonic X, theyre still my favorites! (Hee-hee!) and Big Time Rush. (Shhh, my mom and sis don't know that xD.) and TMNT! (All of them from '87 till now!) And oh, Adventures Of Lois and Clark: Superman (Again, if you have the Hub channel xD)

-My favorite movies are The Transformers series, 9, Nightmare Before Christmas, Despicable Me 1 and 2, Corpse Bride and And Pirates Of the Caribbeans (love that series!) and the Amazing Spider-Man and What's Your Number? and TMNT (90s versions, 1, 2 and 3 and the '07 version, too) and Pitch Perfect and oh, the Lion King!

-My favorite anime/manga are Digimon, (1 thru 4, never watch 5 or 6), Spirited Away (love that movie) Dance In The Vampire Bund (Really good ass series, I only have 3 books since the series itself combine three into one book) DNAngel (I only saw few episodes, but it's still good since it's an old anime/manga) Wolverine (It's a Marvel Anime and it shows in the morning if you have channel called G4) Ouran High School Host Club, (Tamaki is my favorite, he's such an idiot xD) and that's about it...

-My favorite music are Ellie Goulding, (Love the song Beating Heart for Divergent) Zedd, (I like few songs he did with different artists, Ellie was one of them) Black Veil Brides, Big Time Rush, (Don't judge me! I used to watch the show, too xD) Luke Bryan, (I only like few songs he sang) and soundtracks like Divergent (hint on Beating Heart) The Lion King and Twilight Saga (yes, I still listen to the four soundtracks, again, don't judge me xD) and some Spanish songs :)

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Power Rangers Constellation Warriors reviews
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