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(26/09/2012 = Rhino-death toll: 436 Rhinos poached in South Africa so far in 2012)


Alarming escalation in Rhino poaching

Total rhino poached 2011: SA 448, KNP 252

Poachers arrested 2011: 232

I am a 20-something female living in Pretoria South Africa. I have a rather stressful job, that often involves long hours and without giving myself completely away involves working with animals. I am a total workaholic and have been a bit of a nerd my whole life, reading is my one of my outlets, so tend to be I a bit of an obsessive reader and is totally addicted to fanfiction. I am simply amazed at the depth of talent on display here! (Not to mention more than a little intimidated).

I get a bit obsessed with my favorite story, books, movies and fics so be warned! One of my best friends is a writer here on fanfiction (I wont say who) and have been given a stern talking to about reading a fic and not reviewing it. So I'll try my best to always review but wont make any promises ;-)

I love the interaction one can have and the friends one can make with people around the globe who share the same interest (dare I say obsessions). Aren't you glad we live in the time we do?

My favorite writers include Terry Pratchet, JRR Tolkien, Victor Hugo, CJ Sansom, Ariana Franklin, Bernard Cornwall, JK Rowling, Laurie R King, Kathy Reichs, Robert Harris and Conn Iggulden

My favorite stories include The Phantom Of the Opera, Megamind, Matthew Shardlake novels, Lord of the Rings and I simply cant get enough of CSI (or more specifically GSR).

Breaking News:

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Friday 9th November 2012 – Today, at the Kempton Park Magistrates Court, Magistrate Prince Manyathi handed down a landmark sentence of 40 years imprisonment to Thai national and self-confessed rhino horn trader, Mr. Chumlong Lemtongthai. The sentence reflects the Court’s serious stance on the severity of environmental crimes. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) commends and fully supports this sentence.

Mr. Chumlong Lemtongthai pleaded guilty to 26 counts of contravening section 80 (1)i of the Custom and Excise Act, 91 of 1964 as well as to 26 counts of contravening section 57 of the National Environment Management Biodiversity Act, 10 of 2007 and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act. This essentially means that Lemtongthai admits to having obtained hunting permits that were fraudulently used to hunt rhinos and which led to the death of at least 26 rhinos and the illegal exportation of 26 rhino horns.

The charges against Lemtongthai’s five co–accused were, however, withdrawn on Monday the 5th of November when a plea agreement was reached between the State Prosecutor, Mr. Alan Simpson and the accused’s defence team. The EWT is not happy with the withdrawal of the charges but understands that there was not sufficient evidence to continue with the prosecution in this instance.

In sentencing Mr. Lemtongtai, Magistrate Manyathi reiterated the following:
• that pleading guilty to the charges did not reflect any remorse from the accused for the harm done to our biodiversity;
• that whether you are a poacher or a rhino horn trader, the crimes against our rhinos are equally severe and deserve severe sentences;
• that it is the duty of the court to uphold the law to the benefit of the community;
• that Mr. Lemtongtai deceived his co-accused as well as the conservation authorities when he applied for trophy hunting permits, and used Thai sex workers’ identities to obtain said permits; and
• that Mr. Lemtongthai’s ultimate goal was to obtain rhino horns at any cost and by any means, for financial gain and that 26 rhinos would probably still be alive but for Mr. Lemtongtai’s deceitful actions.

The EWT applauds the strong penalty handed down in the case against Mr. Chumlong Lemtongtai and congratulates the prosecution team on the successful completion of this case. The EWT further hopes that successful prosecutions for wildlife crimes and strong sentences such as this will increasingly be handed down in our courts and more poachers and wildlife traders are brought to book. For further information and comment please contact Rynette Coetzee, Project Executant of the EWT’s Law and Policy Programme, on

News Flash 29 August 2012

Upon threat of death I have finally published my first story! Out of Africa. Updates to be expected every Wednesday until further notice. Please read and review!!!

If you are interested in the issues and topics dealt with in the story, please feel free to contact me, or have a look at these websites. I am very passionate about curbing wildlife poaching. Here are some more information:

Chapter 1 and 2:

Chapter 3:

For more information on Bilharzia:





For more information on poaching and animal trafficking:


View online version

Here are two articles from the WWF-website

$10 Billion in Wildlife Crime

Pledge to help stop wildlife crime.

Sign on with WWF to do your part to end the illegal trade of wildlife.

The following article was published on th World Wildlife Fund website

Ten billion dollars.That's just an estimate of how much criminals will make this year by selling illegal wildlife parts and products. The same gangs trading in drugs, arms and humans will plunder some of our most iconic species in the wild. They've already started.

Their billions come at the cost of rhinos, elephants, tigers and other rare wildlife. Their crimes also put at risk the lives of rangers and local community members on the front lines of conservation and jeopardize the economies and national security of many governments--including the United States.

We cannot afford to treat wildlife crime lightly. You can start to make a difference by pledging to stop wildlife crime.

This year it is estimated that:

tens of thousands of elephants will be brutally poached, further shrinking their populations in places like Central Africa, an area where one out of every two elephants have been lost since the mid-1990s

nearly 18,000 pounds of illicit rhino horn will reach Asian markets, where the street price rivals that of pure gold

the remaining 3,200 wild tigers will continue to be relentlessly targeted by poachers to meet the high demand from a thriving black market.

Show your passion for wildlife by signing our pledge to stop wildlife crime.

Your personal commitment will help to underscore the seriousness of wildlife crime. It will also show that you care not only about Earth’s magnificent wildlife, but also about the people and ecosystems that benefit from them.

Won’t you join us today by taking the pledge?

Together we can stop wildlife crime.


Dr. Sybille Klenzendorf
Managing Director
Species Conservation Program
World Wildlife Fund

WWF-SA announces its new five-point plan ahead of World Rhino Day 2012

WWF-South Africa (WWF-SA) has announced announced its new national programme to strengthen and support rhino conservation efforts in South Africa. The plan, which is in response to the dramatic increase in cases of rhino poaching, comes ahead of World Rhino Day 2012 on Saturday, 22 September.

“Our planned projects and interventions are based on a new five-point strategic framework to help protect and increase our rhino populations,” says Jo Shaw, WWF-SA’s Rhino Co-ordinator. “Within these five key areas, a range of inter-related activities have been identified with either immediate effects or working towards a long-term solution.”

The primary threat to rhino conservation remains the demand for and illegal trade in rhino horn. For this reason, WWF recognises the need to address these issues at their origin. Shaw explains, “Rhino horn has long formed a component of traditional medicine in Asia, where it was historically prescribed to reduce fever. However, since 2008 the surge in the illegal killing of rhinos in South Africa is believed to be linked to changes in demand for rhino horn - this as new uses and markets have emerged, with Vietnam identified as a particular threat.”

In an effort to better understand who is buying rhino horn and why, detailed research in Vietnam is one of the organisation’s first priority projects. This information will play a leading role in developing tactics to shift the threat to rhinos from this new demand.

“In addition, breaking the illegal trade chain will require cooperation between South Africa and end-user markets such as Vietnam, as well as the transit countries en route. WWF-SA supports the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance high-level law enforcement efforts between these countries and to promote joint operations,” says Shaw.

The criminal syndicates involved in the illegal rhino horn trade have become increasingly sophisticated. WWF-SA will provide backing to enhance tools available to those fighting rhino crimes, in particular, to proactively arrest poachers before they commit a wildlife crime, as well as target the so-called “kingpins” further up the illegal trade chain. Shaw adds, “The RhODIS Rhino DNA database has been identified as a key tool in protecting rhinos and the organisation will continue to support its further development.”

Rhino conservation plans also need to include local communities living near key rhino populations. It is therefore very important that they are afforded tangible benefits for their safeguarding efforts. WWF-SA is developing new projects which will promote involvement of local communities in rhino conservation.

Finally, WWF-SA acknowledges that healthy, resilient rhino populations are the foundation of any successful rhino conservation strategy. The organisation will continue its efforts to help grow black rhino populations and support key donor populations, especially through the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project(BRREP).

“Rhinos have ranged far and wide across Africa and formed a magnificent part of our cultural and natural heritage for thousands of years – we urge all South Africans to play a part in their protection at this pivotal point in their future,” concludes Shaw.


333 rhino were poached for their horn in South Africa in 2010. During 2011 it rocketed further to more than 440 animals. These horns are brutally hacked off after the rhino is immobilised or killed by either a drug or by shooting the animal. Horrific stories of mutilated rhino dying a painful death after these attacks are common.

As you are reading this page, more than one rhino per day are being poached in South Africa. The rise in elephant poaching in the rest of Africa is also a concerning omen.

This is only one form of poaching, but throughout our National Parks and other game reserves all types of poaching threaten the existence of many species of animals.

A group of Honorary Rangers and field ranger on snare patrol in Kruger National Park.

Snares are another simple, yet brutally effective way in which many animals are captured. These wire nooses slip across an animal's neck or limbs and strangle it to death or hold it thightly until the animal dies of thirst or due to a loss of blood.

Poachers deploy hundreds of snares which maim and kill indiscriminately. These deadly traps can remain undetected for many years, waiting for its victim.

Field rangers and dedicated counter poaching teams patrol our parks in the battle against poaching. This battle is severe and many people have lost their lives in skirmishes between poachers and rangers. The poachers are often armed with military attack machine guns and high calibre hunting rifles.

The support of these counter poaching teams is top priority for the SANParks Honorary Rangers. We help supply the necessary equipment the rangers need to do their work. This varies from supplying back packs and tents for rangers going on counter poaching patrols, or equipping them with GPS units, to supplying specialised counter poaching teams with night vision equipment for surveillance and rifle mounted night vision equipment for engagements.

Because we are a volunteer organisation we have low overhead costs. This is funded by our own money. This means that no money is sourced from our donations and accordingly every cent of your donation will reach the intended counter poaching projects.

Dogs to the rescue

In the recent years poaching has become the brutal business of well armed criminals slaughtering our precious rhino population for the sake of money. Counter poaching measures which were put in place to confront this onslaught needed to respond to gangs of heavily armed poachers. Until recently the face of counter poaching was that of an armed ranger putting his life on the line for our rhinos. But now counter poaching has a new face.

The new face of counter poaching

Three Foxhounds, called Kombi, Jetta and Chico, have become the first of a new generation of crime fighters entering the poaching war on the side of our rhinos. They are busy completing the initial phase of their training, and are making excellent progress. They have shown above average abilities, and have already learnt to ignore animal spoor in favour of their human quarry. They are busy with a daily tracking routine which already has them tracking people with a 90% success rate. They are well balanced, keen and boisterous and are displaying an eagerness to track which bodes well for their futures.

The operational phase of their training starts during March, and promises to be very intense. Here they will have to learn to operate as a unit with their human handlers in wilderness situations, often facing wild animals and working under dangerous circumstance. Completing this, they will be operational in Kruger National Park well before the end of the year.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers decided to sponsor this project with a R43 000 sponsorship through the Unite Against Poaching project, to help increase the efficiency of counter poaching teams. The dogs will be deployed as part of a rapid reaction team, which can be on the scene of a poaching incident within minutes. These tracker dogs will enable counter poaching teams to track poachers much faster and efficiently, preventing them from escaping capture by fleeing across the borders of the park with their bloody loot.

The three ladies are named after well know Volkswagen vehicles in honour of the Unitrans Volkswagen division, which came on board to help provide the necessary financial backing to launch this effort. They are at home in their comfortable new kennels, and are being well looked after.

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